Miss. Delicious #74 : The 360Istanbul dining experience!

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Dear Steemit friends:

Despite being the historical and cultural centre of Turkey, Istanbul has a very diverse cityscape. Originally known as Constantinople, it is a city which serves as the bridge between the European and Asian continents, consequently the culture includes many aspects of European and Asian elements.

One example of it's diversity is it's popular food establishments. In our last Miss. Delicious post, we visited a traditional Turkish restaurant which has stayed true to it's cultural heritage, Gulhane Sark delighted us with it's unique Turkish Pottery kebabs, fresh Turkish Mezze starters and delicious Baklava desserts.

They say, if New York is a city that never sleeps, then Istanbul is a city that is always eating.

Today, we'll be venturing into the Beyoglu district and visiting a restaurant that has been making a strong name for itself since it first opened in 2005. Located a little more than half way along the infamous İstiklal Avenue, 360Istanbul takes traditional Turkish Mezze, and combines the tastes of Turkey with an international palette.

The İstiklal Avenue is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul. It is visited by up to 3 million people each day and remains busy till the early hours of the morning. Here you can expect to find restaurants, cafes, clubs, and many other shops. It even has theatres and cinemas. Most of the buildings here are from the late Ottoman era, and are designed in classical, gothic, and renaissance styles.

Just outside the ground level of the restaurant building, there is a wall dedicated to some very tasteful graffiti. Rihanna seems to be very popular here as this is not the first time I've seen her portrait graffiti'ed on the wall in Istanbul.

Her popularity was helped by her role in the movie "Valerian" which I had the pleasure of watching whilst in Istanbul!

360Istanbul is set in a 19th century apartment building. Offering full 360 degree panoramic views of the city, it's penthouse has been redesigned to be a very modern and chic place to not only eat, but also drink and even party. On the weekends, the restaurant has DJ's, singers, and even dancers performing in the bar and dance area.

From the ground entrance, it is almost impossible to know that the restaurant is located but take the lift up to the 6th floor, and you arrive at a new landing area which is guarded by an airport like security scan gate and beyond that, a dark but ambient staircase reminding me very much of the red light district. For a moment, I thought I was about to enter into a naughty club and be welcomed by some scantily clad girls.

Because the staircase winds to the right as you walk up, you don't get to see what the restaurant is really like until you reach the very top. All the way, I was feeling like I might have walked into the wrong establishment and was ready to turn around if it didn't look like a restaurant by the time I reach the top.

And.. Voila! After a little bit of hesitation, I landed on the dining level with a pleasant smile. I didn't go to the wrong place and was pleasantly surprised to find what looked like a modern and chic restaurant with some beautiful lighting fixtures and interesting choices of plant decoration.

The entire bar area seemed to be quite empty, but with the amount of space it has allocated to this area, I imagine it is usually a lot more full on the weekends when people come to enjoy the music and performances.

In the distance, you can see the outside dining area where most of the guests are currently sitting.

The choice of decor almost serves like works of art, the chandelier if it can even be called that, is like an armadillo with hard armoured scales. In every angle, you can see real bansai tree's that have been carefully trimmed to keep them petite and yet beautiful in form.

Even though there was no need to wait, I really liked the decorations and atmosphere of the waiting area, so I sat down to have a picture taken!

In the background, you can already see the vast city transitioning from evening to night time as the lights in the buildings all started to turn on.

This is one of the DJ areas which is like a dig out in the wall.

Apparently the owner of the restaurant likes bonsai trees and that is why they are placed absolutely everywhere. Anyone who has a bonsai tree of their own will know that they must be looked after very well. Regular trimmings as well as good amounts of nutrients are required to keep these trees alive and always growing vibrant tiny green leaves.

The main DJ table has a projected video behind it on the wall. It add's to the young buzzing culture here which I imagine shows a completely different character at the weekend.

Next up, let's take a look at the night time city skyline. By the time I was seated, the night was in full swing and the sky was pretty much all black. The only light source came from the lights of the buildings around us. In the distance, you can see the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque which are both illuminated very well, even with few kilometres of distance separating them from us.

Up close, you can see the Church of St. Antoine, the largest Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul.

The restaurant is called 360Istanbul because the rooftop penthouse allows you to walk fully around it and see Istanbul from angles all around the top. However, only the "front" section offering views of the mosques and churches are used as dining areas. Everywhere else is used as a casual outside lounge area for enjoying the view over some drinks.

Istanbul has skyscrapers too which you can see in the distance. It's a classic example of a historical city which has a mix of ancient buildings intertwined with the new. In the bottom right corner, you can see part of the İstiklal Avenue which remains well illuminated. Even at this time, the street is full of people.

The night time sky is perfectly clear, in-fact, this was the case for almost all the nights I spent in Turkey. This made the moon stand out in the night sky. It wasn't a full moon but it was certainly shining very brightly, helping to add to the city's night skyline.

The Menu

The restaurant has a very complete menu with a large number of wines to choose from.

It was also interesting to see the restaurant offering a complete Sushi menu.

There are many Mezze's to choose from, in-fact they are divided by hot and cold on the menu.

All around the edge of the rooftop is a protective glass "wall" and these tall thin triangular pyramid spikes.

Time to eat!

A strawberry virgin cocktail to start things off.

Instead of giving us many different kinds of bread to choose from, they made this one piece of bread with four different kinds of flavours.

It's always tempting to eat a lot of the complimentary bread so I believe the restaurant has given us little bitesize chunks of each to make sure we don't get too full before the rest of the food arrives.

In China, we like to begin the meal with a soup.

First, we have the Zen Beef Noodle Soup which was surprisingly not very beefy in flavour at all. It actually tasted more like a vegetable soup. The string beef added an extra bit of substance but didn't overwhelm the soup base which was tasted primarily of vegetables.

This is the Asparagus & Spinach mezze which is actually a cold dish. It's served with cheese and mushrooms. Definitely tasted like it was created for someone very health conscious. Quite plain in taste but rich in fibre.

Shellfish Ramen soup. This was actually a complete contrast to the other soup because the meats which consisted of prawn, squid and salmon were very strongly featured in the taste of the soup base. Unlike the Thai style coconut milk soup bases, the Turkish style only had a slight hint of coconut taste.

This is the Prawn Ceviche Salad which is served with a mix of avocado, lime and purslane. I almost couldn't taste the prawns because of how rich the taste of avocado and lime were. But, without the prawns to balance out the strong zesty taste of the green vegetables and lime, it would be difficult to eat it alone.

This is the Iskender Stylized Beef Fillet Escalopes. Firstly, I must say this dish has a very interesting presentation, I almost thought it was a work of art when it was served. The pepper was not the spicy kind, and I appreciated the light tempura batter. As for the beef, the fillet slices were very thin making it very accessible for people without strong teeth or week jaws that usually wouldn't be able to have the beef steaks.

This is perhaps one of the most interesting dishes I have ever come across featuring Prawns. It's called Potato Wrapped Prawn and as the name would suggest, has grilled prawns wrapped with very thin potato strips and then served on a bed of couscous, sour plum, pine nuts and bell pepper.

I've never eaten Prawns with Potato before because it doesn't seem like an obvious combination that would work. However, this dish made me question that because I found them to be perfectly complimentary of each other, where before I would be focusing on the freshness of the prawns alone, the fried potato allowed me to forget about that, and focus more of the taste of them together. It was like eating prawn tempura except with the batter tasting more like fries!

The dessert was a lovely mixture of Tiramisu, Caramel cake, and a warm berry sauce with Chocolate cake.

Out of the three, I liked the chocolate the most. The picture made it look like a burger, but I assure you it was most definitely chocolate!

After dinner, I thought i'd go take some more pictures of the restaurant.

This is the very large bar which becomes the focal point of business during the weekend.

The toilets are very clean and I love the little lights on and above the mirror.

Below, are the various awards given to this restaurant for being distinguished in the very crowded list of top restaurants in Istanbul.

Many people would assume that the 360 panoramic views are the main draw of the restaurant, but from the awards, you can see it has quite the reputation for it's food.

I certainly think this restaurant deserves top marks for it's food because they're presented extremely well, and are very well balanced.

Those looking for a mixture of cuisines will be spoilt for choice, and that is something I like very much.

Finally, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the restaurant owner completely by accident.

Sashah kindly greeted me as I was on my way out, and was curious to know how I found the restaurant. Of course, I was extremely happy to report it was a delectable experience and one that I would be recommending to all my friends and followers.

Hearing this, Sashah was very happy and told me that he was actually one of the owners of the restaurant.

We talked for a while about how he got into the restaurant business, and even his early roots being born in London and growing up in Kensington.

It was so lovely to meet him because you could tell that he has put a lot of effort into making this restaurant a wonderful place to dine at and also a fun place to congregate and enjoy a beautiful view of the city over a drink!

I told him about Steemit and said that I would send him a link to my review of his restaurant when I post it.

I hope he finds it in good faith and enjoys the review!

And that concludes the Miss. Delicious visit to the 360Istanbul restaurant in Istanbul.

According to their website, they pride themselves for their Cuisine, Entertainment, Vibe and Ambience - truly a winning combination for connoisseurs and travellers alike.

I hope you enjoyed my post. If you did, please don't hesitate and upvote it, follow if you haven't already, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!







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very nice place, and aslo seems quite luxury!


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wow, what fancy food. looks like a great time as well. thanks for sharing


it seems quite fancy right? But you'll be glad to hear the prices are very reasonable!


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That's awesome to hear! It DOES look expensive!


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What a nice place! @sweetsssj When I pick a country to travel, I think 'safe and good things' for the first. I'm getting many informations through your posts. Have fun! :)

@sweetsssj i love u, i love istanbul, . I love the locals, who have an endless supply of hospitality and good humour at their disposal. I love the fact that when I walk down a city street, layers of history unfold before me. I love listening to the sound of the müezzins duelling from their minarets and I love seeing the sun set over the world's most beautiful skyline.

Looks like a nice place for travelling, thanks for sharing with us


My mouth fills with water...

Good post dear, sorry I can not accompany you, maybe next time we walk together. Keep your health there dear, I will wait for you in Aceh, we will tour Aceh together. In Aceh also many overseas goods such as: Silop Japan, Boh Trung Netherlands, Boh Labu Japan, Hp China, Cilak India, Kaca Arabic, and many more in Aceh dear.
I wait for your arrival @sweewsssj

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Nyoe kan ku tuleh nyoe koen pu laen, nyoe ku meuharap meurumpok persen bacut bak si karma, meunyoe hana jih jok persen meu bacut theh sang hana so jok keudroe kuh, jadi nyoe komen lon numpang jak siat, meuah beuh, bek neukira apam syara beh, trimong geunaseh, mnyoe awak blah deuh khen thank you very much, nyan ban :)


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That geupap dog, memang si @sweetsssj geuthat mameh ipo water2 fruit nyo takalen @mitapeng

Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.
I am very motivated to visit those places.
I am currently looking for information on safe and reliable travel.
Because maybe by the end of this year I will try to tour some countries for a vacation.
I will try to go to places you've ever recommended.
I also really like the food you post.
Maybe someday I will try to taste the food.
Thank you for your post.


hana jibalah le si inong njan,,bah lon balah..wuhahahhaha.. pat neuh dilei?

hawa tangopi


Bak arabika nyoe pak.
Neu jak aju keuno.
Long inoe ngoen pak @alanmirza dan pak @subkiusman

Amazingly beautiful.
I like it very much. You are a true adventurer.
I really admire you.
Even though you are a woman like me, but it will not hinder your adventurous spirit.
I am as a woman very proud of you.
I will always wait for your next posting.
Thank you for posting you who have entertained me.
I'm like your post....
I'm @aroyl next your post...

The food looks amazing, almoust I can feel its taste but I guess that you didn't eat all of that, right @sweetsssj? :))

hey @sweetsssj - this looks like a great time! the food looks incredible. I know where I'm headed next time I visit :)


Thats great mikev, the restaurant owner is so friendly, it's so nice that he takes care of his guests and really look out for their enjoyment of the venue. It's no wonder this restaurant has created quite the buzz in Istanbul!


that sounds like one smart man! I would love to check it out someday :)

I'm trying to do a little traveling here soon, I'll keep that one in mind!


Your posts are always the best


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@mikev @sweetsssj
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thanks sdd :)

What a view from the terrace - beautiful!
I also love the idea of the fried potato and shrimp. Seems like something Mr. Gourmet would enjoy 😃 🍤

By the way please check your steemit chat!

Delicacy of the cuisine is mouth-watering. I see lots of colors and lights, some photos look surreal.

Looks like an amazing night out! Great content @sweetsssj and thank you for sharing your experience! Now I just gotta find a date haha

It's always joyful to see your post!
Bonna petit, Miss Sweetie!😋


Bon Appetite ! 😊


My poor french😂

Vivid photos!


thanks sanevys! :)

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What to say, you're always perfect and find wonderful places, it looks like good food! <3

Nice post ...


thanks minknsa! :)

It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing it💖💖!!

thx for sharing

thx for sharing

I miss Istanbul its been 2 years since i visited :( , I should book a flight and go back ASAP ahah


Wow looks gorgeous would love to go there


What beautiful pictures

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A long informative post with lots of beautiful pictures.
the place looks posh.
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beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

Awesome photos and the dishes. Man, I really got hungry when I saw this photos. The Restaurant is totally a visit worth. Thanks for the awesome post.

Picture 3rd can discover more.

Thanks once again for sharing the travel info with us.Your posts are always good and inspire me to travel too.Keep it up.Recently i wrote a blog about tourist attractions in Pakistan.Feel free to have a look at it ((here.))

Biz Türkiye'de böyle şeyler yemiyoruz gören de her gün bunlar yeniyor sanacak.

Your hard work and fully research is appreciated. The content is in the works!


I like Your postings

What a breathtaking place! It did look like it could be a naughty spot at first, just going on first impressions 😳
Glad to see there was such elegance all around and the food presentation looked great.
Miss Delicious @sweetsssj sure knows how to enjoy her holiday with a little fine dining 🙌 😄

Your Experience eating in Istanbul very nice...

About istiklal avenue one of the roads visited by about 3 million people in one day. Precisely in the Pera district, this street is an elegant pedestrian street, 1.4 kilometers long, containing boutiques, music shops, bookstores, art galleries, cinemas, theaters, libraries, cafes, pubs, nightclubs with live music, historic patisseries, Chocolate shops and restaurants. The istiklal avenue street is between Ottoman-era buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries built with Neo-Classical, Neo-Gothic, Renaissance Renaissance, Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau and other Turkish National Architectures.

Kebabs or kebap is actually a food from the Middle East which was later adopted by Central Asian and Western Asian countries, including Turkey, before it was finally widespread throughout the world. Kebabs in general are designations for cooking made from grilled meat, fish, or vegetables, because it has so many kinds and ways of serving it.

Source Image by : via wikipedia

Lokum or Turkish delight is a typical sweets from Turkey which is made from starch and sugar starch.

In Turkey, dondurma is sold in kiosks or carts by the side of the road and also in front of shops. Turkish ice cream sellers usually wear distinctive vests and pecs (mirp Aladin: D) and stir the blobs of ice cream continuously using long sticks (perhaps to keep the dough elastic) while doing the attractions to attract buyers.

Source Image by : via Explorer Guide

Regards and greetings from me Malaysia steeitqa to Sashah that he was kindly greeted you as on you way out.

More than good you can explain about Turky History.
I have read some article thats very interested about Turky and Aceh History. Both of thes country there are big moment story long time ago.

Ooopppsss. Nice to meet you @sweetsssj, Lets have some diffrent trip in my blog too. Cheersss


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hey you guy. How do you know about our history ?
wonderful science


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Ka taleuk lhe


Lovely photography .You deserve for vote.Please check my blog.

great post very nice images.

A big dream is when i can accompany your dinner


Lovely photography .You deserve for vote.Please check my blog.

Great post


thanks rafkimuhammad, don't forget to wet your lips ! :)

The location and food is awesome...however what I like the most is how the yellow dress and hat fits you . The color is great for the evening outing and location, wow. Turkey is indeed a great place to visit and thanks for sharing great locations. You always have my upvotes due to your great contents, keep it up.
In addition to my comment, and in support of your fight against spam here, I posted about the issue on my blog post. Feel free to check it out..wish you a blessed weekend.

You're amazing @sweetsssj, I'm always interested in your posts

@sweetsssj - You were right when you said, though we have both visited Istambul, it is nice that we visited different areas because we can share knowledge about the great city. I have been on Istiklal street and seen the graffiti but I had not visited the 360Istambul. The Rhihanna graffiti seems to be recent craze. I laughed when you said the entrance to the 360 looked like some naughty club and reminded you of red light area because a lot of restaurant and hotels have the red theme and I used to think similar things during my visit!
The Armadillo chandelier looks great. Turkey is famous for lamps and a lot of restaurants have very attractive lamp displays, Great to see another example.
The dining area with such a grand view of the illuminated Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia is fantastic too. I would have loved to sit there. You chose a great spot.
As usual - you look stunning in yellow. I really liked the photo with the graffiti wall.
The desserts look wonderful and this is the first time I heard of potato wrapped prawns. Yummy!

Thanks for sharing. Cheers. Upvoted.



thank you vm2904, i'm always impressed by how detailed you are with your breakdown of my posts. I'm so happy you give my posts so much attention. I was really confused as to why Rihanna had so many portraits of her all over the place actually, it was by chance that I saw the movie Valerian and then connected the dots together. I also didn't know that Turkey was famous for it's lamps, actually I thought it was more their carpets!

Thanks again for the compliments on my dress, I do like yellow alot, it feels a lot more natural on me than something like bright red!


Thank you so much for such a prompt response. I love reading your posts because you also pay a lot of attention to detail and sketch a complete visual picture with your descriptions and pictures. I learn a lot about various places you visit. Since I like travel, I naturally like to see your blog. I have not done any travel blogs myself lately. In fact, last week I have been analyzing only how Steemit can possibly help some underprivileged citizens in the world and did a blog about that. I request you to take a look when you get a chance. I am feeling a bit down after research for that blog. Your blog cheered me up.


Turkey lamps. Interesting.

sweet dream tonight, by found you in my dream

your dressing matches those beautiful lights and decorations...the chandeliers..the glittering bars the curvy bonsai tree...very beautiful..now coming to the food... as always...always wetting my appetite girl! Shellfish Ramen soup & Potato Wrapped Prawn..yummy1 360Istanbul restaurant here i come and thanks to @sweetsssj

Find time also to check my latest blog posts for your comment & support...wrote on absentee husbands on the rise!




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OMG! What a Beautiful Dress. You look like a Yellow Candy. Expected from a Fashion Model like You. That is Really a Amazing Restaurant glad you find such cool place in Istanbul . Beautiful Pictures , Yummy Food , I liked their Dessert a kind of Chocolate Burger. You enjoyed it. A great Visit by miss Delicious . Thanks for sharing this Wonderful post @sweetsssj .


haha vikbuddy you're too kind, you have to leave me with the ability to respond sometimes! Most of the time i'm too flattered by your compliments :)

Lovely photography .You deserve for vote.Please check my blog.

Thank you for sharing with us! I hope you enjoy the upvote!


thank you my dear, I hope you enjoyed the post!!

wow, what fancy food. looks like a great time as well. thanks for sharing...


it was a wonderful time for sure! Thanks for reading :)

Thank you for sharing with us! I hope you enjoy the upvote!

very artistic place and tasty food, i really enjoy every photos you posted

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That bonsai tree is interesting.

You really rocks here in steemit !
Great post my dear friend @sweetssj !!
Foods are looks really yummy and mouth watering !
Upvoted !!


thank you akkha! Yummy foods can brighten up even the worst days! Especially the desserts!


Yes you are right my friend ! congratulation for such experience @sweetsssj !!
Hope you got a change to check out my last post .

this place looks very nice! i bet it will get much more visitors now, after this article is out :)


thanks, I actually think it's already one of the most visited restaurants in Istanbul. Trip Advisor would have me believe it's a top 10 restaurant!


well... they can aim for top 3 now :D


hi @sweetsssj! :)
I have posted a new travel story Cossack stanitsa Veshenskaya - a trip into original Russia! And I would be really happy to hear your opinion! I do hope you will enjoy reading it (it also has many pictures!) :)

What is the name of the food?

Beautifully written blog thank you. Nice scenery and nice dining.

Very interesting post !


thanks mikegun! :)

you often make interested post @sweetsssj hard work will get big prize
nice to meet you in steemit my sister :*

Great post @sweetsssj, It looks like your trip is always fun, visiting different places. Thanks for sharing. ;)


thanks herzseptian, it's been a terrific time and i'm excited to share more stories of it in the near future!


I am glad because it can follow your article, since reading your article, I so know about the area and the land of others, be it about the sights as well as the food. ;)

Hello, I love your blog, you are lucky you travel and you know different countries, your meals your tourist sites, thanks for sharing your trips and your experiences, with the Steemit community, I hope to know many more cities in your blod, thanks @sweetsssj


aww thank you yenipaola, a little bit of curiosity goes a long way to discovering new and exciting places to visit and try foods, writing about them really help to cement your memories of them too :)

Hey so lucky to found your post just before my bed time jaja. Nice one as always!! That rooftop looks amazing. And I take the opportunity to invite you to our breakfast contest, its in our blog its called 1st ChallengeGordo. Hope you have the time to participate. And also if this comment upset you, just tell me and i delete it. See ya!


elteamgordo! I hope it hasn't distracted you too much from being able to sleep! :)

I will have a look at your contest, of course your comment doesn't offend me..!


I hope not, and thanks! You're very kind :)

Wonderful.. Your post is driving me crazy :-)
Really I enjoyed reading and see pictures of you
Followed and upvoted done :-)
Have a look into my blog, you may like any of my posts :-)

How long do you think you will stay in Istanbul? I could be your guide. I even know the most remote corners of Istanbul.

nice post, resteem

Hello @sweetsssj! Another wonderful food post!
The stairs leading to the restaurant really make you think that maybe you are leading to a weird place with the lighting also! But infact the restaurant is really very modern and well designed!
I loved the prawns wrapped with potato a lot, I will try to do it at home, it must surely be ver delicious!
I was just wondering if you had the opportunity to visit the famous saltbae restaurant Nusret while in Turkey!
Have a great weekend ahead dear!

Nice post my friend

Amazing outfit @sweetsssj! I love the color!

First one and food Photography is awesome !

Hi @sweetsssj!
I discovered you few weeks ago, and I see you are kind traveling around the world! Is this your gap year? And what is your roadmap? Planning to visit Spain any sooner? :)

Enjoy your day @sweetsssj💃🏻

Thank you for your support. If you would like to introduce to you some other great places

From my experience, the restaurants that are somewhat hidden are the best. This one goes to another level though! It looks like the atmosphere is amazing!





Wow love it

Zen Beef Noodle Soup




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I like the way you dress, you know how to choose clothes.
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Your hair is so free, never change it. Your hair just adds to your gorgeousness"
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Wow, very flattering words, quite the modern Shakespeare ! 😊

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Beautiful lady in fantastic country. You are awesome @sweetsssj . Greeting from me @musyawirwaspada in Aceh Indonesia. :)


greetings aceh! Hope you're well and enjoy the post!" :)

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I can honestly say you really dressed up for the occasion @sweetsssj! Feels like you own the place! :)

The ambiance there is top notch. And just by looking at the food, THEM SHRIMPS! are so mouth watering!!!! @u@

Have you seen any cats there? :)

Very colorful article so interesting fotos you attached.

Nice in general :)

If not for the food, I would definitely go for the eyepopping view from the restaurant :p

Hey @sweetsssj... I hope your doing ok... Excellent post hon... I really love your post... Swear on my life... I want you to come Jamaica one day🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 and do a post about Jamaica... Take care.... One love ❤👋


thanks andrewramdas, i'm doing very well thanks, sorry for taking a few days to get a post out again, hope you enjoyed it though! :)

As for Jamaica, I will add it to my list :)

I just love it 😍😍.

Great post:) love the food, they look so delicious 😋

This place looks pretty expensive. But I bet it is worth the experience.

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Haha nice to see you in Europe :) you should go to Poo doc Bulgaria, it's going to be the next new capital of Europe in 2019. Very beautiful and its extremely close to Istanbul ^^

Cheers and All the best🍻