Miss. Delicious #77 : Seraser in the Old Town of Kaleici (Antalya)

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Dear Steemit friends :

Every now and then, I like to go somewhere against the grain of popular opinion. Somewhere that people have told me isn't worth going to, or somewhere that is too touristy, full of people, uncultured, ugly.. the reasons go on. For my time in Turkey, one such place was Antalya.

Having experienced and seen the beauty and depth of Turkey first hand, I became curious as to why Antalya was singled out as being a notorious tourist spot with no real history and culture to experience, surely all the millions of people who visit there each year have experiences worth taking home with them?

In this edition of Miss. Delicious, we'll be venturing into the heart of the Antalya, deep in the old town district known as Kaleici. Aside from the gorgeous food that is to follow, take your time in admiring some of the surpsingly intact ancient buildings that remain in this little town.

Though evident in age, the Hadrian Gate, is a beautifully intact rustic building that oozes Roman style architecture, reminding us of the rich heritage this, and many other places in Turkey hold.

Legend says that the Queen of Sheba passed through an earlier iteration of these gates. For us, passing through this gate with four pylons and triple arches, grants us passage to the old town of Kaleici and a visit to our restaurant of choice.

Located just a few gentle minutes inside the old city, we arrive at Seraser fine dining restaurant.
It's not a grand entrance, comparable to the likes of say, The Dorchester or The Ritz, but then, Seraser isn't trying to give that kind of fine dining impression, instead, it fits in effortlessly with the local old town motifs and welcomes it's guests through a small side entrance, labelled with only a small plaque and minimalist hanging banner.

You probably wouldn't think of entering this place unless it was your intention all along, and in that vain, I really appreciate it's low profile approach. You will find that the exclusivity comes without the garish illusion of grand luxury fine dining, and surprisingly, a price tag to scorn at.

What you might not notice or even know, is that Seraser is a member of Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

What exactly is that you might ask?

Here is the description from Wikipedia.

Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is an international gastronomic society founded in Paris in 1950. The Chaîne is based on the traditions and practices of the old French royal guild of goose roasters, whose authority gradually expanded to the roasting of all poultry, meat and game. It is dedicated to fine cuisine and promoting and developing the gastronomic values while at the same time widening its focus to table art.

Entering the restaurant, you suddenly feel like you've entered the garden of someone very important. As if you are the guest of a Royal. Indeed, the mansion house used to belong to a Royal some 300 years ago!

Being a member of a long time secret society of the gastronomic arts, Seraser has done exceptionally well in creating an environment that not only titillates the eyes, but also arouses the stomach.

Before sitting down, I recommend you take a walk around the courtyard, frame your mind and senses for the occassion. It isn't just about the food at Seraser, it's about the people, the place and the experience.

Ambient lighting with various kinds of lanterns, and lamps help with calming down and engaging relaxation mode. You will find quite a few places other than the dining tables to sit down and relax with a drink. After-all, gastronomy is as much about the food, as it is the infusion of art, culture of food through service.

It also helps that the restaurant is enriched with so much vegetation. There are plants, trees and vines absolutely everywhere.
Parts of the dining area are almost covered in lush green trees, shading the guests from the sun whilst the dim lamps create an ever so romantic atmosphere.

Further down the courtyard, you'll also find an interesting area devoid of tables and chairs. This place is decorated with some pottery, vases, and even a mini fountain. A wonderful area to waltz to when you feel a sense of claustrophobia.

Before sitting down, I was pleasantly greeted by a family of cats who seem to have made this restaurant their forever home. Unlike other ferral cats I have come cross, these are very friendly and constantly brushed themselves against my feet and legs as I walked around, and even when I sat down at my table.

The Menu


The first order of the day, and a perfect way to cool down from the heat and to prepare for the food to come.

On the left, my all time favourite drink (if you ever want to buy me a drink then this is the one to get!) Pina Colada. And on the right, we have the in-house Paradise Cocktail which consists of grenadine, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and Blue Curaçao. I had a sip of this one but Tania is no doubt a better drinker than I, because I felt a rush of dizziness almost immediately after a sip!


First up, we have the Moules Mariniere. These are Steamed French Provance style mussels in fruity Sauvignon Blanc. I personally really like anything of the seafood variety, and was most impressed with the slight alcoholic tinge combined with fresh-off-the-sea rawness.

These sesame seed doughballs are complimentary and served as a perfect activator for the appetite. I actually asked for a second serving of these, because they tasted so good with the Mussels.

Grilled Jumbo Shrimps & Aegen Herbs Cream - Grilled Jumbo shrimps; Aegen herbs cream and artichoke in olive oil.

The prawns are delectable, if only a bit small in serving size. In China, we eat prawns by the kilogram, so two jumbo shrimps really felt like nothing at all - I guess it served it's purpose as an appetizer though.

Cuttlefish Alla Sicula. Opting for more variety over sheer quantity, this was the third starter we opted for. Luckily, the serving sizes are quite small so the diversity is actually very welcomed. This particular dish consists of Sauteed cuttlefish with aged sweet passito; sun dried tomato, parisienne vegetables, capers, fried soya and vegetable ravioli.

It's almost hard to believe that all of that can be summed up into such a small cup size dish.

Sea Bass Wrapped in Wine Leaves

Sticking to the nominal serving sizes of the starters, this dish which consists of Sea bass wrapped in vine leaves; pepper salad and lemon & butter sauce is actually a main course.

I've never eaten wine leaves before, let alone wrapped around Sea Bass, it kind of tastes like a mediterranean version of sushi, except replace seaweed with wine leaves, and cooked seabass with raw fish. Definitely an fusion of tastes which require every bit of the platter to make it taste whole.

Octopus with Santorini Style

Grilled octopus; fried zucchini, potato and vanilla cream sauce, this dish brings back fond memories of my visit to Santorini last year. Although my recollection of the foods I tasted there are a distant memory, I remember how fresh the seafood was, as if I was tasting the sea.

Here, I'm sure the Octopus was alive just moments before it ended up on my plate. The tough chewy texture of the meat unleashed a hint of sea every bite you take but it's grilled preparation allows you to enjoy it like you would at a nightmarket on a skewer. A perfect blend of fine preparation and analogy of local folk style food.

I highly recommend the fried zucchini. Usually it can taste a bit bland because of it's large size, but here it is strips that have so much more surface area to absorb the cream and sea like taste of octopus. It's also a completely different texture to the octopus - a crunchy fried chip like taste, except much more delicate.

And that wraps up our visit to the secret Gastronomic restaurant that is Seraser, hidden in the heart of Kaleici, the old town within Turkey's Antalya. Who said there was nothing worth visiting in Antalya? You just have to go exploring a bit more, and be willing to walk in places through the side door sometimes..

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P.S. I'm currently travelling in a new location which I will reveal in the next post. With so much of Turkey left to blog about, expect to find a mixture of posts about different places for the next few!






Hey sister :) It's been way too long since we have caught up! I hope you are doing fantastic. I have so much to tell you about all that has happened so far since we last spoke.

You do realize that you are the only one who was there for me when I needed help in my first few days here. You're such a Lady-Boss with all your efforts. Honestly, still to this date you are the smartest woman I have ever spoken to. I appreciate you my friend!

You can click on my profile, and see how things have evolved since that time you gave me advice. Stay awesome my friend :) Talk soon.

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Sure thing brother. I have a ton on messages I still need to respond to on chat, but you can send me a message on steemit.chat (Same name), and ask anything you need help with :) When I get the time, I'll give you some attention!

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Well said brother! Of course we need to give back :)

I couldn't bare the thought of not showing my appreciation to the one who was there for me!

Aww that is so sweet!

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Couldn't agree more. She is a very diverse woman who knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it. Love it!

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hey my friend i'm so happy to see you're doing so well. I've been unable to login to Steemit chat for a couple of weeks now.. So totally disconnected on there.. when i'm back, i'll definitely drop a message and say hello!!

Ahh I see.. Thanks for letting me know. Yeah it has been quite a while, and it was all of a sudden too. I hope you're doing fantastic?

By the way, I just posted this my milestone post!! :)


I look forward to catching up with you. If you need any help getting chat working, you can send me a message on Discord, or Instagram :)

Is it just me to are you pictures just getting better and better?? They're amazing for low light!!! You really making me want to go to Turkey now 😎

thank you cheeto, I actually used a metabones adaptor, to use my 50mm f/1.4 from my Canon on my Sony A9. I think it works pretty good!

Ah, I have one of those 50mm f1.4s as well - they're amazing!! Don't get upset at me now - but you need a Canon body too - hehe 😉

I made it to Cape Town again!! Love it here!! You definitely have to make a plan to come to South Africa sometime 😁
Please could you have a look at my post? It's only our trip to here, but there will be more ☺️
Thanks @sweetsssj!! You totally rock 😎

Thanks - beautiful post - makes me want to go to all these places.

What a beautiful pictures!

Beautiful you and your posts too. I love to read each and every post of yours. Sometimes I don't get time to read the full content but I make sure that whenever I am free I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing...

Same here my friend !
That is the reason why I made this for her !!

Thank you kekhrie, it's wonderful to have such a dedicated follower as yourself. I do put a lot of effort into my writing, so i'm happy you take the time to read through it :)

Same here. I'm loving her post and obvoiusly she's beautiful

really it is amazing, I like your comment, it is wonderful, I can not believe it.

Will stop by Sereser when i'm in town..

there is something romantic about courtyard restaurants.

I remember one in particular from my university days and nothing can match the intimacy and romance of being safely walled within your own private garden that's open to the sky.

Of course the plants contribute to the ambiance as does the subdued lighting that conjures the atmosphere of candlelight.

Great restaurants always merge with and complement their surroundings and Seraser does that.

Nestled in the midst of ancient buildings its quiet and unobtrusive presence bespeaks style, grace and tradition.

The seafood entries were visually appealing as well as the colourful drinks.

As you so aptly put in in your review, 'gastronomy is as much about the food, as it is the infusion of art, culture of food through service.' Exactly.

The goal of a restaurant who's intention is to provide fine dining and an excellent cuisine is to relax you-not impress you, and Seraser does that.

I found it charming that several cats have 'adopted' the restaurant and made it their home. Nothing is more cozy and relaxing that a purring cat!

A beautiful dining experience, @sweetsssj, with gorgeous photos and an articulate review. You left the reader intrigued by the magic of fine dining in a historic setting.


@fede1944 I believe tha nature only nature let us something like that.

Thank you John! I wish I could put things so eloquently as you have done in this comment. Thank you for adding much value to the conversation!

you're welcome, sssj, but don't underestimate your writing abilities. This post was very well-written. I've really enjoyed this tour of Turkey this far. Imagine - Hadrian's Wall and the Queen of Sheba! Magical...

Good point, the objective should be to relax you not impress you. 😃 😄 I hope you have a wonderful day!

thanks, @pjcswart. Have a wonderful day also :)

You're welcome you too!

Your posts never cease to amaze!

I try my best!

As always you include us all in your travels. Thanks so much. Voting power is so limited at this point for me but upvoted and I hope the resteem will help!

thank you team101, it's a pleasure having your voice heard here, I always appreciate your comment and vote of support. What matters isn't the strength, but the action!


nice post @sweetsssj
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very good blogger. especially with the magnificent building. plus more beautiful sister @sweetsssj photos

Great to see @sweetsssj at Antalya, for you, we able to learn about these beautiful historical places and off course, these delicious foods.

Every moment u had capture it,make this post very enjoy to read. This also give me some inspiration to get my next destination.

Simply amazing. Antalya is beautiful and we virtually visited this city while doing homework for our vacation last year.

Also would love to mention how each post from you is an extension of previous one and are effortlessly fine from the previous one. Keep it up

You do great posts. I like coming yoir way. Pls do me a visit.

Having experienced and seen the beauty and depth of Turkey first hand, I became curious as to why Antalya was singled out as being a notorious tourist spot with no real history and culture to experience, surely all the millions of people who visit there each year have experiences worth taking home with them?

In this edition of Miss. Delicious, we'll be venturing into the heart of the Antalya, deep in the old town district known as Kaleici. Aside from the gorgeous food that is to follow, take your time in admiring some of the surpsingly intact ancient buildings that remain in this little town.

Ancient buildings sounds cool... what kind?

This comment is the last comment from your last post

I get a lot of good feed back from you.

You have to know that, In indonesia especially in Aceh , you are so popular. Many steemit user here always talk about you. They said "she is beautiful, she is from China, how can she earn a lot of dollars, I like her post so much, I love her because she always post about travel and food, she is awesome" and so on .

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Enjoy your next trip without problem 😊

zulfikarkamui, thank you for your lovely comment, I actually didn't know that people talk about me in Aceh, but i'm so humbled by the wonderful things you have to say.. it's not always positive chatter that reaches far and wide after all.. Of course, I will be visiting Indonesia in the coming year, and I hope we can have a meetup so I can meet as many of he Indonesian community as possible!

My pleasure 😉
Indonesia is always open for you, sweet 😉

If you want to go here, just contact me :)

Stepped by to show some love. Pictures this time around are absolutely beautiful. I've has mussels before and didnt like them. The shrimp looks pretty friggin good though.The Queen of Sheba, raised my antennas. People often forget the relative close proximity from Turkey to Africa.

hi geechidan! thanks for the love :)
Mussels can taste quite strange.. they're a bit tougher than oysters, but tend to retain a lot more of the taste of whatever waters they were scooped out from. It's quite amazing the amount of historical significance Turkey has.. did you know, it has more ancient Roman cities than Italy?

Very interesting. So that means that Rome was well versed with Africa.

nice photos~~~

This is awesome travel with you and enjoy the places @sweetsssj. The inside and out view of the restaurant is stunning and reminds me home like calm and relaxing and refreshing environment. Again thanks for sharing your experience with us.

You take perfect photos, can i ask you what camera do you usually use?

thanks my dear, I usually use a Sony A9, the pictures here I used my Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens with a metabones converter

Thank you very much :)

@sweetsssj : this post is much different from some of your posts ago.
I can judge you in how to dress.
in my opinion, the possibility of a place that supports you in wearing clothing
and here you appreciate the place or area.
thank you interesting post and I will wait for your next post.

Interesting observation! 😃 😄 I hope you have a wonderful day!

stunning pictures! food can be categorized as foodporn! that is a good thing

hello dear i did send 5SBD yestarday i hope you recived thanks for your support

I was at Kaleiçi last week after went olympos-çıralı.(you must see the ancient city) if you hurry, you can see last caretta-carettas. (Sea is perfect at olympos-çıralı)

H hey it's been a while but another great article / blog! If you have time https://steemit.com/family/@ryan313/a-real-meaningful-job-that-i-m-trying-to-do-well

thx for sharing

Wow what a fantastic post! You made a beautiful destination out of nothing, as you indicated you have to really dig for gold when it comes to less known places of attraction.

But once I read the post, now it seems straight out of a fairy tale!

The food that you laid out in the post made me drool, and the fried zuccini is my favorite now - although it was difficult to choose out of all the gastronomical delights that you have highlighted. The images make it so real - I felt like I was at the table in person.

What do you use for food photography - DSLR with a lens or just a good smartphone? Just curious - excellent photography throughout by the way.

Can't wait for you to reveal your next destination!

thank you maxabit, to answer your question about photography, I usually use a 50mm f/1.4 prime lens with a Canon 5D MKii or with a metabones adaptor on a Sony A9. It's not always convenient to have a large DSLR with me though, so when it's less convenient, I just use my iPhone!

Welcome back sweetsssj! :)
It's been like, a more than a week since your last post. Been busy enjoying your travels and wonderful adventures, we missed you a lot!

All can i say is WOW, what a wonderful town, it's roman architecture really stands out. The earthy bricks is a great foundation and takes you back in time. Bringing in lush vegetationsets a serene atmosphere and just makes you to just relax, order some savory food and take a sip of your favorite Pina Colada. And as always, lovely colorful dress! Looking gorgeous & vibrant, so very you. <3

BTW: Just a week ago, i came back from vacation in our province named Aklan, the home of the famous island Boracay (if you ever have heard about it. :D) and i'm currently starting to blog my trip. If you ever have the time, do check out the first post in my series:


Thanks @sweetssj!!! More power and live life to it's fullest! :)

thank you yuki! Aren't you happy to see the cats ??

I am always happy to see our friendly purring feline fellows. And i also get a visit from the big dogs of our neighbors too. If i could only get to have a pet here. You know what i would love to have?

A chinchilla! :D

You are always so Beautiful and willing to share the World with everyone on Steemit. We have one thing in common we joined Steemit in August of 2016. The Restaurant looked like it was very nice. Your Pictures are always so Vivid and Stunning in your postings. Thank you for sharing this with us @sweetsssj. Cheers

thank you stokjockey, wow.. we both joined in the same month, that's quite amazing! I'm glad to see that after over a year that you're still here! Hope to see you around a bit more :)

I am going to stick around because I Love the Kindness of people such as yourself. Steemit is the place to be............

Finally back After 11 days , missing you so much . Where were you ? This is very cool place and you look too lovely in this outfit , amazing color combination. You surprise me every time with your unique looks , very pretty . I love the way you explained so many things very easily and giving the readers feel as if they are actually travelling and experience the same as you. It happens with me at least , great variety of food even don't know how it tastes but looks nice. I don't know what is special about this post , something different , a different style and looks like new edition of Miss Delicious . Amazing work , well I am out of words . Missed you , your beautiful smile. Keep smiling and have fun. 😊

vikbuddy! I missed you too.. I did have time to come by your blog and vote on one or two though. I've been travelling to a completely different part of the world so just got caught up with that. Fear not though, all of my adventures will be blogged about eventually haha, hopefully not too infrequently as well. Anyway, I won't make you wait 11 days again, promise!

Very cool! You are absolutely right that sometimes you have to disregard what you hear and just see and experience a place for yourself. You never know what you might find! Looks like it paid of at least with a delicious meal here :)

Absolutely agree! It's actually amazing to walk into this old town, the restaurant was just one little gem in the backdrop of many. Hopefully I can show everyone what this town is like a bit more as well.

Please do! You really do a nice job making us feel like we are there with you, so we look forward to more :)

Hadbeen keeping vigil to get your post on time but alas...am late! was away on trip and came back to find out your post came in already but its ok... better a bit late than never... you my best in steeming...
Beautiful old town of Kaleici and the restaurant... Seraser with its unique architecture is truly beautiful and a place to be... ...love how the settings of seats and lights are placed
and the dishes...i trust you for always getting me salivating... the Sea Bass Wrapped in Wine Leaves hmmm and other dishes... yummie!
nice post as always... although i blog on different subject which may not interest you since you only love travel and foods but am learning from you and enjoying it!
But i wish you also find time to look at mine so as to garnish it with your intelligent comment ;)

Thanks as always

I bet those sesame seed dough balls were tasty

A long waited post and you did very well as usual @sweetsssj the coctail below looks great but you look very beautiful on the pic

hence you always have my upvote due to your awesome quality posts. Are you interested in video? see my latest post on Dtube vs Youtube. I wish you more success and stay safe.

Really pretty good interior view, and look more beutiful when you are inside, nice to look at this pictures.

Firstly.. i want to say that, you are really very beautiful and gorgeous and also looking great in this dress. I am new here and don't know much about you.
Is visiting your hobby??

@sweetsssj, there is one major thing I like about your post is the originality. You are doing a great work to promote cultural heritage and national value. It's in you.
You can check my tutorial on how to choose best travel cameras https://steemit.com/travel/@travelguide/best-point-and-shoot-cameras-for-travelers

thank you travelguide, you have some great camera's in there. I'm actually quite familiar with the Panasonic Tz range, and of course the Sony Alpha, given that I own a Sony A9 and various Tz shooters. I would also point out that the Canon G7X series are also superb cameras that I would recommend if the DSLR's or Sony Alphas are out of the budge range!

@sweetsssj thanks for adding Canon G7X series to those camera recommendation. I appreciate your support for this project.

Other Design WATERMARK LOGO #1 for you @sweetsssj . My appreciation design , look my blog , or this link https://steemit.com/art/@arie.steem/sweetsssj-2-my-appreciation-design-watermark-miss-delicious

the atmosphere is very beautiful clean and looks luxurious although the City of Antalya is classified as the old city, from which I see very classical and beautiful, and the food menu at the restaurant is amazing, it is seraser Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs ...., extraordinary and very-very nice of course ..., great trip @sweetsssj, I wait for the next story, greetings from your fans in Indonesia

Seraser in the Old Town of Kaleici (Antalya), the history speaks itself. i love the food and the place too..the restaurant is perfect to visit and have a good dinner as you show us the food , wow it looks so tasty, the video was very detailed and its wonderful, i love your excellent content..

you look like a beautiful princess on the roman times.
the photo shoot is very excellent, the texture and the contrast was very great, the color combination of your dress is so wonderful , i love it all..

thanks for sharing your personal travel with us..

its very worth it to wait on your new post..

your loyal fans are happy to see you again specially @mrblu

i observe his very loyal to you..right mrblu?^_^

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your correct @dontryme2 we love sweetsssj so much...

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wow its so nice of you, your so humble , thanks for your support, i love you more...

the good thing about you sweetsssj , you value your fans and loyal followers, that's why we love you so much..


-Great food-

- Travel Passion of Beautiful young Lady-

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i like your style buddy keep it up, thanks for supporting our sweetsssj..long live

Awesome photography @sweeetsssj of seraser the restaurant looks beautiful :) Thank you for sharing awesome moments with us

you're welcome irfansardar, and thanks for the comment!

好喜欢gif中的环境呀 特别灵~


Nice post @sweetsssj. You are beautiful girl.

Hey @sweetsssj, great post as always, love the pictures! I understand that next to making good content you also care a lot about Curation. Perhaps you would be interested in The Curation Gem, its a project designed to give a boost in rewards to human Curators.
Hope to see you in the thread, Steem on!

Wow, this is a really nice idea!

Wow !
So yummy foods .
Beautiful photos !!
Thatz why I made this for you and posted few days ago !


thanks akkha, really good job! that's so sweet :) :)

Thank you so much ! You also sweet my friend !!
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Nice post!!! 😃 😄 I hope you have a wonderful day!

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No dear friend ! Its hard to climb Mt Everest for normal people like us.

What do you mean normal people? LOL 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆

Hehehe ... I min for non professional climbers .

Sounds like fun! Where are you from?

Hello sweetsssj!
You're beautiful as always!
Quality post, all photos are bright and rich!
I like how you put them together in one post. Everything is so harmoniously.
I love cocktails, and I love shrieks :)
You have a beautiful decoration.

hi andrianna, thanks for the big vote of confidence! Lovely to see you :)

You are adventurer girl @sweetsssj. Your post always waited by thousands people all over the world, couse your post tell us many stories that never we know before. You show ancient town and country that we never visit. You are really amazing. I do appreciate every your travel and your post. May God always give you health.

thank you safran, you're so kind, I hope I can continue to give you good stories to read in the future :)

I will wait your next story my kind friend @sweetsssj .

Delightful you and your posts as well. I want to peruse every last post of yours. Once in a while I don't motivate time to peruse the full substance however I ensure that at whatever point I am free I read the entire thing. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing...

Wow! Nice Places and good food. i wish i could go there some other time

Wow this was a really great post!! I would love to travel here one day! You look really beautiful in your outfits girl! I am really into fashion as well...if your interested come check out my page! I am new steemit and it would be an honor to have you follow me!

seems like you spend a awesome journey and your photography is just fantastic and I have read 1 novel in which the writer expresses the beauty of turkey after watching your post I admit it that Turkey is counted in 1 of the beautiful countries of the world when I'll get the opportunity I will definitely visit this country..😍

I'm so happy to hear that! Turkey definitely deserves more attention, it's historical significance is often under appreciated!

a very beautiful place, I also want to go around the world and free like @sweetsssj, I am very impressed with you, you are my motivation to keep working on steemit

The sea Bass Wrapped in Wine Leaves looks really interesting love you pictures as usual. True what you said about that prawns that looks like one piece.
What camera do you use if i may ask? Always love your articles really very inspiring.

Awesome and so beautiful @sweetsssj
Nice to visit there
Thanks for sharing

you're welcome!

hi there, i think you are not only to see perfect meals but also perfect places . Antalya like the rest of other city of Turkey has put together the great history with delicious meat and not mention about perfect sea. here is my advice if you interesedted in you definiatly go to the diving tour . have fun. and please follow me to :-)
p.s.:iy you would like to ask about Turkey here I am .

Sweetss, have you stopped by the #rapchallenge. I've been kicking butt and taking names. Would love to see you slide through. Competition and submission is the end of this week.

Wow Antalya is a wonderful and eye catching place to go. It's upon my wishlist . And the way you described it is wonder. Lovely!!

this is just the old part of Antalya, called Kaleici.

Good read.. thank you for sharing this with us.

And if you really like good food and history, both in the same city at the same time, then Lahore (Pakistan) should be your next destination :) I am sure you will fall in love with this place the moment you enter here.

Thank you my friend, I will keep that in mind for my next few visits! :)

That'll be great! :)

Hi sister
You looking fabulous in pictures
I m glad to see you again
Love this post
Upvoted and resteem

Cool :) .. but i have just one question..Did the guy that stands at the bar made your Pina Colada?

firstly, good to read your post again
secondly, location is amazing and looks different this time
Seraser looks like a fantastic restaurant.
you looking damn gorgeous ever
overall i enjoy this post
love it

thank you gkumar, well summarised! :)