Miss. Delicious #84 : Ayada's Magu and sunset fishing!

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Dear Steemit friends :

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What would a paradise be without its choix d'aliments?

Ayada attracts guests from all over the world, and thus faces a considerable challenge of serving delectable food to suit a broad range of tastes. For an island barely a few kilometers in perimeter, there are a surprising number of dining options available offering a sound mixture of international cuisine along side local Maldivian specialties.

Today, we'll be having a look at the Magu a la carte restaurant which doubles up as the breakfast venue. It is here that the daily inclusive breakfast is served from 06:30 to 10:00 and will be the only meal of the day which is inclusive of your stay. Other food options including the evening dinner will be at extra cost.

John Gunther once said "All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast" and I absolutely agree. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing the first light of dawn bathe the white sandy beaches whilst the gentle crush of waves sound the beginning of the day.

My day began with a familiar whistle of wind through imperfect cracks of my bedroom door. It was like natures alarm signalling for me to wake up and enjoy the day.

I slide open the doors for my first breath of morning fresh air, the sound of the wind suddenly disappears leaving only a chorus of waves splashing on the stilts of the villa below. Even though I am wide awake, the smell of the sea makes me feel like i'm having a daydream. The stellar views, and heavenly atmosphere play a large part in the illusion.

From the ocean villa, it is a casual 5 to 10 minute walk to Magu Restaurant. I use the walk as an opportunity to resolve my senses. Am I really actually here? Is this island real? Am I in a dream? I think i'll take the blue pill and leave those questions unanswered.

After-all, I came to the island to dream.

Maldives has proven to be an exceptionally popular destination for those seeking a winter escape, this is especially true for the Chinese. As such, Ayada has positioned itself really well to receive the oriental "onslaught" by recruiting a healthy number of native Chinese or Chinese speaking staff.

In terms of food, the international cuisine includes many familiar Chinese dishes. You'll find dishes like fried rice, fried noodles, congee, and dim sum to name a few, but each are prepared with their own Maldivian flare.

At closer inspection, I found that the dishes offered came from a myriad of countries. Catering to people with all sorts of tastes. Be it traditional English, Japanese, French, Indian or Maldivian. There was quite literally something for everyone.

Without further ado, time to see the food!

In-room breakfast service

Aside from eating at Magu, each guest is also entitled to one complimentary in-room breakfast. The food is prepared by the Magu restaurant and only requires you to make the food selections through your butler one day in advance.

Naturally, I couldn't resist having breakfast by the pool deck. Topping up on sunshine whilst kicking off the day with room service breakfast could not get any better!

Although the temperature was high, there was actually quite a lot of intermittent rainfall, this makes the availability of sun some what a godsend. Any opportunity I had to go outside and wade in the pool with my floaties under the sun, I'd take in a heart beat.

This is a wide angle shot of the pool deck.

Today's floatie is the pineapple. If you remember from about a year ago, I made a pen pineapple apple pen meme contest. Suffice to say, I'm a big fan of pineapples!

The light emerald blue water really stands out under the sun. It's almost.. ethereal.

The obligatory hammock abuse.


These are the ocean villas, on the left are the suites and on the right are the standard villas. Connecting them are these quite wide piers which are often used by the mini carts and buggies. But you'll also find people cycling along the top of it for some stellar ocean views.

Sunset fishing excursion

One of the most popular activities is the sunset fishing experience. This is one of many activities available at the Dive Kingdom. Other popular activities include various water sports and Big time fishing. Unfortunately, the weather was unsuitable for the water sports, and I'm not experienced enough for big game fishing. Sunset fishing is the only option left!

We gather about 2 hours before sunset (17:00) and set off with a group of other keen fishers. By this point, I had waited several days for this experience because the weather had been too rough for the boat to go out to the sea. As you can imagine, I was quite excited when I found out the activity was going ahead.

We headed a few miles out to sea, close enough to keep our point of origin in sight, but far enough to enter deeper water.

There were several crew members to help us out. None of the people on the excursion had any experience fishing. The only time I ever tried fishing was with a rod. Strangely enough, I didn't see any of those around. I wondered how we'd go about fishing without any?

The first task is to prepare the bait. Actually the bait is fresh fish caught from earlier in the day. It is sliced and diced into little pieces, and the innards and throwaways were used to attract nearby fish.

A by product of throwing fish guts overboard to attract fish we want to catch, is that it also attracts fish we don't want to catch. In this case, my familiar friends, the Nurse sharks.

Several followed our trail and swam around our boat for the entire evening. It was actually quite fun seeing them swim around harmlessly.

As you can see, we are quite literally line fishing. There is no rod, and we hold the line taut with our hands. A glove is provided to protect your hands when there is violent activity on the line.

Instead of watching a float to see if fish are taking bites, you feel the nibbling directly through holding the fishing line. The first time I felt the fish nibbling, I couldn't believe it.

After about an hour, I was getting quite impatient as I had yet to catch anything. It was getting dark, and there were sporadic spells of rain which tested my patience even more.

Finally, after nearly two hours, I finally felt a vicious tug on my life, and in response, I gave it a firm tug back. To my surprise, I felt the hook latch on to the fish and fight against it as I pulled the line in. It's quite hard to believe that this seemingly primitive method of fishing actually works!

Before long, the rest of the party also started getting nibbles and caught their own fish too. I'm proud to report though, that I was the first!

Finally, with our catches of the day secured, we headed off back to the island just as the sun began to set. Overall, it was a very enriching experience.

I caught a fish, saw Nurse sharks, and watched the sunset. Mission accomplished!

Once we came back, we were given the option to dine at Magu Restaurant. The fish we caught would be prepared on the house. There's certainly an extra sense of achievement when the fish you're eating is the one you caught just moments before.

And here it is, the grilled fish fillet with lemon.

I will go ahead and state that this is the best tasting fish I have ever tasted. Obviously i'm biased and living in a dream, but hey, that's what i'm here for!

And that concludes our very hands on Miss Delicious. The Magu restaurant must be applauded for being so diverse with it's dishes. It caters to people from all corners of the world and even does room service breakfast! Whats more, they also cook your daily catch for free! Next time, I hope to catch a larger dinner, you know my relationship with food.. I like to eat.

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this stuff looks so good ;)

I think I have to go there!

Wow this is just so BEAUTIFUL I cant believe what I just saw thank you for sharing the beauty of the World.

I've followed your blog (from afar...lol) for the past six months on steemit and your consistency just blows me away.
And here you are again with another beauty, what won't i give to have my christmas at Ayada?

I'm proud to report though, that I was the first!

Must have been a great feeling when the fish took the bait.


One of the best and most beautiful post I have ever seen and read this is breathtakingly beautiful....thank you so much for posting .


hi drepo15 you should comment more often, thank you for being there in the background! I was proud of myself for sure :)

Your photography is becoming extraordinary @sweetsssj!

Never mind the writing skills, you keep on growing into a majestic Steemian: Good for you, good for us all!

Thanks again for this incredible post, keep on taking good care, smiling, Steeming and, above all, thriving!

Namaste :)


Eric! I almost couldn't notice because i'm working with photographs almost every day but it's so encouraging to hear that you can see progress, that's really motivating for me!


Keep it up @sweetsssj! Glad to read it is giving you an extra boost of motivation too. Namaste :)

You have been one of my favorite steemers in several categories almost since you joined. So, although I consume attentively every one of your posts, I seldom comment. I would just too quickly run out of superlatives!

But I can say that I have really missed Miss Opinionated lately :-)


Your rare appearances make each ever so valuable. And of course i'm always very appreciative of the support you've given whether it's been public or mysteriously behind the scenes. Miss Opinionated has been on a hiatus for quite some time.. I think she might be ready for a return pretty soon.

On another note, I've been practicing a new dance recently and I know you were looking forward to that, so hopefully I can get that out soon!


I'm really looking forward to that! (A re-appearance of Miss Opinionated, but especially another dance).


I've read on your profile that you like stories. I'm just starting to pour my heart out here on steemit for all the youngsters in this wicked world. You should check out my blog!

God bless,




wonderful experience one that every one would like to enjoy in life time

thanks for giving us a reason to work hard hope one day me and my ugandan steemers will also get money and travail to good places


do you mind letting me know where the ugandan community hang out mostly? I'd love to come check out your posts!


We the Ugandans use our tag Uganda as,you can check out below.
We are still a small community and we are doing our best to spread Steemit.

We would be glad if you check out our little known tag


a very good photo


these are


I totally agree with @onceuponatime, I have seen many travel bloggers on Steemit but I haven't seen anyone has such meticulous work that even has a translation for readers from worldwide. I wish I were you to do that but my Chinese command is pretty rusty. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick it up once again soon.


That's such a lovely compliment dear thank you! I'm sure you can write some Chinese too, the Chinese community is very welcoming, there are some non-native speakers to who post regularly in Chinese and we support them all the same :)


hello sweetsssj


I am simply in awe of your travels and photos. Extremely beautiful!


i agree they are extraordinary and lovely..

Amazing post! a lot of good work. Congrats




Glad that you are really enjoying it.. I can feel the joy in every paragraph of your post.
I always love the details and photos when you share your posts. I am a fan. Steemit will always be a better platform or community with great posts such as you always do. I can only expect valuable contents from you.
Thanks for sharing to us your wonderful experience, it help us feel being in such locations. Looking forward to also do it someday, maybe not just as often as you are doing. As I also love to stay in the metros and try some fine dining restaurants mushrooming in the city.
Keep on sharing, stay awesome!


Yes, I was a little sad that the rain was so heavy for quite a number of days that I was there. Still, you always have to make the best of your stay and that's what I tried to do on this visit. Of course, i'm always going to try my best to tell my story not only for my frequent readers such as yourself, but also hopefully the wider web. Thank you for leaving such an encouraging comment!


Today I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'd do it again.


That's more eventful than my day LOL Wait...maybe not because I took a shower today


Wow what a relaxing place..i love the food..Maldives is wonderful place to visit @sweetsssj ..i love the food you showed to us..thanks for sharing. ..upvoted and resteem your lovely post....i love it all..

I like the pool next to the beach! Those fishes, I think, are common in the Philippines.


Really, they are such exotic looking fish... I wish I could live by the sea..

If you were my girl friend i must be the lucky guy in this world i must feel in the heaven . Love you @sweetsssj


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Hello. It is a nice photo. I love it.

what an awesome place, it seems the paradise!


food paradise as well! :D

@sweetsssj, your post is amazing you look very nice with a very delicious food menu.
The beautiful coastal scenery adds coolness. Suzyysssj is breathtakingly beautiful.

I think I will be in this place, very beautiful... I love that

I love that place, I would fish there until eternity! lol


haha that isn't a bad proposition at all! :)

So awesome photo :) love this place :)

It is so delicious

@sweetsssj - Wow - A royal breakfast buffet and a Fishing excursion ! What more could one want for a perfect vacation...
As you have rightly pointed out, breakfast is the best meal of the day and I always tuck in when I get a great buffet spread. The one you have shown in your post is fit for an Emperor (or, in your case, an empress!!)

The views from the Magu patio, showing the sea and skyline are just heavenly. I love how the deck pool is laid out but of course, I noticed you in the stunning black swim suit and the pineapple shaped float more!!

The fishing excursion must have been exciting too. It is so kind hearted of you to not catch the lovely nurse sharks. Congratulations on being the first one to catch a fish from the group

Thanks for sharing this great excursion. Upvoted

When you get a chance, can you please take a look at my two latest blogs Light Effects 2: Eiffel tower Aids support and Window to the world - what is outside your window and let me know your feedback through comments. Thanks again




THank you vm2904, there's always a big question of what there is to do on a remote island in the middle of no where. I think i'm beginning to find out haha. Still, I enjoyed it all very much and thankfully there were all the usual things like good food, sunshine, scenery, friendly people to make it all a very worth while experience.

I promise i'll take a look at your posts and comment :)


Sometimes, an isolated island is actually good. On such an island, we can always experience the calm surroundings and serene nature. Glad you could do that.
Will await your visit to my posts and your comments. Thanks

You definitely enjoyed your trip. What an impressive selection of foods. Compliments to you and your blue dress! You look stunning!


phillip you are too sweet!

I love posting sister @sweetsssj

Oh my gosh! looks like paradise! Truly a dream. Loved your descriptive writing especially in the section starting with, "My day began with a familiar whistle of wind through imperfect cracks of my bedroom door...."
I was transported :) Thanks.
Btw, how many people do you travel with? Or are you the most pro tripod user the world has ever seen?


Thank you avesa, sometimes pictures require some descriptive words to help frame it. I usually travel with 1 or two people but I do also use a tripod :)


Well then, it's settled. MOST PRO TRIPOD USER THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. haha.
Ya'll be safe out there! — at least there are nurses in case anything goes wrong ;)
*Cheesy music plays and avesa is yanked off stage *

So beautiful u are !

Seems delicious... :D

Oh wow @sweetsssj ! Another fantastic post from my favorite steemian ! I see your really enjoying your stay on this beautiful island Ayadas ! The breakfast a la carte looks so amazing as well as your in room breakfast , Delicious !! And the fishing trip in the ocean would be so much fun ! Nice catch LOL!! And you actually get to eat it !! Amazing ! I definitely need to visit this place , its my kind of holiday that is well over due !! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome travels and food posts with us ! Upped and resteemed ! I will return to upvote and resteem as well on my @momskitchen blog for my foodie followers !! A bid thanks for all your support as well ! 👍✌😊💕


I love your little cartoons karen, they're so cool! :)


Awe thanks so much @sweetsssj ! I love using my little bitmojis too !👍😀💕


Glad you like my bitmoji ! 👌👍💕😀

@sweetsssj if i do not send steem or sbd to you, do you want to upvote my post?

hi sweet dear,

your so awesome, you promoting Maldives,
on your personal travel, thanks for sharing, the food ,specially the kind of fish, the best tasting fish you have ever tasted,...

such wonderful and super great food photos i ever seen in my life..

thanks for sharing @sweetsssj, your kind a woman worthy to respect and be adored by all steemians here at the community...

your such a intelligent woman.
and must of all very pretty young girl.

your boy friend is so lucky to have you...

lucky guy...^_^

I can tell you had a great time and you should have, this place is beautiful. I love the photos and the story you weave for me. I hope to sell my house and move to a condo soon, giving me much more free time to travel and will have this place on my list for sure, my friend.


johnny, what a fantastic idea, that is a dream to me. I'm going to be looking out for more adventures from you then!?

It's obvious that you are delighted in posting this pictures the pictures are so amazing


thank you princeshady5, i'm very delighted indeed! big smiles all around :) :)

beautiful pics!


thanks hms818!

Don't to be compare with others because you are different,, as you are so beautiful and your all the menu and food item so aggressive, and really inspired to your travel that are passionate with you and also i appreciate this @sweetsssj


mohsin01, very kind words, thank you!

i really loves this post


thanks jassi!

Beautifully written and lovely pictures. Thank you!


you're welcome!

With astonishment enjoying each photo and line!
Always beautiful and attracted to your sharing!
Gotta be drawn in such an amazing place, indeed, that’s the way paradise should be!😍 Love 💗


you are a sweetie dear, thank you! :)

i love this photo of yours @sweetsssj, you look so pretty on this,

i love all the food you showed to us , specially the place of maldives,

the place is very relaxing and the people are so friendly,

i love also your blue dress, its my favorite color..

take care always sweet..



She's pro.

I am a fan. Steemit will always be a better platform or community with great posts such as you always do. I can only expect valuable contents from you.
Thanks for sharing to us your wonderful experience, it help us feel being in such locations. Looking forward to also do it someday, maybe not just as often as you are doing. As I also love to stay in the metros and try some fine dining restaurants mushrooming in the city.
Keep on sharing, stay awesome!

Why don't you visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan? I'm certain you will be mesmerized by the captivating scenery of Pakistan.


thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely spend some time to research it and consider a visit.


You must be very rich to be constantly traveling. It is my dream to travel, but I don't have the money. You're very lucky.

This is really nice trip.we see hear fresh vegetables and fruits.we see declaration of food is also asome

My mouth is watering over here. Are you in heaven.

@sweetsssj now that is Most Beautiful and so is the Food pictures. Paradise.


thank you! So much to choose from, you can stay here for quite a while and not get bored!

this is a paradise!!!

Do you have YouTube Channel I do like to follow you there also.. I love the pictures so beautiful..


I usually post my videos on here just using youtube as a place to host the videos..

Beautiful place 🏡 , Yummylicoius foods 😋 and an angelic lucky girl 😇! Enjoyed your post dear @sweetsssj ! You are really awesome my friend !!😍👏👍


akkha, my dear thank you for always being so punctual with your comments! Can always count on you coming to join the party :)


Thank you so much ! Yes you can count on me dear . You are so kind !
I always follow you and hope you get time to stop on my posts !!

Absolutely WOW! All that food looks amazing, ahaha I would spend most of my time with that.

I really enjoy reading your posts, you make me really want to travel as well so that I can experience trips like these as well. Thanks for sharing!

Wow... Amazing view... I love your content dear... Always very colorful and entertaining.


thank you samuel, always lovely to hear from you! :) :)

Beautiful view is perfect when there ia someone beautiful like you ms. @sweetsssj

You always make me Amaze with your beauty

Don't forget to visit Indonesia 😊

Let me resteem your post please 🙂


gosh i'm very flattered, thank you! Indonesia is on the list, how could I miss out on visiting such a vibrant community such as yours!


Yes ms. @sweetsssj

In here , we have Indonesian steemit community, so that we can share each others. I hope you can remember me as a person who suggest you to go to Indonesia.

We Will waiting for you here, we love you 😉

Please support my post ms. @sweetsssj

finally get to read your post again. Love those mouth-watering pictures. It's giving me tons of travel ideas. Keep up the interesting articles! :D


Thanks dali.soh, glad I'm giving you some ideas, I'll keep them coming :)

Great! Beautiful!

It is really good to share your experience and I think you are enjoying as well. upvoted and followed .please upvote my comment as well if you can it would be really great thankyou.

It's like you're bringing us to paradise @sweetsssj ! I hope you also visit Philippines.


a Philippines is definitely on my list, thanks for reminding me, I think I should try to do a vote sometime and see where people like to see me go more!

great feeling in photos...


thanks, which one is your fav?

the fascinating story of @sweetsssj cetita and the interesting experiences and information when we point there, as well as the beautiful natural scenery.


thanks amre, always a pleasure :)

Nice one you got here

Hello sweetssj
The scenery is very beatifful and amazing i really like your photo


which photo do you like the best?

Its so good to see such a wonderful pictures of my country with such compliments. Yes Ayada is a leading company in hotel industry. One day maybe I would be able to meet you in person if I'm lucky.
Cheers 🍻


Wonderful to visit your country and thank you to your people for being splendid hosts :)

I really like to see your post, and can feel the pleasure there from your photos, your post is indeed very good, it seems I have a lot to learn from you, please help

Thanks for informative content

The bathtub and the view blew my mind!!. I wonder how different will it be from phuket?. Have an amazing amazing trip !!.






A great place, very happy variety of dishes .. and fishing, this is something interesting ... Many of you can only envy)

Wow thats a rich breakfast. I love this Island now and feel like visiting. You are enjoying the sunny days while I am freezing here :)


I am now back to freezing too, it's quite sad :( But atleast I'm still warm from the experience!


Yes I am glad that you enjoyed your time. It is always good t visit hot places in the winter. Will be excited to see how you celebrate Christmas in China :)

I would not have thought of posting such a really nice post like you can eat and enjoy a great hotel like this, thank you so much for giving this post.
I like this post.
Thanks for sharing @sweetssj


thanks for visiting osman28, hopefully this post will be useful for the remaining lifespan of maldives !

Hello sweetsssj,Excellent photography,Delicious food,I love this delicious food.


hi dear, thank you for the compliment. Sounds like you're a big foodie like me :)


yes dear you are right,I am also your great fan,I always wait for your new post because your post is completely deference from other post.If you feel free than visit my page please. @sweetsssj

Amazing 💕 such a nice post.
I am New at steemit.i liked your post.

That way you had explained about this beach and the restaurant and it's really good to know one about your experience . And other then that the food and photo you are posting here is real beautiful and its good to read your post ..


googlee, thank you. I hope many people may gain some valuable information about this place from my post. There aren't too many on the internet thus far!

@sweetsssj well you are a hardworking whale and work almost tirelessly and have fetched yourself a unique spot on this beautiful platform....I totally understand that travel is your passion but I would like if u do some work or some sort of charity campaign...well it's not gonna increase your balance...but in the long run it will benefit you...as far as your post is concerned it is undoubtedly well crafted as always ...wish u take on some step to make your presence felt both morally as well as financially


Thanks, I will have a deep think about what I can do for this. It's definitely something I want to do more, and I'm always open ears for suggestions. Thank you again for raising it.


I would say that you owe it to yourself that you first live (travel), get to know who and what you want to be, experience life (you cannot do it once you are tied to charities) and only then should you set aside time for doing good for others. If you want to start now, do so in ways that will not steal this precious time from you.

Please come to my country Bangladesh....it is really beautiful...

Such elegance in your persona, I love it!!


really? I haven't heard that before but i'm very flattered, thank you!


Your welcome😊

Thanks for the post upvote

Life goes on, travel continues! You bring us lots of great views from this world, appreciate your experience you're sharing everytime. It inspires people and gives them the hope.

The island with a very beautiful view. This is a very worthy place to visit many people. And the most important thing is that they are able to serve many of the foods favored by the people. Here I also see a picture of yourself that is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing @sweetsssj.


thank you rizasukma, what you said is very true. It is a place worthy of visiting, but of course not all at once, the island is very small ! haha


Very small ?. But as beautiful as you @sweetsssj. :-) :-) :-)

All of this looks incredible!




This looks amazing, such a wonderful life you live :)

You look like so cuty in this place really

@sweetsssj, good job you are doing. One thing I do like about your travel blog is that it is consistent. I reckon you have to put in a lot of work to give each post such perfect finish. And kudos to the many other people behind the scene like your photographer. The pictures are ultra-sharp.

In general, well done. I hope I can create something as wow as this.

Wow! Thats a feast. Its incredible how they those amazing food in a small island like that. Its amazing. Thanks for sharing @sweetsssj!


you're welcome funtraveller, thank you.

a very beautiful place and eager to be in such a beautiful place with beautiful women like you @sweetsssj, greetings from Indonesia


thanks dianclasher, still need to visit indonesia myself! :)


You are welcome

Good beach and aas you and well explained your experience and it's good to know about you. Not just that as you are excited about this visit to this beaches and and you and also talk about fishing and and many new think that are new to me ... Other then that all the photos that are there are well captured and we'll written ....


thank you funatoz, I invite you to follow me and then you will learn more about my life and my activities :)

Magnificient food and photos as always :D! I am always impressed of how the people manage to decorate the table and how they are cutting the fruit especially the watermelons. It's a great talent in my opinion!
Reading your fishing tour made me want to go fishing myself again. I used to fish sometimes with my dad back in Russia but that's a long time ago... And we were using usually fishing rods^^


thanks kasatsuri, so are you from Russia and are you there now? Food placement and decoration is actually an understated skill, you are right, there is a lot of talent.

As for fishing.. are you any good?


I was born there but my parents decided to move to Germany so we are living here now^^ But we have relatives in Russia and we try to visit them as often as we can.
I think I was doing ok ... didn't fish in a long time though so I think I have to learn everything from the beginning again :D

Awwwww! Quite lovely

incredible post as usual. feels like you are living very free and enjoying life. do you ever have down days between travelling and making blogs and if so how do you dig yourself out of them to get back into gear again?


hi teamhumble, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I do have quite a bit of down time between travels, I tend to visit places for a week or two, and then rest for a month before travelling again. It's also a good time to blog about the travels, i have quite a big backlog which seemingly gets bigger everytime i go somewhere.

For me, I just can't really stay in one place, I feel an urge to be out and about experiencing something new all the time. I guess that is what drives me to get back into gear..


yeah i think that's a great driver. do you chase the sunshine or do you have a plan for the next few months? what makes you pick certain locations. sounds like you have a very full calendar of plans!

very nice photography

photography is amazing. Magu a la carte restaurant is awesome. Because I see the pictures of Magu a la carte restaurant. I seen photos of several dishes in this post. Fishes are amazing. This is complete traveling post And this restaurant is near the Ocean Villa thats great. View of ocean is superb. Great post in two language. Thats good to understand.

nice post you i like your post, i want you to visit my blog because i just came in steemit. please help uphot my post.

I would love that food right now!


Me too! Delicious and varied, never boring!

Wow @sweetsssj, what a great article, you write such nice and detailed content I literally felt like I took this journey with you, The pictures and the experience looked amazing, thank you so much for sharing and looking forward to more content from you.

Keep up the great work.


hi trev03 thanks for coming along :)

It really is very comfortable to linger in the bathtub

wonderful experience one that every one would like to enjoy in life time

thanks for giving us a reason to work hard hope one day me and my ugandan steemers will also get money and travail to good places

Goo amazing post

Nice click ! so beautiful

Awesome Photography.

I just Love This Pictures.

You Are Really Great.

it looks really delicious and also a cozy and lovely place @sweetsssj thank you for sharing

Awesome Photo! That's what i LIKE. Check out my new post about python regeneration

i need your help i hope you help me,
i can not anyone upvoting, Because 4 votes are 5, it is said that the rating is low, and get the steem power. so how can i get this. and how can i solved this pbl