Miss. Delicious #67 : Visiting Señor Frogs in Bahamas!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

"You go to Señor Frog’s when you're on vacation, if you want to get crazy and nobody knows you,"

These are the exact words from the Chief Executive, David Krouham to Forbes Magazine.

With picture perfect holiday resorts, and immaculate white sandy beaches stretching as far as the naked eye can see, the Bahamas is a really fantastic option for those wishing to get that true vacation experience. Particularly if you like the lounging around, being lazy, soaking up sun on the beach kind of vacation.

As I've mentioned before, it is actually quite difficult to find many examples of true Bahamian authentic food, in and around these massive resort complexes which are primarily built for tourists like myself from all over the world. As a result, there are actually more options for western food lovers than there are local Bahamian delicacies.

Having exhausted all the food options at Atlantis, I asked the hotel staff to recommend me a cool place to eat, their reply - Señor Frogs!

I must admit, I didn't even understand what they said at first, I only recognised the word"frogs". The word, Señor sounded like the word "senior" (close enough!), so I left the hotel reception and went straight to the taxi stand all the way repeating the words "senior frogs" so I wouldn't forget where it was I wanted to go!


So, this is what Señor Frogs is like, I finally understood Señor to mean Mr. in Spanish. And what a cute name for a frog?

For those that are unfamiliar with the restaurant, Señor Frogsis a Mexican-themed franchise which opened in 1989 and today has 21 restaurants spread throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and the United States. Even though they are considered a 'Quick service restaurant', Señor Frogs has grown it's reputation for being a place to drink a lot of alcohol, and party like no tomorrow!

I had absolutely no idea what to expect at Señor Frogs as this was my first ever visit. But I was really impressed with the easily recognisable frog(s) standing outside. They along with the beautiful sea view make for a really memorable location already!

This is Woodes Rodgers Walk, just a few minutes walk away from down-town Nassau. Along this street there are plenty of other bars, clubs and restaurants.

In the distance, you can see the huge cruise ship parked in the dock. It was probably stopping just for a few hours to let the people on board go for a roam around down town Nassau before taking off to the seas again.

You might be wondering what the men sitting on the wall are doing? Well aside from enjoying a splendid night time view of the huge cruise ship, they're actually waiting for passengers for taxi rides back to their hotels.

How do I know? In Bahamas, taxi's have yellow car plates as opposed to white ones!

This is the entrance to Señor Frogs, stopping at nothing to remind us of their affiliation with Frogs, there are already three frogs at the entrance!

For some reason, there was also this really high stool outside the entrance. It's far too big for me and any regular sized person (Ok, I'm a bit smaller than a regular sized person -.-) so I must assume it's for the giant frog next to the swing.

See how big that giant frog is!?


Here's me standing next to it for a comparison.

Walking inside, I realise that this part of the bar restaurant is actually built atop of a pier. The creaky wood planks and the overhanging view of the sea give this away.

On the left hand side, is the Señor Frogs souvenir store, selling lots of T-shirts and other Señor Frogs branded merchandise. It's quite nice seeing the restaurant and bar already buzzing with life, many groups of people already sitting down and enjoying a drink and a meal.

Further inside, the decorations are really quite eye catching. Each of these boards have their own little catch phrase and are attached to the ceiling at neck bending angles. No wonder my neck was sore the next day..

"I see drunk people!"

Aside from the comic boards, there are also these cheeky stools which are made to make the person sitting on it look like they're wearing a G-string and showing their big booty's!

See what I mean about the neck bending boards??

The DJ has his own little hut to work the music. By this point, the atmosphere had already started to pick up and there were some people already on the dance floor.

Despite the rowdy background atmosphere, the beauty of the sea and ocean liner fails to get drowned out.

Now, onto the food!

The Menu.

As a Mexican restaurant, I wasn't surprised to find a wide variety of Tacos, Fajitas and Burritos. If you're feeling boring, you can still opt for the more typical Burgers and Sandwiches.

Perhaps the most appealing part of Señor Frogs is their cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. According online sources, Señor Frogs makes about 75% of their revenues from sales of alcoholic beverage. Frequently running drinking contests alongside theme parties where "anything goes" and guests are encouraged to go wild.

Señor Frog house special sounds like a good choice for a cocktail, for some reason I really like cocktails with pineapple juice.

Caesar Chicken Salad - The generous portion I have come to expect in this part of the world!

Buffalo Chicken Wings!

Bahamian Mexicans sure know how to make good Chicken Wings!

So juicy, so succulent and so delicious!

So, with the food and drink out of the way, I was already feeling a little tipsy so I stayed just a little longer to enjoy some of the party atmosphere then made my way back to the hotel.

I can't say for sure whether this Señor Frogs is like the ones you'll find in the US, but if it is, it gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of Señor Frogs in Nassau, Bahamas. Even though it wasn't the local Bahamian delicacy I constantly yearned for, it was still a really nice evening. Great atmosphere, lovely food, and a memorable experience!

As always, I appreciate your up-vote, a follow if you want to stay up to date with my activities and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

来到拿骚几天了,由于每天行程排的很满,大部分休息时间,都驻扎在房间的书桌上,整理照片,写文章,回留言。今天我想安排自己去拿骚的市中心逛逛,顺便和大家探索一下不一样的美食餐厅。选择Señor Frogs——青蛙先生这家餐厅,是被当地热心人推荐的,后来我了解了下餐厅的背景。原来这家餐厅不仅是在拿骚非常有名气,更是在墨西哥,加勒比,南美洲和美国分布着20多家分店。餐厅主要经营墨西哥料理。其实在市区逛的时候,这家餐厅的装潢十分抢眼,最有海岛代表的鲜艳颜色,红绿黄是外墙粉饰的主色调,整个房子的亮丽色彩,可谓是拿骚岛上的颜值担当呢。所以我也忍不住坐在门口的椅子上,和餐厅的主人,穿着绅士的青蛙先生合个影。



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wow.. seems like you have enjoyed a lot.. thanks for sharing

Indeed she @sweetsssj enjoys alone without inviting me its not fair😢

I know right?! I need that life right now lol

She is the luckiest person ,very few people in life follow their dreams

hmm right.

she enjoys but today i ruined my paper
feeling sad

Great place to hang out!!! This was me last time I was out in the Bahamas :)

The views of the water during the day are amazing!!

Wow you guys look like you had a great time! 😍

For some reason I thought you were having/eating frog legs xD

A must see tourist attraction when on vacation, they even have one in Vegas now where I live!

For those of you familiar with Vegas, this is where the former Treasure Island Pirate Show took place. Notice the ship is still there...

Hello @sweetsssj
About bahamas and what to do
Make sure you have a U.S. passport for all travelers. Nassau Paradise Island is one of the few Caribbean destinations that provides pre-clearnace for U.S. Customs and Immigration sevices. That means it allows flights from Nassau airport to enter the U.S. as domestic flights and bypass the normal U.S. Customs clearance like on other international destinations.
The history and culture of The Bahamas is a blend of Spanish, British and African which makes up the heritage. The islands are filled with tales of Spanish invaders and some famous pirates; visit the Pirates Museum of Nassau to learn more about this storied history. There are several museums in downtown Nassau that teach about the early settlers as well as art museums. This blend of culture is apparent in the music and musical festivals. Junkanoo is a costumed, musical festival that takes to the streets in song and dance and takes place twice a year around Christmas.
Shopping on the islands is abundant and duty free! You can purchase handmade crafts, jewelry, handbags, hats and woodcarvings at the world's largest Straw Market in downtown Nassau and also Festival Place by the cruise ship dock and at the Craft Centre on Paradise Island. Both are filled with unique merchandise that makes great one of a kind gifts. Of course, you will find upscale jewelry, perfumes, leather bags, high-end fashions along Bay Street in Nassau and at Marina Village and Crystal Court Shops on Paradise Island.
Swim with dolphins and sea lions, snorkel or dive the brilliantly colored coral reefs, coral walls and wreck dives. There is as much beauty under the water as there is above. Take a romantic horseback ride along the surf, charter a sailboat and hook a sailfish or yellowfin tuna. Tee off at a USGA or PGA quality golf course, take the kids to the first and only zoo in the Bahamas feed colorful parrots and see marching flamingos.

If you're a "foodie", than plan on visiting the many gourmet and casual restaurants in Nassau, Cable Beach and Paradise Island. Restaurants are located in the hotels and resorts, at Marina Village, Cable Beach and downtown Nassau. You can't leave without trying some real, authentic, Bahamian food. Arawak Cay hosts the Fish Fry and there are several "shacks" on Potters Cay, which is on the Nassau side of the bridge, and also by the cruise ship docks that sell homemade conch salad, fritters and more. Not expensive and they give you quite a bit of food.

Finding accommodations is easy too. You'll find everything here from quaint inns to grand resorts.

Whether you're traveling with kids, a large group or just a romantic getaway for two, Nassau Paradise Island has something for everyone. And, it's only a 55 minute flight from South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, airports. And a 2 1/2 hour flight from New York City. It's so close, and so easy to get there, why go anywhere else?!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@hirennamera thanks for providing detailed info on Bahamas...I am sure that it will add value to @sweetsssj and to most members here , including me , looking at Bahamas for my next holiday destination. Thanks for your comment and keep steeming.

Thank you for this summary hirennamera, that's a very comprehensive summary you've made there. Worthy of a blog post on its own!

I will take care of it next time @sweetsssj

hahah dont worry! I am working on getting @sweetsssj a passport! I just have to convince her to Marry me first LOL She is the perfect steemit dream girl! She can upvote ALL your posts every morning when u wake up next to her! lol but seriously tho, steemit would be the ultimate dating website! And I think we all like to fantasize about getting to travel with her and live a luxury lifestyle ! PLUS if you got to be featured by her, your post would get to the frontpage! hahaha "he only married her for her steempower" lol "
or "yeah after the Divorce, she wanted HALF of my steempower! the judge ordered me to power down!"

Great in-depth report on Bahamas. Love it! Can't wait to go there when I am island hopping!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Some of us from early in Steem.it know Sweetsssj when she was first starting out. Obviously her blog has grown and with the attention that it gets, it's little wonder that it has become more professional.
I for one enjoy her blog, and support her growing success.

You would do well to improve your own blog.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago (edited)

JUST have a life dude @ramdompic..just stay positive ,she's used more resources to make her blog nice and perfect..just used her as inspiration on whats shes doing..don't let her down..just be have you own blog signature and make good motivation on yourself on how to express yourself by your blog and take note that every positive ways of perception in life to others it will reflect to you too.^_^

Very cute frog!

Really a lovely place. Now I would like to drink a cocktail and eat some french frites. U do a great job on steemit. Always worth an upvote.

Thank you hw-enthusiast, its funny how french fries always taste good right??

Thank you @sweetsssj for this post especially because my wife went there and it was nice to see it quickly on the inside in such beautiful detail in your photos and story here!

Oh wow, that's such a coincidence, did you not join her??

I did not because she went with just her mom and sister!

Next time, try go with her. You deserve a break and some wild fun buddy. Come to Germany for a cold beer @jerrybanfield and original German Bradwürst . Lets stay in touch.

@jerrybanfield the place is quite amazing and @sweetsssj gave an excellent explatnation of the location...I was just wondering if they missed the frog delicacies..a once in life time experience. You guys are amazing, lets stay in touch.

Awesome, I was reminded of Cancun...went to a Senor Frogs there, it was just as you say rowdy and wild, and lots of fun, I think we had good go at the cocktails, as we actually crashed the rental Jeep in the parking lot, noone was hurt... and we ended up taking a cap back to the resort ... came back the next day to pick up the rental lol ...

oh gosh that sounded like a wild party before the actual party, but I'm guessing you guys had a really good time anyway!

We had a great time, Cancun was pretty awesome !

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Hey! Fellow investigative reporter here! Please let us all know who this Ned person is when you find out.

This might help.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

How about YOU put out a video of YOURself
how about you stop asking steemit users to prove shit they dont ned to prove to you ro anyone?
"hoepfully he can clear all of this up"
her mom TOOK that photo of her and the CEO and they were in Hong Kong..... i hope you like getting flagged bro cuz thats all ur gonna get if u keep slandering succesful steemit users like this

sweetsssj has anARMy of people she has PERSONallly helped....when they learn about you, you will "never work in this town again"

so PLEASE stop it

focus on mark zuckerberg, he makes billions stealing privacy frm his users,or go complain to reddit CEOs for steling from users

how about youstop accusing this young woman of being a "model" just because she happens to be beautiful enough to be a model....u act like she also cant speak english when i just had a fucking english conversation with her ......she talks to HUNDREDs of peoeple a week....
the reason ur not getting any responses from her here is because everyone has muted you ..(except me) since someone has to call you and your idiot friends out

ur no talking sht about steemits ceo Ned ...u and @henry-gant accusing the steemit CEo of beinG SHADEY AS you fucking AMKE MONEy off his PlATFORM??

fucking ingrate! wtf! wtf is ur problem?
why are you focusing non people who are succesful????

Oh thats right its because you are jelous and you wish YOU were making $1000 a day.....but you wont because of your shit attitude.....

I did remove part of the post, in case other people don't see the humor.
Thanks and have a great evening. by the way, I love Sweetsssj and follow her posts.

ok well , i had to do something!
i didnt see any humor, lol nice try covering it up tho :D
Dont ind me, im just going into berzerker mode


dude i advice you that make you own blog to be great and be inspired on what she's being successful on her blog..make your own blog signature and be positive..we people don't care..on how she work it..but the result is important on how she get on to it.make your own strategy and make your own blog more interesting to the eyes on in public..have a life dude..be positive..make yourself success too..ok ^_^ cheer up...

Could you ever imagine In Your Wildest Dreams you'd be making thousands of dollars for each one of your blog posts? I'm not hating At All by the way I love it and I love your blog posts. :)

Thank you nick, it's been a really wild ride, actually for most of my time on steemit I haven't really had that much opportunity be rewarded like this. Just a look back through my blog and I can see I didn't make much at all for a lot of the posts. But I think the key is to just to focus on making the blog as good as possible, and write stuff that you would actually like to read yourself. Putting rewards to the side, I think that's the only way people can start to appreciate the effort! Anyway I hope to see you more, and thank you for your kind comment 😊

It looks like you had an amazing time! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks cryptodata! It really was a great time, and thank you for taking the time to comment!

A very detailed and colourful post! Thanks for sharing

thank you rexxus! you're very welcome !! :)

Magical! I love the stools with bathing suits painted on them.

hahah they were pretty funny, I actually didn't notice them and thought people were wearing swim suits!

Nice post and very detailed too as usual.
Your posts always wants to make me jump on the next
available flight.

thank you jazes, maybe one of these days you'll do just that! And then make sure to tell us about your spontaneous trip!

You bet i will

hello, i've been following u , and since from tho days, i see u stories so intresting, u've been visting so long, and u writes so good, r u an any jornalist or? n u r very preety.

thank you zlacee, no i'm not a journalist, I'm a blogger who happens to like to travel!

it is very intresting to see ur posts, n i do see so much steem $ on ur stories, hehe cn i know how to upgrade steem level. ??

Thanks, to answer your question, the number beside your name is your site 'Reputation' which grows as you are upvoted by users. Its a log scale so essentially it means it becomes increasingly harder to increase your reputation the higher you go.

thank u for suggestions. cn i have ur any facebook or any social account?

you can find me on fb, instagram and twitter with the same username

i've snd u frn request on ur fb, sandia profile

This is a great post @sweetsssj !
And it's so awesome that you are interacting with all who comment on your posts!
That's truly wonderful!

It's really so sad to see some dumbf#$k trolling you so much! It's unnecessary!

As a woman, I support you and you are an amazing blogger!

Followed! And I wish you nothing but more success!! <3

Thanks taraamin77, don't worry, we'll keep doing what we do, regardless of him. I'm just sorry that user has to spam every single comment from my followers too. It's just really distasteful. Thankfully, anymore trolling and he'll be in negative reputation soon.

Also, thank you sooo much for supporting me. This platform is such a great place for us girls with lots of representation.

See you soon!

Well said :)
Looking forward to awesome posts from you :)

If you ever travel to Aruba, you must go to Senior Frogs there...sooo much better than Bahamas

Thank you for the tip, i will keep that in mind krypto101!

If you are still in bahamas ,u must check the beach behind Atlantis...there is a woman that makes the best Bahamamamas ..she serves them in coconuts...so good...
Btw i enjoy reading all your travel adventures

Ahh I'm back home now, but I will also make a note of that for the next time I'm going, which is definitely happening! Thank you by the way, I appreciate it very much!

amazing i wish i could also go to el frog. looks like a very fun and delicious way to end the day. hopefully i will be able to afford going there next year. it would be amazing if there will be somekind of gathering for steemers in el frogo. im thinking of going there next year after i finish my studies here in the philippines. im jealous that you can almosy travel in any country you wany and your still young. by the way the club looks really fun and hope to meet you someday. thanks

Steem On! Miss sweetsssj!!!

You gotta be the hardest working gal in show business :)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Hmmm, maybe, whoever it is they habe a great thing going.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Seriously....Huh...Incredible. Strikes me as very strange this woman's life is 24/7 spent writing about adventures. $40k per month - not bad day job :)

I still like the articles - but some transparency would be nice.

transparency? dude wtf just ecause @randompic here is being an asshole doesnt mean u have to be one too

TRANSPARENCY?? take thatshit back ! She doesnt owe u shit! and why arent YOU giving transparency!

why arent YOU showing EVERYONE your BANK ACCOUNt show us your RECEIPTS wshow us HOW you do your steemit posts

oh you already have NOT GOOD ENOUGH


doesnt feel good doesit? @sweetsssj doesnt fuckin owe u shit!

if u anna continue the conversation of an asshole trooll then u will be treated like one!

U should have ened ur comment with "Not a bad day job :)" that was good! that was nice!

but when u fuckin had to say " but some transparecy would be nice" youre sounding like ur just trying to appease the asshole ur replying to, a morn with $70 dollars in his steemit account, who is mad he cant make anymore and wants to strike out at @sweetsssj for being succesful!


ooh there's lots of really hard working gals on here, I have to work hard just to keep up with them!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

If someone knows how to make inernet marketing
surely is this girl and her professional help
Spot on Bro ;)) but what can you do if this is what
people wanna see and upvote so be it.


I think they should add a colorist to the crew b/c things seem a bit over-saturated from time to time - not judging, just an observation.

u realize she has muted ou because you are a troll that ust spreads lies about her for your own gain?

Maybe u dont kknow that you are doing that,but thats what youre doing
and I will be flagging all of your false lying comments on her post,
because u do not getto make money on a comment on a ppst for someone ur slandering

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow another beautiful place to visit next holiday. Do they sell frog meat there and if yes, did you eat one? was it delicious? haha..
The location is beautiful and you did a good job with your photo assistant . However , I still miss seeing their local dishes.

I think they don't sell frog meat there, atleast I didn't see it on the menu. But that would be so weird to make such cute figures of frogs and then eat their meat :( :( :(

Haha...then you actually didnt as., try asking next time, am sure you will love it.



Wow, the outside paint is so bright it almost looks like a cartoon.

I may adopt the moniker Señor Frog's for my backyard pond, as it is lousy with these fellas:

Senor Frog.jpg

Actually come to think of it, it feels just like a cartoon, you're right. Everything was so oversized outside too!

Are those the actual frogs in your backyard?? They look like tropical frogs!

They sure are. My pond is lousy with the biggest tadpoles I've ever seen. I swear that this is not an exaggeration: the largest ones get to be the size of grapes before they start looking like frogs. Problem is, my cruddy camera can't catch them because they are under the surface:

Frog 2.jpg

Unfortunately, I have to zoom in from far away or else they jump in, so they are a bit blurry, but these 3 seem to be enjoying each other's company:

Frog 3.jpg

Oh my gosh, I'm starting to feel the need to get my own frogs now :( Look what you've done to me!

If your cats are anything like my dogs, you might have to guard them closely...

Lol u said "actual Frogs" and I read "Tactical frogs"
haah i search for Tactical Frog but I could only find a Tactical toad

I never know how to tell frog and toad??

to tell between a frog and a toad?
Is it the same as a turtle and a tortoise? One goees in the water and one stays on lan?
LOL no both frog and toads stay inthe water

You can tell most toads and frogs apart by the appearance of their skin and legs. Both amphibians make up the order Anura in the animal kingdom, but there are some key differences. Most frogs have long legs and smooth skins covered in mucus. Toads generally have shorter legs and rougher, thicker skins.
from google!
haha i idnt know this! now we both know!

so toads have rough skin, frogs are smooth :) lol

oooh I kind of understand. Maybe I need to see it in real life to fully understand

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

frog vs toad!

Here are all the amphibians!!!!

when I was a kid I thought there were just frogs/toads and newts, salamanders, and that was it! i thought because Reptiles only had like sx groups, (crocs, lizards, turtles, snakes, TuaTara(galapagos island ancient dinosaur type lizard that has a functioning third eye that still detects light....)
But look how many amphibians there are!

a ccrazy ZooKeeper taught my chool class this fun fact about the TuaTara (fifth type of reptile) having an ACTUAL Third eye on roof of their head! Look at this image!

It has a real third eye!

Parietal eye is the Pineal Gland in our bodies! we have this same organ but its in the center of our brains! when I was like 10 years old! I remember he loved scaring the kids telling them that any of these snakes could kill you! That they had anti venom but not enough of every type! He even showed us the anti venoms and how they milk the snakes! And how they could never make enough for every species!

he loved teaching us about the pineal gland and third eye and how ancient the tuatara was! It was the 1990s so this zookeeper was probobly into smoking DMt and doing LSD and listening to all those new age pyschedelic books and culture that was popular back then

hey you know chinese strains of cannabis are the rarest! I know cannabis is still illegal in China but I also understand that since Chinese discovered medical Marijuana (cannabis) and so i assume chinese governent would be proud of this plant as chinse medical records are the odest from thousands of years ago

if you could find someone with chinese strain of canabis you could do a greeat service to #canasteem because we all want the aniient chinese cannabis strains! Because cannabis comes from ChinaNorth India but ooriginaly from south china and we need to bring the chinese seeds to the US so we can cultivate it and brand it likethe Panda, as being riginally from china!

Wow, that's quite the description, thank you for that!

wow it's so pleasure to visit such places obviously taste of food would be amazing i love to try french fries and toast there , @sweetsssj thanks for sharing

I had some of the french fries and they are pretty good I admit! You have to try the toast for me!

i will love to try it

I upvoted you! I always do!! ajajaj your posts are amazing!
I read it all and I love how you write and describe every moment with pictures and amazing words!

I think you had a really good time in Señor Frogs, we have one here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I live. But the one in bahamas is very cool!

Thank you for sharing this experience! I loved your outfit and the picture of the giant frog was incredible!! :D

Lookinf forawrd to know more about your life and travels!! :3

thank you innita! I'm grateful for your positivity on my post. Very appreciated. Thank you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

you are welcome sweet sandia sun :3 Aww I really enjoy your posts! Thank you so much for answering back :D You are always so nice!!! :D

I wish you could read my introduction to steemit and give me some advice, and tell me what you think, please :3 the link is https://steemit.com/nature/@innita/puerto-vallarta-s-beach

ooh lovely introduction post, I upvoted and left a comment. Thanks for sharing!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

aww thank you so much sweet sandia sun for reading my introduction and for the upvote!! and you are welcome!

When ever you have time maybe you would like to see the story of my little dog Lufy :3 https://steemit.com/animals/@innita/lufy-bebe-comiendo-yaca-baby-lufy-eating-yaca-fruit

I know you love animals and I saw your post of the kittens ! - This is why I am showing you :3 I hope you like it! I am also uploading new recipes of nutritious food to help others with their eating habits.

LOOOL! @Sweetsssj you know I would LOVE that place! I am Super Tech Frog, frogs are my spirit animal!

Holy damn, I completely lost my breath and my eyes instantly got filled with tears when I saw the picture of Chicken Wings, I first thought it was a frog :'(.

Well, now that I know it wasn't, I'm back to smiling from ear to ear! Great post as always!


This is Super Tech Frog, signing out!

Oh don't worry, I really can't stomach eating frogs, I just can't !! High super tech frog!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Hey, @randompic you know @sweetsssj has been active on social media for several years? I've had upvotes on comments and my first post from her, before you made that post.

My blog posts take about 1 hour to make and I'd argue that they keep a quite high quality in styling and photos. I even create some animations etc. for my blog.

Well, I'm very new and still learning. But just wanted to mention I used to follow sweetsssj many years ago on IG. You should spend your energy on your own blog and I'm sure it will grow!

The frog is truly giant. The pictures are excellent, the experience is nice and your reporting style is superb. Weldon my dear keep it [email protected]

Thank you hynet, i'm like frog size compared to that giant frog! :)

Yes i saw the picture you took. Your welcome, please due make out time to visit my blog to read my recent and previous article on steemit,the rich and the poor. Your doing a great job in this community that is why you see that your work is among the work that is still valued well, members upvot your work a lot because the content is always rich and your sociable. always interacting and responding to your follower and members. Your pretty, presentable,humble,talented, hard working and admirable. keep on doing the good work.

Really nice blog! I upvoted and left a comment! Thanks for sharing hynet!

Okay dear thanks so much for stepping by, and upvoting.I really appreciate that,
your support mean a lot to me. how is your trip going on, when are you drooping new article, I am always eager to read your work, i always wish to be among the top ten to read and upvote your work. your a darling.

Amazing ! All those photos are sooo colorful, it makes me want to be there and experience everything just like you did ! Thanks for making me a bit happier than I was ! :)

aww i'm glad you're happier after reading, always smile and be happy !

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It's none of your business personally how she runs her business here. It's the content that matters.

EXACTLY @vegeta thank u for defending @sweetsssj from this asshole of a troll @randompic who is just spreading lies and actally getting people to believe them!
I will be rewarding you with upvvotes on ll ur posts now!

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my sister went here for vacation for the fyre festival and it turned into a disaster haha.. glad your trip looks amazing! so do you!

oh no, what happened, I hope it wasn't too bad?? She is ok though???

it was quite a big festival :). she is trying to get a refund. Some wealthy individuals hosted the concert, but they did not plan well. She is OK, had a fun time in Florida instead.

Hope your day is well, I always look at your posts! I hope you never stop your posts. It helps people who speak English and Chinese.

Atleast the refund is possible!

Thank you kevbot, maybe some people might learn some Chinese !

I been there a lot of times as i am working on a cruise ship and been in Nassau so many times. The only thing that i don't like at Senor Frogs are the prices... well to high for what they offer. Let's face it the place is nothing out of ordinary but the prices are. The only plus the view and the fact that is very close to the pier. Still your post is great and the photos very good quality so well done again!

It's always interesting it hearing from regulars, for me i'm a newcomer so it was all very exciting for the first time. I guess like with a lot of things, the novelty can wear off. Thank you!

Maybe it's just me but crew members are avoiding it. For a newcommer i guess it's a cool place to be. I am thinking as well to start writing about the places i visit around the world! What do you think?

It sounds like a perfect idea. Do share and let me take a look!

Thanks a lot. Here is my first travel post:
Any kind of feedback is more then welcome!

what an amazing, you are queen of steemit, in few minutes get Hundreds of votes great @sweetsssj
upvote and resteemed

viralcutz thank you! You are such a great follower, always a comment within minutes !

@sweetsssj thanks for kind words
the reason, I can feel the color and life through your pictures, and yes your sweet smile
keep it up great work

You look amazing. And I love Bahamas. Going there this Christmas.😎

I went to senor frogs in cancun and have a really nice time during the springbreak :-D

in all my life, i've never experienced a spring break, I used to see it on tv in the movies and envy how much fun it looks!

nice.. that looks fun!

so much fun :)

Enjoy your chicken Wings, Miss!

Señor Frogs in Puerto Rico Don't you love their bumbums?

I love how much dedication and effort you always put into your beautiful and inspiring posts @sweetssj! Your photographs are truly amazing.
I read that one of your favorite countries is Thailand! I am in love with this lovely country too!

Maybe enjoy reading my story about how I almost got burned in Thailand.
Thank you for Being! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

That's such a good post! I up voted in envy!

Thanks a lot! That means a lot to me :)
Wishing you blissful further travels and thanks for letting me and the whole steemit community be part of your journey (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Very well, i like to call you a perfect cute girl, your post is most interested by steemit family.

thank you jamhuery, i appreciate your support :)

and me too, be fancy you

interesting place and love it

glad you like it!

amazing,beautiful and attractive posting.

thanks shaheer01!

Looks like you were having a lot of fun there.

great article again! @sweetsssj resteeming it!