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Crunchies are one of my ultimate favourite type of cookie. (If that's what they are. 😕) I love them a lot and haven't had them in a while. I found gluten free crunchies before and I loved them, but they aren't in my local food market so I can't get easy access to them and even if I could they would probably be expensive to keep around as a staple snack. This recipe is easy to make, really delicious, pretty healthy and you can package them and keep them on you as a snack if you are on the go or going on a road trip.

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As you can see, I made two varieties of crunchies, chocolate coated crunchies and plain crunchies.

What you'll need:

80g gluten free rolled oats
4 medjol dates
1 tsp of coconut oil
A few raisins (Now I didn't have raisins on hand, but I definitely recommend them in these crunchies. Raisins make most crunchies. 😉)
1 tsp of honey

Additional (For chocolate crunchies):

4 blocks of 70% dark chocolate

This recipe serves 4 crunchies. (If you want to make in bulk I suggest to times this recipe by 3 or 4.)

So what you need to do is pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius and then take the rolled oats, the coconut oil, honey and the medjol dates and blend them in the food processor until it makes a doughy kind of mass. I suggest blending two or three dates first and then the last one and see if you need a fifth date to make it stick together a bit better. (4 should be enough though.) Then take it out of the blender and into a bowl. From there, stir in the raisins into the batter and put baking paper over a long thin baking tray. Smear the batter on the tray so that it is thin and flat, but not too thin. Remember it is a crunchie, not a rectangular cookie. Put it in the oven for 7-10 minutes. Check regularly to ensure it doesn't burn.

When in it done take it out the oven to allow it to cool. Once it is cool, you have your simple crunchie. If you want to add a chocolate coating, all you have to do is melt the chocolate in a frying pan and pour it over the chilled crunchies and freeze it for about 10-15 minutes. And you 're all set. Wrap them up and snack on them through the day and serve the batch to a group of friends. Crunchies are good for any occasion. 😌

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I hope you enjoyed another Lazy Kitchen🍳 post. I hope I see you in the next one. 😌


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look good!


I love that this is gluten free! Looks delicious!


Thanks. It's really good. I can't really have dairy either and all crunchie recipes have a ton of butter in them so I experimented to see how I can make it without butter and dates was the answer. It worked on my first try and it makes the crunchie really sweet. 😊


Oh no, gluten free and dairy free? That's tough! That's great you have some awesome recipes!


Well the thing is I'm sensitive to dairy. I have a slight allergy to it and it only irritates my throat or chest occasionally, so I try to stay away from too much dairy and milk more specifically, but it's too hard to give up dairy all together. Especially my cheese. 😄

These look so amazing! I always give you my 100% up vote


I really appreciate it @longfield!

Damm girl this looks sooooo good! When am I getting a taster?


Always free to try my food out. 😉

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Thanks for the amazing comment @rynow. Always glad to see a loyal follower. 😌

Saving this for my recipes to try when I can eat oats again - such a good idea and packed with goodness! (Plus you had me at dark chocolate)


I know! Why can't you eat oats? Are you intolerant?


My new friend SIBO, fighting her off on a two month restricted diet - then hopefully can start introducing yummy goodness like oats again :)


Well I hope you enjoy it. 😉

Looks Yummy! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.