Miss. Delicious #81 : Tamsui's Hai Feng Seafood Restaurant - 55 years and still going!

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Today's gourmet adventure takes us to Tamsui, an area north of central Taipei. Tamsui is part of the New Taipei City, which seeks to combine nearby towns around Taipei into one “new” supersized Taipei city. Formally called the Tamsui Township, Tamsui is a modestly sized town with a population of around 160,000 and is a popular place to visit in the evening. Visitors can walk along the banks of the Tamsui River and watch the sunset behind the famous Guanyinshan.


It's name is derived from the pronunciation of "Clear Water" in the Taiwanese dialect, and although the official pronunciation in Mandarin is Danshui, cultural preservation efforts have permitted Tamsui to keep it's original name.

Tamsui has quite an eclectic history because of the numerous peoples who have settled there, for instance, the Ketagalan aborigines, the Spanish, Dutch, Han Chinese and Japanese. The influences of these different settlements can still be seen and felt in the small narrow winding streets.

Because of it's proximity with the mainland, Tamsui became the largest port in Taiwan during the 19th century serving as an important trading and export centre for many indigenous products. By the turn of the 20th century, due to extensive accumulation of sediments in the Tamsui river, most trade operations moved east to Keelung.

Tamsui is the last station on the MRT's red line and the journey there takes around 45 minutes from Taipei Main Station. Since the MRT metro system opened in 1996, the area has undergone significant redevelopment. The river banks are now populated by nightmarket style restaurants and stalls, whilst further inland, property developers have built modern high rise buildings to accommodate a growing demand for people living here and commuting to central Taipei.

Despite the modernisation, Tamsui still feels very authentic to me. I can see the new buildings intertwined with the old, but they have done very well to preserve the feeling and essence of the town and it's heritage. Hopefully my pictures below will capture some of this and give you a feel of the area.

On July 15th 1988, in the wake of proposals to construct the MRT Metro Line as well as the MRT Station in Tamsui, the Taipei <-> Tamsui train service which had been open since 1901, ran for the last time. After 87 years, many people were disappointed by the closure of this service but it's closure ushered a new era of modern transportation, and stimulated local economic growth to unprecedented levels.

This is one of the decommissioned trains from that service which is now placed where the old station used to be.

This is the old street nightmarket. On the weekends, this road can be described as people mountain, people sea. Most of the shops sell Taiwanese snack foods, as well as local Tamsui souvenirs. This along with the river bank is always worth a visit.

Finally we arrive at the Hai Feng Restaurant. Much likey other Taiwanese home run restaurants, it appears rather ordinary. What makes this restaurant stand out is that it has been open for 55 years! There is a saying in Taiwan, "There is no such thing as bad food in Taiwan" and that is because the food industry is very competitive. If it isn't good quality, the chances of sustaining business are slim.

That is why this restaurant has built up such a good reputation, allowing it to stay in business and thrive for so many decades.


When you visit Taiwan and especially Tamsui, you will be expected to eat a lot of seafood. That's just one of the advantages of being a small island and situated by the sea. Fresh, seafood galore!

Here you can see the catches of the day at the front of the restaurant.


The Menu.

Simple and full of mouth watering pictures. For the more experienced diner, there is a word only menu with other more specialised dishes. For the most part, the specialities and most popular dishes are on the picture menu.

Food Time

Sausage egg fried rice.

Garlic fried Water Spinach.

Steamed Grouper with stir fried seasonal vegetables.

Steamed Crab.

Salmon and Swordfish sashimi.

Taiwanese Oysters.

One of the most popular dishes in Taiwan is the Taiwanese Oyster Omelette. It is known for it's savoury and fresh taste and is often found in nightmarkets all over Taiwan. A defining feature of this Omelette is the thick potato starch added to it giving the egg wrap a very thick consistency.

Here, you are provided with a different kind of savoury dip to go with the fried oysters. They taste like bliss!

A common arrangement of restaurants in Asia is to have the seafood livestock on display. This serves two main purposes, 1. To attract customers passing by and 2. To guarantee freshness when served.

Here you can see the fish tank with various size grouper fish.

It's difficult to see in this night time picture, but Tamsui has a wonderful view of Taipei City down the Tamsui river.

Opposite the MRT Station, you'll find this busy street called Yingzhuan Road. This road leads up to the mountain, at the top of which you'll find the Tamkang University campus.

So, now that we've seen Tamsui and one of it's most famous restaurants, let's go back to something more familiar..

Here we are back in Ximen. I thought i'd show you what I always get for breakfast!

Green Onion Pancake.

This delicious fluffy pancake is served with a fried egg and then your choice of filling. I opted for the bacon, but there are plenty of other choices. These kinds of stalls are considered 'fly by night' operations, officially illegal but rarely enforced. They'll pop up around places with large foot traffic and disappear on wind of police. I love these these secret stalls, the food offered tastes great and the prices are so cheap!

Ah-Chong Flour-rice noodles.

This is another local delicacy that has been incredibly successful ever since it's inception in 1975. Something as simple as a bowl of flour rice noodle "soup" has brought people back to this store for over 40 years. In the evening, you'll always see lots of people queuing and standing outside eating their noodles. It's that popular!


The flour rice noodles are cooked in a sort of soup stew. Believe it or not, the only meat in it is pig intestines. The locals all attest to how good it is and I must say, I agree.


The best way to eat it is with these sauces which are conveniently provided at the side.

This would make a lovely snack in colder weather, but even on a hot summers day, it was still a great bowl of noodles!


Taiwan is surely the place where they make ordinary looking food taste extraordinary!

I absolutely love exploring Taiwan and learning about it's food delicacies. One thing you'll notice is that the restaurants most respected by the locals are all home run businesses which have been established for many decades. It's these kinds of places where you'll find the most authentic Taiwanese food, often through word of mouth or in more recent decades, the internet. Just because these places don't present themselves as luxury dining places, doesn't mean they don't serve top quality food, and for that reason, I must recommend visiting these places for no other reason than to enjoy the incredible food at amazing prices.

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远处灯火辉煌,几乎照亮了夜晚的半边天,我顺着热闹的方向走,来到了淡水老街,夜晚繁华的市井生活,让我能够零距离的了解与体验这个小镇最灵动的一面。 这里因为地理原因有便利条件,所以老街上布满了各具特色的海鲜餐厅,我选择了一家有故事的海鲜餐厅,有着55多年历史的淡水老字号,海风餐厅。最早以一道炒螃蟹成名,之后这家餐厅的味道便深深留在了人们心底,如今这家餐厅承载了很多人的美好记忆,也继续用它最美的姿态热情迎接着一波波远道而来的客人。才走到门口,就感觉到了餐厅里的热闹劲,人声鼎沸。门口摆满了各式各样货真价实的生猛海产,新鲜肥美的海瓜子,水晶鱼,琳琅满目,简直让我挑花了眼。





@sweetsssj wow lovely food

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An awesome trip and a really nice food!

thanks thecryptotrader, more to come soon! :)

Thanks for the interesting post ... I mean, interesting LESSONS.

With a bit of geography, and bit of history, an informative tour of the city, and plenty of gastronomy, there's plenty of info packed into this post, and something for everyone.

Like all good travel writing (and food writing), this post will attract people to the place. Like all great travel writing, it also serves as a fantastic travel guide, or pre-travel guide, for anyone who might be lured there or anyone who might be planning a trip.

Keep up the great writing.

The food looks amazing! Very nice pictures!

thanks sirstacksalot, Taiwanese seafood at it's best!

Great pictures, the food looks amazing. Thanks for the post.

Taiwan and particularly,Tamsui, are certainly a melting pot of tastes and ethnicities.

I think such a locale is perfect for a gourmand with its many and varied food choices.

As you wisely point out, it's all about the food - too many times I've dined in beautiful surroundings with mediocre food offerings.

It's interesting that throughout China and Korea and now Taiwan one sees the rapid cultural change that accompanies technological progress. Your photo of the old locomotive is symbolic of that transition.

I love the fact that you featured authentic, and oftentimes home-cooked food. Taiwan seems to be a seafood lovers paradise.

John! Lovely to hear from you, always a pleasure receiving feedback and comments. I actually wonder whether you have much knowledge of the Chinese Classical history. I know from earlier posts that you studied classics and so probably know Turkey quite intimately..

As for the food, sometimes people say food is a guilty pleasure. I disagree. I think food is a necessary pleasure. Forget gluttony!

As for technological change, Taiwan and South Korea spearheaded the Asian economic development in the 70's 80s and 90's, but most of the reliance is now firmly on China. It's quite evident now that Taiwan and Korea have stagnated, meanwhile China has pulled ahead quite significantly.

I believe there still remains a greater wealth disparity in China though, and this is something that will take several generations to mitigate (but never eliminate).

My knowledge of Chinese history is very thin - I love aspects of the literature and philosophy . I once spent a whole summer with Lao Tzu and from time to time read Sei Shonagan and delve into Confucianism and Buddhism, but lately I've been fascinated with South Korea (spending time with my friend, @slowwalker).

I'm intrigued by contemporary China as most Canadians are - one poll suggests we're more open to China at the moment than the United States. We have a very large Chinese population in Toronto and I taught TOEFL courses to Chinese students here. But that's my meagre background when it comes to really understanding the panorama of Chinese history, but I'm eager to learn more.

You are so perceptive about the economy of China based on what I read in the financial pages. It will be interesting to see if they commit more fully to cryptocurrency - they seem to vacillate on that matter.

And finally, there is a wealth disparity in China but I truly admire the strides they've made, their technological progress and the more equal distribution of wealth they've achieved to date, although as you say, there is further to go and true equality for all is an ideal to be sought but will probably never be achieved.

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Beautifull post and pictures

Amazin Post! As always :)

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wow!! There so many food there and also delicious.
I want to go there someday I hope. 😭 I am amazed at your posts everyday. 😇😇😍😍😍 Your so sweet.

Hey @sweetsssj you are really sweet and delicious by work and presentation of new cuisine and places every time, thank you dear mam for your efforts.
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Wow, that is a lot of food! It looks really good, so I'm sure you can find room to taste each one. It's great that you have a good figure for eating so much!

glennolua, thanks! I have a big stomach apparently!

Fantastic post @sweetsssj ! I love seafood , and everything looks so fresh and delicious ! Thanks for sharing all your awesome photos with us , a definite up vote and resteem to share with all my foodie followers in my @momskitchen blog !💕✌👍

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Hello Miss Delicious , another yummy post . Great Place and what an amazing menu. Looks delicious and Yummy . Steamed Crab got my attention , how was it? Amazing pictures , liked the fishes in Fish tank. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day my friend , take care , bye , love u😊

dear vikbuddy so lovely to see you. The steamed crab felt like eating sashimi crab. It was kind of strong in taste, especially the yellow parts. But that's what makes it so delicious! Have a great week!

@sweetsssj look at you so Beautiful and sharing all the Secret Delicacies with us. I am Grateful for everything that you share on STEEMIT. Thank You

thank you stokjockey, i'm grateful for you commenting :)

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Taste should be great since they are freshly cooked. The variety is awesome and another great delicious blog :)

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So many more countries i've not been to than those I have.. hopefully the scales will tip the other way eventually :)

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I think you are a food lover like me

I am a food lover, glad to find something in common!

It's absolutely crazy how big your following grew!

thanks, it's got a lot to do with the site becoming much bigger too!

Variedad de menú, gastronomía que da un explosión de sabores. No me atrevería a probar muchos de esos platillos

I enjoyed the story behind the old mode of transportation that was finally decommissioned in the late 80's. Time usually takes over the old to welcome innovation in every aspect of life.


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Yeah, I think that river is definitely much easier to photograph during the day. This was just using my phone when I was there last year:


I would also strongly recommend the street food there. Then again, I think all the food in Taiwan tastes good so maybe I'm biased.

You're very correct, that picture of guanyinshan is beautiful!

wow!!!! nice post. great food.

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Always excited when I see Asian food! Especially on your blog, it is awesome!
I wonder when we will see you eating some crickets or any other insects :-D Do it for the blog as challenge lol. I want to try them on my first asian trip for sure !
Keep on posting, LOVE IT

haha that is something i may have to try some day.. small steps at a time though!

i am thankful to let me know about a new place.a new culture.and a new asian foods.the way you have listed the events is wonderful it takes us like if we were with you in the trip.

that's great! I hope you enjoyed following along :)

That looks delicious i wanna marry you 😎

delicious and marriage are two separate things!

Divina esa comida

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I'm really not that sure about the Halal food in taiwan.. I will have to do some exploring about that one.. You can look at my old post about the Ethnic Minority group "Hui Min Street" nightmarket which are Muslims and have Halal food. (It's in Xi'an, China)

Well, thank you so much for ur guideline sista...:)



You are welcome sister😊

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thank you safran, you're very kind with your comment. Nothing is ever perfect, but I will try my best to keep improving! :)

Wow, that is a lot of food! It looks really good, so I'm sure you can find room to taste each one. It's great that you have a good figure for eating so much!
please visit my id

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好呀 😁 小姐姐的美食分享超棒的!

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India is full of surprises from the north to south of India. It depends on your choice, whether you want to enjoy snow(Kashmir, Himachal), desert(Rajasthan), wildlife, beaches, backwater, heritage sites etc.

I'm quite scared of snow.. so i think i will have to start off with the wildlife and beaches. Whats the best location for those?

你下次來我帶你去吃更好吃的麵線!! :D


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thanks worldofcrypto, glad you think so, and thanks for commenting !

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Another amazing post! I've actually spent quite awhile in Taiwan as well. It's great getting to compare our experiences! I've just posted another adventure as well! Check it out! I hope you Enjoy it :)

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thanks midnightviola! I love the fish tanks too, it's kind of sad to think that the fishes there are destined to be eaten. Still, very fresh!



Taiwan is near in my country Philippines and sometimes we have particular the same technique of how to elaborates foods in different terms. I would say foods taste in Taiwan and the Philippines have their own unique of preparation, but the most important thing is they are all so much likely all over the world. we love foods in different country aside from values and culture. and foods is everywhere. I wish I could go there in Taiwan for some techniques on how to prepared those kind of delicious foods.Thanks again @sweetssj for this another milestone of informative blogs. hope to see more and more soon. have a great day and hoping to visit also my country soon. I would love to hear you soon.

Thank you jie28, looks like Philippines has a lot to offer, I will definitely look at travelling there soon :)

Thank you, to make discover us these culinary pleasure

you're welcome!

It looks very rich, happy day, I invite you to visit my blog