Miss. Delicious #73 : Gulhane Sark Sofrasi in Sultanahmet!

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Dear Steemit friends:


Did you know that the Michelin Star Restaurant Guides were first published over one hundred years ago to help travellers (primarily motorists) with useful information relevant to their travels? The first editions did not include information for dining, rather, it had information like where to stay, petrol stations and garages for repairs. Later, the guide began including reviews of dining establishments!

Over the years, it has become a de-facto standard for those looking for fine dining establishments to wet their appetites. No doubt the guide has provided many hungry travellers with important reviews of where to eat whilst on their travels in foreign lands.

Although Miss. Delicious has been existence for just one year, we've already had the pleasure of visiting and reviewing over 70 different dining establishments all over the world! In the future, the whole catalogue of dining establishments may prove to be useful for prospective travellers in all of these wonderful locations.

Today, Miss. Delicious will be visiting a little gem of a restaurant in the heart of the Sultanahmet (Old City), Istanbul.
Whilst a world of difference from the Michelin Star establishments in terms of it's luxury dining experience, getting a taste of authentic Turkish food is nevertheless an extremely rewarding experience, particularly in the historical centre of Istanbul.

Let's proceed and find out what awaits us!


Gulhane Sark Sofrasi is the restaurant that we'll be visiting today. Located at the South-West corner of the Gulhane Park, it is perfectly situated for visitors taking an afternoon break from visiting the numerous historical sites of the area.

As you can see, the restaurant is not trying to present itself as a fine dining establishment, instead it retains the old rustic feeling akin to the area and integrates perfectly with the old city's surrounding architecture.

A very colourful string of rainbow umbrellas decorate the outside seating area of the restaurant, making it rather easy to spot the restaurant which is otherwise much like any other in the area.

As we know, the Turkish flag is red, and thus represents the colour of the country. The restaurant stays humble to this colour "nomenclature" and uses predominantly red for it's table clothes and chairs. I really love how vibrant the red colours are because they serve as a reminder that we're eating at a traditional Turkish restaurant that has been family run for it's entire history.

In other parts of the world, the rainbow colours would represent LGBT pride, but in Istanbul and Turkey, they represent a vibrant country that yearns for peace in tumultuous political times.

The small vase of flowers further reinforces the feeling of harmony and peace, which I think go very nicely with the already very rich colour scheme of the restaurant.

Like many foreigners visiting Turkey and experiencing the culture for the first time, I was confused as to what these pots were used for. There were dozens laid out on the pavement just adjacent to the restaurant, all neatly stacked with aluminium foil wrapped over the opening.

My initial assumption was that they were used pots for storing some kind of snack and left outside to dry in the sun. Perhaps they might have been used as an instrument for fermentation.

Of course, I had to ask the waiter and he quickly informed me that they are used for a special kind of Turkish Kebab where the meat is cooked inside the pottery over a live fire and serves as a sort of mini kiln.

The Menu

First up, we have the cold appetisers, on the left we have the Haydari which is a kind of Turkish Yogurt Dip. It consists of strained yogurt with herbs and garlic. To me, this seemed to be the all encompassing sauce which complements all sorts of other foods.

Next to it, we have the Turkish Salsa Salad which is a mixture of Tomato, onion, peppers, garlic and parsley, I do love the slightly sweet and sour taste of it with a touch of spice.

I even tried it with the Haydari on the Pita bread. Very appetising indeed!

Tuna Salad - A very Tuna heavy salad complemented by several different kinds of herbs. Although Tuna salad's can be enjoyed in all parts of the world, the extra herbal tastes of this Tuna salad makes it very unique to Turkey and is worth a try!

Moving on, we have the hot dishes, first up, the Shrimp Casserole which is baked with mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and garlic. Usually I expect a dish like this to be quite thick in texture and very creamy but this dish was not creamy at all, the complexion of the sauce appears to come from the juices of the shrimp and vegetables making the dish seeping with natural flavour!

I was so surprised to see the Pottery Kebab served directly from the pot itself! The waiter came over with the tiny jug and smashed it open with a big knife to reveal this delicious smelling baked Lamb dish, garnished with tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions and garlic!

The vessel helps to retain all of the taste of the food whilst it is being cooked, saving all of the rich food aroma for the very moment it is served to you!

Still missing my grilled snapper from Bahamas, I decided to try out the Grilled Sea Bass which looked very delicious on the menu. This was actually Tania's choice but of course, we always like to share our food to get a good taste of everything!

It turned out to be every bit as delicious as it looked, me and Tania were so happy with it! Not quite the same taste as the snapper and certainly thicker in texture. The sea bass had a barbecue taste to it and with it's thick meaty flakes of meat, it had a lovely rich buttery taste. Incredibly delicious!

Finally, the infamous Turkish Baklava. No visitor to Turkey should leave without trying this sweet dessert pastry full of rich nutty pistachio flavour. The pistachio's are some what a home grown phenomenon in Turkey and are produced in over 56 provinces in Turkey. No wonder these desserts are so popular!

After lunch, we decided to go for a walk around the old city. These little cafe's can be seen dotted around the old city walls, and there are many people who are hiding from the sun whilst enjoying some coffee / tea and shisha!

This is one of the corners to the Hagia Sophia Mosque, now used as a carpet museum.

Actually, there are carpet stores all over the old town. The textiles produced in Turkey are very well known and some people travel all the way from China just to buy them and ship them back!


The old streets are amazing for little walks back into time. Here, there are no cars as they are prohibited from accessing the pedestrianised area.

Another angle of the Hagia Sophia

Along the path, I found these new houses which were built against the old city wall.

Here you can see what I mean about the houses being built against the old city wall. You can even see one of the gates to the other side of it.

And that wraps up this edition of Miss Delicious!


Thank you for joining me on this culinary trip through the old town part of Istanbul. As my first proper meal in Turkey, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the food, the friendliness of the restaurant staff, and how incredibly rich in culture the whole place feels.

Even though I'm accustomed to living in modern cities, I really appreciate how much history has been preserved in this area. Whether it's the style of architecture, or the food, both give me a strong sense of the Turkish culture which I have experienced so little in my life!

As always, I appreciate your upvote if you liked my post, don't forget to follow me for more updates, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

在过去,米其林作为知名的轮胎制造商,为当时开着车满世界跑的游客们提供了来自全世界的美食旅游指南。在Steemit上,我的Miss delicious也为大家提供了来自各个国家的旅游美食推荐,至今为止,已经有70多篇美食日记以供大家在旅游中参考啦。希望在未来,我也会有像米其林一样有自己的书籍,为全世界的游客推荐好吃的餐厅。


虽然我是Miss delicious,但是对于土耳其菜了解不算多,在平日的生活里也很少吃到。土耳其菜其实属于世界三大菜系之一,世界三大菜系包括中国菜,法国菜,还有就是土耳其菜了。土耳其菜的特点在于突出原料,例如肉类和奶制品的自然风味。这是餐厅的菜单,干净整洁的版面设计,而且都配有食物的图片,对于刚刚来到土耳其,对于这里的地方菜还非常陌生的我,是很大的帮助。图片边上详细的标出每道菜所用配料,可以让刚到土耳其,还在云里雾里的游客们,顺着图片,更加直接的选择出自己所爱的口味,我选择了几样还算有特色的菜品,下面就一起来尝尝吧。





Istanbul is a Dream Destination for Tourists even whole Turkey....coz you will get everything there from ancient architecture, rich colorful culture, yummy food delicacies, with amalgam of modernisation, Technology, And Best of all the People.
The Post is super 😋, my mouth is flooded with 💧, esp kebabs one of my favorites...This Series of Istanbul Posts are gonna be mouth watering.
P.S. Thanks for the Reward on my post...Hope to see some more love again...😁

thank you my dear, you're very right about that! Sadly not all of my posts will be on Istanbul, I didn't stay there for very long, but I assure you there will be many great places coming up with just as good stories!

Your all post simply fantastic thanks !!....my new post ...[Akshardham Temple]

You are awesome @sweetsssj 🙌😘

Awesome photography miss @sweetsssj 😊. And the foods really great! Looooveee it! But ofcourse, without your sweet presence all are nothing. Im your fan all through the way on your great journey in life. Upvoted and resteemed! @sweetsssj if its not too much to asked... please do check on my post too. Thank you very much much 😊.

Nice post,
Its so really wonderfull places,

And you so beatifull girl.

Absolutely amazing enjoying your post every time.It's so Refreshing to read Your Post
This poem is for you from me.

Poem/🌹Sweet Cliche🌹

Sweet sssj Cliche for the dragging of days,

For the squandering away of her life in the fray.

Dreaming and wishing that, come what may,

Something will spare her from those she obeys

As she cleans, she shrivels away,

Feeling that whatever she can do is pray.

Be that as it may, there's nothing to dismay,

She can get away, can be lead astray.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me @funnystuff 💐

thank you funnystuff, that's a really lovely poem, I loved it! :)

Welcome sweet I am glad you like it..Thankyou for appriciate :)

How good Istanbul is, that food is delicious, the fish that rich, friend as you make money, your travels are expensive. I would like to go

like you style <3 following fellow writer!

Great as always Sweet! Keep going on!

thank you davidrestrepo! :)

I really like your post @sweetsssj.
I'm a newcomer to the world of steemit.
I really like travel.
The places you visit are very interesting.
One day I will come to that place.
Hopefully this wish I can realize.
Thank you for your post.
Because it is so comforting to me.
I will wait for your next post.

stevani, you almost seem poetic with your reply, thank you!

Love love love.

I always love this beautiful country. Reading your post somehow remind me that it's time to come back here. Thanks for the sweet pictures you post up there. I really miss everything there 😍😍😍😍

i'm glad I could remind you of the beauty :)

Both cool and a little weird how they keep that meat in those bottles for cooking later. I wonder how long they stay there before cooking?

Also, cool new destination! ;-)

Actually, i don't think they put meat in them whilst they are laid out on the street, that is what I thought they did. I think they put it in when they are going to cook it! They crack it open infront of you when it's ready though!

Thanks very much!!! :)

Oh wow, that's different! You should go back and get a video of that! Haha!

the photographs were stunning and captured the mood and ambiance of the old town with its traditional architecture, shady walkways and old houses built up against city walls. This idea of building close to ancient walls seems to be a common practice in Asia where there are walled cities.

The style of the restaurant blends well with the streetscape and I noticed the menus were tourist friendly, printed with English on the left and Arabic on the right. The presentation of the food was also exceptional and everything looked delicious. I noticed that not much wine was visible, and I wasn't sure if that was because of religious restrictions.

Already, it's apparent that this tour of Istanbul will be quite different from the Bahamas experience.

An excellent post, @sweetsssj

thank you john, this is one of the main draws of Turkey which was evidently missing from Bahamas. Obviously I can't fault Bahamas for not having the same history, but at the same time, it's good to acquire experiences which are not only memorable but serve as a top up to knowledge.

is right to try the food of other cultures, I love to do that. But be careful not to get intoxication.

I will be careful! Thank you for looking out for me :)

I worry of course, for my favorite steemian :)

Interesting foods, similar to meditation food that we used to at states. Good post though.

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Nice culinary trip and visuals-- I feel almost half full and struck by beauty of the city of Istanbul.

Looks beautiful, love the paving on the streets, Is the food spicy?

it's not spicy at all! Maybe the Turkish Salsa salad was a little bit, but hardly at all!

Looks really nice, i visited a Turkish restaurant last year which was pretty cool. The food is like nothing i have ever tasted. They seem to prefer vegetables to meat. Very interesting way of life.. We sat on the floor and ate... i realized how unfit i was :D

I love that idea! I haven't been to a restaurant where I had to sit on the floor yet but that sounds like a great way to be extra social with the party! :)

Well at least if you had to much to drink you already on the floor!! :D So its probably safer

that is very true haha :D

Thanks for the chat, have a great evening.

This is awesome post , great photography. Thanks for sharing..

thank you for dropping by! Always a pleasure :)

Another amazing post @sweetsssj thank you for sharing this! My newest post from my California Trip is now trending in the top 10 payout posts (earned $296.00 so far!) on steemit and has more than 100+ upvotes! I am so excited! Thank you for all of your support and inspiration and helping our community here!


fantastic joe! I loved the video very much :)

I upvoted your post @sweetsssj. I don't What's going on :( But hey Turkey post was beautiful and so was the pictures. Hope you had fun :)

I am trying to raise money for buying a drone, then I can put amazing blogs like you :) Please check the post out when you have time.


thank you sir, i'll take a look at this post, thank you for sharing! :)

why u are downvoted by dan?

oh, i'm not sure, I have not spoken to him nor have any disagreements over anything. He is free to exercise his SP in the way that he thinks best benefits the platform and I have full trust over his judgement. Thank you for the support!!

What a classy answer! You are a good role model for all of us. 🙂

I have no idea why many people have so much hate on you, @sweetsssj. And such a classy answer. I saw a post accusing you for posting good pictures, seriously though, I did post a very quality photos too and because I didn't get many votes or earn much, no one even care.I also understand when you travel with other people , we just take turns to take some pictures and I don't think it's even a need to credit or anything as long as the other party is okay. There are many blogs , influencers who did the same. Seriously though, so much hate going on in steemit, people work hard in real life or in steemit to get very high SP, they can do whatever they want really... lots of love , girl.

thank for your answer. thank you!

This is indeed a beatiful scene and great place to eat (good foods). You and your team are doing great, keep it up

thank you charles1! Always a pleasure, and happy to see you :)

Welcome my dearest one, always..happy to see your posts too , hence why you always earned my upvotes..

Feel free to see my latest post about how I exposed @dan ´s secret plan to take over the world. More success to you.

thank you charles, i'll take a look :)

welcome, I am so grateful for your kindness, bless you.

Thx for sharing

Wonderful pictures. You are awesome 😘

I love your blogs!

thank you beekeyyy 😊

Beautiful Tukey, its also my dream destination !!!

go visit!! It's waiting your visit 😊

Nice little voyage into the rustic old world charm of Istanbul! That is definitely some authentic eating right there, love the pots out on the street, first I've seen of something like that.

Even though there was no Bahamian snapper 🐠, it looks like you did just fine with the available local delicacies and that sea bass too 😃
Another wonderful episode Miss Delicious @sweetsssj 🙌

Great pictures love keeping up with your travels @sweetsssj!

thank you sir!! my pleasure! :)

Hey I'm glad you're back!
I hope everything turned out Ok in Turkey and you left unharmed :) I heard stories...
My mom flew from Ataturk airport 1 week before the bombing... and she says she can't wait to return to Istanbul, so I guess there is something about that place that makes people fall in love with it. Could be the baklava :)
Your photos make any dish look great and I can't wait for your next blog !

Oh.. I did hear about the little turmoil that happened in Turkey a short while ago, I'm not very aligned with the political side of things though admittedly I should pay more attention to that, so thank you for bringing up the importance of it! I still think that in any case Istanbul is very beautiful, and honestly some of the places i'm going to show you all will be even more beautiful! :)

Your pictures are freaking awesome as usual. All these food looks delicious yummy.

thank you so much! Really appreciate it :)

Glad to see your post, you meet your new friend in turkey, if you visit our place, maybe you got a lot of fans of you, my favorite senior steemit traveller @sweetsssj

thank you jamhuery, where abouts are you located??

Aceh, indonesia, i sure all steemian base in aceh steemit community they all your fans. you can search on google one of best place "Sabang Island" or "iBoih"

It's becoming increasingly inviting, I will definitely schedule a trip there in the near future, thank you for inviting me! :)

will do dear, thank you :)

Beautiful city and interesting to visit, still experience the atmosphere of the city like hundreds of years ago .. The food is also unique and have a strong sense .. Have a lot to drink .. Because it feels spicy, spices, hehe .... :)

Good post @sweetsssj, complete information. Hopefully healthy always, we wait for the next post .. Thanks

Greetings from our little girl to you. Hehehe...

I completely agree hadimemories, it's like a living piece of history. That includes the food too! :)

Thanks @sweetsssj... If you have time, please comment, resteem n vote in my blog @hadimemories :). Oh ya... my wife have joint in steemit too @lusanamaya.. She like writer short story n poem n about life..please look in she blog if you have time too...please comment n suggestion about her post. Thanks a lot @sweetsssj.. Keep steem on!

i really love your work especially how you use pictures to entertain us... thanks for sharing

thank you outhor5ed, appreciate your vote of confidence 😊

sorry for my long absence my travel queen. i have been working with @ejemai to introduce steemit to nigerians through direct contacts and we are workin on a project about it. if you can, please visit to see what it is about https://steemit.com/nigeria/@outhori5ed/building-stach-project20millionnaija

i am glad i didnt miss any of your post or did i? lol. have a blessed day

The food looks great and where you are at looks like a very interesting place.

thanks brian! You ever been to this part of the world?

haha! Very cool gif! :)

Hello. Your dishes are delicious Sorry there is in Venezuela you can not, It's a treat. you are very beautiful, greeting of Venezuelan. Nice restaurant

What a beautiful place!!! I could no imagine this kind of colors and peaceful places when somebody mention Istanbul. And no talk about the food, everything looks delicious. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm now following you. All the best @vadimlasca

from your trip to bahamas or anywhere first of all i just saying you you are the best entertainer on steemit and the best food and place finder either in bahamas or in now Turkey in itanbol, secondly i want to say that turkey is always have the best experience for every one for visit , the people there are so much friendly and beautiful and Istanbol is the best ever city for food experience and they have the best dining experience for all the tourist with some ancient and the best ever hotels and restaurents and the place where you are sitting is the place where from years and years people came and make their memories more memorable , the way you make post is a complete guide about any city where you visit this is the beauty of your posts always , such an amazing experience for me to see these pictures and write up , thanks for sharing

Thank you shanzaylizay, I certainly could not stand alone in praise as there are many other fantastic explorers on Steemit who blog excellently, an example would be @rea from the #cn community who i'm very fond of as well as quite a few others!

As for Turkey, I'm sure that there are many people who are concerned about it's political position on the world stage, especially after the coup d'etat attempt last year. However, I think it's history has long been ingrained into the very culture of the country, and each place seems to retain it's own little pocket culture making for a very diverse country! :)

Istanbul is a beautiful city, so also the culinary, though I've never been to Istanbul. I can feel its beauty through the posts you @sweetsssj thank you have shared

thank you heriadi, as an independent explorer, I hope I can show you all the delights of the country through my posts. Stay tuned for blogs on the rest of my journey :)

OK I will be looking forward to the next post

As always your posts are super cool, you make me dream about different places and your photos are really amazing, thank you.

thank you so much noemilunastorta, I hope you will continue to enjoy my upcoming posts which I will try to post regularly again.

The photos are amazing and really taken with great skills. Keep up the good work sweetsssj.

thank you shasol! You're very kind :)

Your Welcome.

Happy happy @sweetsssj.
may your day always happy.

thank you syehlah! :D

Your posts are always interesting, and you become the talk of the world of steemit, may you share this experience.

Thank you for sharing this outstanding information!

you're welcome hrhabibur :)

Very good Food Photography skills!
Nice post - I remember when I roamed these streets not toooo long ago

wow.. i'm so impressed, we share a bit of history! :)

ha ha - one day we might run into each other. If you visit Germany - stop in Stuttgart! You are welcome to Couchsurf my place :-)

Glad to see you posting @sweetsssj. Love the photographs you've clicked. Didn't know Turkey was such a beautiful, vibrant place. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day! :)

Thank you for having a look my dear, Turkey is such a vibrant and diverse place, I can't wait to show you guys more of it! :)

Hy @sweetsssj, I have read about the journey of amda to turki must be a beautiful moment for you, in terms of history and delicious food that is in turkey. I think you are incredible to be able to circumnavigate the world with your journey, surely much knowledge and also taste the flavors that you have enjoyed during the turki. I am also impressed with the typical red color of the turkey flag and also the table you meet there with red color along with flower pots on it. About the food I saw a very delicious fish made me want to taste it. Hope your journey pleases me love traveling. Give greetings for a beautiful country turkey with a very global heritage.

thank you, I do hope there are a lot of readers who might find something interesting in my posts, as well as the upcoming ones about Turkey. There is always so much to cover and very limited time, so I will do my best to fit as much as I can in and get the main parts! :)

Yes , I really enjoy your post, may be a motivation for me to introduce a country in an interesting post like you do.

that would be wonderful, I look forward to that very much :)

Thanks @sweetsssj, I'll give it a try 😊

as always beautiful pics and interesting info
that fact you wrote about the jar is a #til for me
it's very very colorful there
seems like they like red so much!

thank you englishtchrivy! It was something I learned that day too! Red is becoming one of my favourite colours haha! :)

i hope the baklava wasn't too sweet and oily
i love it but only when balanced the rest of the food looks different from what you always have
but still enticing
am hungry I should go get something to munch on hahah

wow so nice dear @sweetssj

thank you dear :D

@sweetsssj - you are my fav blogger. I really love how beautiful you are and wish I was you!

If ever you come to Vietnam, I would love to show you around!

that's such a nice comment, thank you, and I will definitely give you a call if I visit :)

How wonderful again @sweetsssj ! I like the old town cobblestone streets - you would not believe it but some of these are still visible in places like Philadelphia, USA! The food LQQKs very delicious, sweet & sour among my fav's. I prefer the rainbow color meaning there over any other. A very vibrant depiction of beautiful Turkey & Istanbul!

Wow, I need to visit there in that case!! :) Thank you for the comment lanceman, nice seeing you :)

This post took me back to my country.. from the streets to the food ! Thank you for sharing :)

you're welcome! I love your country very much!! :)

Amazing... I instantaneously had water in the mouth... You pictures are amazing, with always a great presentation. I want to ask, how many types of food do they have in total there?

Oh gosh, Pastorlea, thank you but I couldn't possibly answer that question!! There are simply too many Turkish foods.. I think asking an expert Turkish chef might be a better idea!! :)

so far, how many did you see... I see so much on the pictures..

Good pos @sweetssj help my post, I follow you

I can't look! It's too tasty! :D

haha that is very accurate ! My face was very similar when I started eating !!

Amazing as always you looking so pretty and foods so delicious @sweetsssj!!

thank you raghwendra! Appreciated :)

Yeah the beauty of this country is in the preservation of history... It looks great! how long have you been there?

Just 2 weeks! :)

ok, great. Enjoy your stay there

Excellent article Restaurants with michelin stars are highly sought after all over the world. Also in the vicinity of Gordon Ramsay: 19 stars ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Ramsay is one of the best known around the world thanks to her participation in the "Kitchen Nightmares"

Yes, that is true! I have had the pleasure of visiting one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in London. The Michelin stars really do a great job of rating the fine dining restaurants very well! It's a little sad that these kind of authentic non commercialised places don't get as much attention because in my opinion they are every bit as good!

Very very fantastic foods @sweetsssj ..... and you are lucky that planning of visiting the diggings of 70 countries.....


Haha, I guess you're saying that Turkey has 70 different countries embedded within it?

I mean in the future.........

oh, 70 countries to visit is a long task! But I sure would like to be up for the challenge!

Its pretty good that you tell us the nice stories of the countries their culture, their way of life and food etc.... i think 7o countries are not too many...

Good one! You have a lot of interesting content there :) waiting for your next post ...

Plz upvote resteem and follow me @devrajlove

thank you devrajlove, next post will be coming soon :)

Good post @ sweetsssj enjoy a very good meal,I want to eat the same meal

haha! You look ready! (atleast winni does !)

You are living one hell of a life!!! That Turkish kebab is really making me feel hungry :-)

Thank you my dear, looking back now, i'm feeling very hungry too ! :)

@sweetsssj - Hello Birthday girl :) ( I did wish you in your previous post, but you have been a busy bee!! xxx)

I hope you had an amazing one... it certainly looked like you did!

You sure have visited an ENORMOUS amount of dining establishments.... never mind all the other places!! You should publish a photographic book of your travels!!! - I know I would buy it! It would make an amazing coffee table conversation piece!!!

Turkey is one of the places that I have ALWAYS wanted to visit! It is just FILLED with vibrancy on every level!!! That one pic of the Gulhane cafe is just timeless!!! I love the rustic feel of the whole place.... and the COBBLESTONE!!! I love cobblestone! I think I am turning green with jealousy!!! hehehe

I haven't traveled as far and wide as you, but locally, I also enjoy the "old worldly" places... they have a lot of character and history within the walls of all the quaint places...

I wrote a post earlier today about expression... it would be wonderful to have your input xxx

Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.


Looking forward to the next part of your "ever-journey" lovely lady!

Much love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

Thank you jaynie, seems like i'm celebrating birthday's more than once a year haha :)
The photo book sounds like such a good idea.. maybe I'll do a limited run on 100 or something limited and see if there's any interest from people on Steemit to buy one!

The cobblestone also looks perfect for the setting, I am very glad they decided to keep that because I couldn't imagine modern pavements alongside buildings like the Hagia Sophia.. that said, it's not every path in the old city that has these cobblestones so the ones that are left are truly priceless!

I really enjoyed your post btw, I upvoted it, I will leave a comment soon :)

hahaha nothing wrong with multiple "birthday" celebrations... you have most certainly earned them! :) Thanks for the positive feedback on my post. xxx


thank you abudar :)

Really like those rainbow umbrellas!
By the way, how are the prices in USD? good?

Yes, I love those umbrellas! To see how much things are in usd, divide the price in Turkish Lira by 3.5 ish.
I have found that most things in Turkey are very very affordable. The cost of living in Turkey is very low!

Thank you very much!

Pertamax 😗😘😙😚

thanks! Not sure what pertamax means :S

Wow! i just loved it. Indeed, a very informative write up with beautiful photography. Istanbul's feast no doubt has always been praiseworthy. My mouth waters after having gaze at the food items in pictures. I wish to visit this old city and waiting for the opportunity . Stay shining!

thank you jaikumar :)

Delicious food!

Very delicious!