My mom’s cheese pies… flavours of my childhood

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I have previously shown you similar cheese pies, but these ones have a little twist. Nonetheless, they are amazing!


Ingredients for the dough: 1 cup of shredded gruyere, 1 cows yogurt of 200gr, 1 cup of melted butter, 20gr baking powder, about 3 cups of all purpose flour, salt and pepper

Ingredients for the filling: 250gr feta cheese, 100gr of cream cheese, 1tbsp of milk, 1tbsp of flour, ½ tbsp of dried mint which you also grind with your hands, pepper


You mix all the ingredients for the handmade dough altogether and form a uniform mixture. In another pot, you mix all the ingredients for the filling.


You take a small ball (the size of ping-pong) of dough and open it with your hands in a round shape in the size of your inside palm. You put a small teaspoon of filling in the middle of your dough and close it with your hands, forming a half round shape. You place it on a try which you have oiled or where you have spread a baking paper. Do the same with the rest of pastry and cheeses filling.


Bake in 150-170C for about 20-30' till they become light brown and baked underneath.




I am so glad that I got your post in the first minutes and so I was able to give a vote of tipu curate. Because you post the most enjoyable and easy to make recipes that I know here in Steemit! And because you, unlike many Greeks, have chosen to stay here ...

Oh thank you! What is tipu curate?
Also there are some Greeks that keep posting and do an amazing job..@mariandavp, @mindtrap and others too!!!

I was chosen to be a curator for @tipu and I can vote with part of their SP, two - three blogs per day. There are some conditions that must be respected ...
Yes, I know those mentioned ... I know that @mariandavp gave up for a while and then came back. I like her paintings and I have the impression that you are friends.
I also know Greeks, with whom I interacted, as @onceuponatime (I was mentioned in some of his contests) and @mariossap.
@mariossap supported me when I was a beginner here and I keep a constant gratitude because of this.

I had no idea and thank you for your kind support..

Sometimes you need a break (from steemit), for instance due to health reasons or other reasons: I moved out during summer and it took me too long to find a new house..also if you feel uninspired and personally I dont like posting bad or mediocre content, then you decide to take a break....

@mariossap is a very good guy as well as Angelos (the painter)... @onceuponatime is amazing, he has supported a lot of people here in steemit and we owe him a lot!

So...keep up the good work and have nice holidays!!!!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you.just tried to vote you but it seems I ve already voted you in the past! Cheers!

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