The Carrot Contest - Six Carrot Review

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This year we wanted to try out a bunch of carrots, mainly to see which we liked best. Well, the verdict is in and I thought I'd share my thoughts about the varieties we grew.


I planted six varieties in the spring, only one that was a type I had grown previously, and that was the Scarlett Nanthes.


Here's my review! :)

One: Sugarsnax 54


First up and the one at the top of the criss-cross picture above, are Sugarsnax. These carrots are meant to grow long and skinny, they're crunchy and sweet and I really liked them. Really easy to clean as well.




Two: Pusa Asita


These carrots are so insane!!

They're called Pusa Asita and they're Black carrots! 🙂

They're really weird and the dye from them is pretty intense, like beets! They're also shaped like beets as well but have a soft texture and subtle sweetness and no beet taste. Fun to grow and pick and they have nice flavour! I'll enjoy some of the massive ones in a soup or stew soon!



Three: Scarlett Nanthes


As I mentioned, we grew these last year and enjoyed them quite a bit. They're sweet and tasty. I believe I got these from a multi seed pack some years ago. It's a pretty common type though and wouldn't be hard to find, they're super hardy and grow huge!


Four: Purple Haze


With the orange center and purple outside is Purple Haze from West Coast Seeds! These are so flavourful and the colour is amazing!! Upon first tasting them I believe I said, "I swear I will never NOT grow these carrots!"

Yes I love my double negatives.
They're delicious!



Five: Canada Carrots


Canada carrots are next, these short and fat little guys are great! Very good crunch and sweet flavour. A great carrot for sure.

(I'm realizing now how many more pictures I've taken of Purple Carrots than the orange! LoL)


Six: Cosmic Purple Carrots


And finally there's the Cosmic Purple, the colour on these carrots is absolutely stunning! So vibrant! They clean up well and have a bit of a drier softer texture to them. Lots of sweetness and very tasty too! Gotta scrub gently though, or you'll take the colour right off them! LoL



That's all six, they are all quite different and I'm so happy with all of them! Out of the orange varieties hands down the sugarsnax wins for me! I'll be growing them again next year for sure.

Over all the best is the Purple Haze. These purple beauties look as good as they taste! I'll be growing them every year from now on without a doubt!
It's my carrot, I found "The One!" LoL

If you're looking for a new variety of carrot then I hope I've given you an idea of what to try! Honestly these all rock so any that you try will be terrific!

I would love to know your favourite type of carrot! Let me know in the comments!!

Thanks so much for reading! All I've posted about lately is gardening, and it's probably going to continue like that until it snows here! LoL
I swear I have more depth though!

Take care everyone!

~The NeoHippy

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Those all look so delicious. I'm not in a position to grow my own, but I sure would like to. I used to eat the horrible little baby carrots in the bags from the store and slowly graduated to whole organics and the farmers market carrots. The difference is stunning and I will never go back to the pre-cut type.

I love the two multi-colored types and the big black one looks like it is from another planet! Good for you to experiment and you are so lucky to have a place to do it.

Do you have to preserve these for the future? It looks like you have too many to eat while they are all fresh.

Thanks so much! I don't think I'll ever be able to be happy without a garden at this point LoL It's like an integral part of my life now ❤️
Hopefully you can get a garden going soon, nothing beats it!

I really love how many crazy varieties we have when it comes to growing food, I say the weirder the better! Haha

We have been picking once a week and storing them in the fridge, they should last a couple months at least!
I've got so many friends and family asking for them though there's no way they'll last that long! LoL

When we get our own farm though I'll do much more bottling in the fall than I do now. No chance of any carrots going bad though! LoL

Those are some amazing carrots! Gorgeous colors!

Thanks so much! Haven't seen you here for a while, thought you left! Haha

It was fun going through the different species of carrot, I believe growing them was a fun experience for you.

I have only eaten the "yellow" type of carrot all my life (don't know which of the species, really) but I would love to have a taste of all of them, especially "Pusa Asita" mostly because of its color and shape.

I grew a ton of yellow carrots last year and had ordered more for this year but unfortunately they were unavailable! Boo!
I'm gonna make sure I leave a few in the garden to go to seed so I won't have that problem next year! LoL
I'm so glad you liked my post! It was so fun trying each one and deciding our favourites!!

Oh yeah, that will great. Its gonna help deal with that problem

It was as much fun going through it...

Hello that is a pretty cool post i didn't know they were so many different kinds of carrots!!especially purple's one:)

Thanks so much! I didn't realize either until I started my gardens! The black carrots are so cool!

Yes and they look pretty cool i want to try them to see how different it taste to the basic carrot:)

There's so many others too! Might take me a while but I wanna try as many as I can! :)

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Sweet!!! ❤️

Everything is a great post. After reading the post and seeing that I saw a great post.

Thank you so much!! ❤️

Thanks dear for sharing the wonderful and colorful carrots 🥕 with us :-)

I think I have learned something new today 😀
In the past times I always have believed that there is always only this carrot ... never had thought that exist so much different kinds of them. Best is the picture number 6 😀😀, that a Monster of carrot 😂🥕🔥!

Up for your post :-)

Thank you so much! Seems like for every veggie and fruit we eat there are 10 other types we never heard of! LoL

Those black carrots are massive and so strange! I love them!! 😋