Kaeng Som or Yellow Curry, Spicy food from the South of Thailand

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Kaeng Som6.jpg

Hooray! October is the month that I joined Steemit. It's 3 years already! Let's celebrate with this menu, "Kaeng Som" or "yellow curry"!

"Kaeng Som" is one of my mother's most delicious menus.

Kaeng means curry

Som means orange color or in this case, means yellow color No need to feel confused. Haha! ;D

I'm so proud that I was successful in cooking "Kaeng Som" well and would like to present the recipe to you in this post.

Southern Thai people are well-known for eating spicy foods more than people in other parts of Thailand. And this "Kaeng Som" is one of the spiciest menus of the Southern's. As you can see from the quantities of chilies that we put in Kaeng Som. Up to 120 pcs! WOW! Believe it or not!!!

Let's see all the ingredients!

Chilies 120 pcs. (both green and red)

Kaeng Som9.jpg

Turmeric 4 - 5 pcs. (this makes the curry look yellow)

Garlic 6 - 7 pcs.

Kaeng Som12.jpg

Salt 1 - 2 teaspoon

Kaeng Som16.jpg

Shrimp paste 3 tablespoon

Kaeng Som15.jpg

Lime 8 - 10 limes or 10 - 12 tablespoon

Kaeng Som10.jpg

Kaeng Som11.jpg

Eggplant 10 eggplants or up to your favorite

Kaeng Som13.jpg

cut into small pieces (as seen from the below picture.)

Kaeng Som14.jpg

Fish 1 big fish, cut into small pieces (as seen in the below picture)

Kaeng Som18.jpg

First step: put chilies, turmeric, garlic, and salt together and blend them.

  • When I was a child, I helped my mother by using a mortar to blend them.

Kaeng Som17.jpg

Kaeng Som19.jpg

Second step: put the above mixers into the water in a pot.

Kaeng Som.jpg

Third step: wait until the water boils, then put the fish in the water.

Fourth step: wait until the fish are cooked and then put shrimp paste in the water.

Fifth step: put the lime juice in the water.

Final step: put eggplants in the water.

Wait until the eggplants are cooked.

Kaeng Som1.jpg

Kaeng Som2.jpg


Ah! It's time to serve now.

Kaeng Som5.jpg

Kaeng Som with omelet and hot steamed rice is my most favorite dish.

Kaeng Som8.jpg

As you may know, I'm not good at cooking, but this menu is an exemption. It can be proved by my mother's word, she said "yummy" each time I cooked "Kaeng Som" for her.

Um! She's the one who taught me how to cook it. When she said that the taste is exactly the same as hers, this always makes me smile widely. Haha! ^____^

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Wow! It looks so delicious and appetizing. I love fish and I think I would have liked this dish. Your recipe looks simple and clear to me. I have to try it.
Thank you, @tangmo, and I congratulate You on your three-year anniversary on the project :))

Thanks so much for your kind wish for my three-year anniversary and for your kind comment.

I'm happy to hear that you like this dish and found the recipe interesting and want to try it. I think if you taste it, you will love it, for sure. ;)

Happy 3 years on Steemit @tangmo! I am so happy that I was able to be a part of your journey. I liked how you celebrated this milestone. LOL! Keep passing down that recipe in your family. That is a great compliment from your Mom. I am not good at eating spicy foods so I have to laugh when thinking of me tasting it. Wishing you many more years here on Steemit! Hugs!

Many thanks for your kind wishes, my dear sis! Yeah! I am also very happy that we met here and started to become forever sisters. Steem on!! A lot of love from me directly to you and my brother! ;)))

Ah! Apart from this menu that I posted for my celebration, there are also beautiful white flowers in my little garden that I just posted today. I'm so proud of these things. Haha! ;D

p.s. It's unfortunate that I'm the only one in my family who cook Kaeng Som, others are not interested to cook it, they only love to eat it. ;D

Sisters forever...Yay! We love you right back. : )

Oh, I am so looking forward to seeing your white flowers. You should be very proud of them. : )

p.s. But that family recipe needs to be passed down, to keep it in the family and to keep it alive. : )

I'm very happy to receive love from both of you, my dear sis and my lovely brother!

Yeah! I'm very proud of them.....

p.s. Um! Good suggestion! I'll try my best to keep it alive! Many thanks! ;)

Oh, it does look so good. Though I am a true weenie when it comes to hot foods, so I will have to watch you eat it, sweat pouring out, and take your word on that fact. I'm sure it is divine. So cool your mother taught you to make it. I love that sort of thing. Also, so nice to say hello, my friend. I hope all is well over yonder for you. Life is still very busy here, but soon, Steemit will be back to normal at this end. I am hoping. I miss writing and messing about. Have a nice night GFF, cheers.

Oh! It's always so nice to see you around here! In the meantime, I would be more than happy if you start writing again. Don't let us wait too long! Come on! ;)

I'm glad to hear that you are interested in "Kaeng Som". Ah! It's a good decision that you will just watch me eating it and not try it by yourself if hot foods can make you come to a true weenie. ;D

I look forward to reading your posts about cooking or the stories of shoes that you found on your bicycle ways or anything else. Just find your free time and write it down very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend, GFF! ;)

I shall be back to writing soon. I miss all the discussion and comrade. And I will still stay away from the hot foods too ( : Maybe write more about Creamed Angleworms on Toast and such ( : ( : Have a nice day and cheers from the Northwest my friend.

I'm really happy to hear that you shall be back..... So, I can expect to read your funny and interesting articles again very soon.

Yeah! Always stay away from the hot foods! Oh! "Creamed Angleworms on Toast"! It sounds great! I'm curious to see how it looks like. Hurry up!

Have a wonderful Friday and a nice weekend, GFF! We missed you so much! ;)

Nice work @tangmo that is something I would like to try

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm happy to hear that you would like to try it. ;)

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Thank you very much! ;)

Oh! This makes me very hungry! I could smell the boiling water with all the ingredients!

Oh! It's great to know that this can make you very hungry. Yeah! I love the smell of the boiling curry, too. It's really good! Thanks a lot! ;)

Very much similar to curries in my country too! Congratz for your journey at Steemit!


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@theguruasia! Thanks a lot for your kind wish for my journey at Steemit.

I'm glad to hear that this menu is similar to curries in your country, too. That's very great! ;)

That seems so delicious and healthy to try out thanks for sharing a detailed post on this one

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it. Yes, it's delicious and healthy food indeed. ;)

Damn, that looks really delicious

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@trendotoken! Thank you! ;)