Miss. Delicious #62 : Exploring Bophut Beach's hidden gems. The Lodge restaurant and Sakura Spa!

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Dear Steemit friends:


If there's one thing I miss the most about Thailand, it's the delicious food for delicious prices. You simply can't beat traditional authentic Thai food served under the backdrop of a romantic tropical escape.

After putting my brave face on at the Safari World, it was time for me to go back to the relaxing island atmosphere in Koh Samui.

Over the years, Koh Samui has become a vibrant, buzzing international tourist destination. But largely retains it's original beauty and atmosphere.

Other than tourism, Koh Samui still relies largely on it's fishing and fruit industries, as such, you'll find some of the freshest seafood and fruit right here in Samui.

Today, i'm taking a visit back to the infamous Bophut Beach, where I'll be dining at a little Hotel / Restaurant called The Lodge.

Situated in the heart of the Fisherman's Village, the restaurant features authentic home-cooked Thai Cuisine served only a few steps away from the beach.

As you can already guess from the name, the restaurant is built like a traditional lodge. Fitting in very well with the island's natural beauty and tropical abundance.

From the outside, you can see the very tropical over hanging plants from the balcony.

They are known for very reasonably priced Wine and Cocktails.

Their seafood - all catches of the day, so very fresh!

Entering the restaurant, we see some lovely paintings used for decoration on the walls.

Thailand never ceases to amaze me with their rich colour palette for their decorations. The paintings are an exemplary example.

By the time I arrived, it was already night time. Rather than choose to sit inside, I preferred the outdoors seating area by the beach.

You can see they've lit up the area with loads of little lights just above the dining tables.

Perfect time for a quick snap!

Here's the menu.

There are some international dishes for the tourists.

Of course, i'm going to go for the seafood and Thai specialities!

Without further ado, may I present the food.

Deep Fried Prawns with Tamarind Sauce.

These are probably the best tasting deep fried prawns I've tasted. The Tamarind sauce really adds to the extra zest of the crunchy batter. And just when you think it can't get any better? The freshness of the prawns hit you like you just swallowed a gulp of the sea.

Water Spinach with Shrimp.

The obligatory vegetable dish. Crunchy stalks with a tint of seafood splendour, such a bread and butter dish, yet so tastefully done.

Seafood Fried Rice

Another staple dish. Add a bit of the lime for some extra zing!

Steamed Mussels

The mussels in Thailand seem rather large, which make them extra satisfying!

Chicken Coconut Curry.

This dish is best ordered with some rice. It doesn't look it, but it is incredibly spicy and had me sweating for the rest of the night.

2 for 1 deals on Cocktails.

I just can't get enough of the coconut flavoured one.

After dinner, it's time to relax and enjoy some Thai massage.

There are actually quite a number of Massage Spa's to choose from.

This one caught my eye because of it's beautiful cherry blossom flowers.

Aren't they pretty?

And these beads are massive! Imagine having one around your neck!?

They even have a little water fountain inside. I'm feeling rather relaxed already.

With massage places, I always like to be 'in the mood', and this place set's the scene very nicely.

Now I know why they have Cherry Blossoms, the Spa is called Sakura!

Still no better at Thai, so English menu it is!

So much to choose from, I ended up going for a simple leg and foot massage.

You can always opt for the packages if you have the time.

A little short skip and jump over the foot bridge and we arrive at the leg massage chairs.

Look at green wall of plants! They're actually real!

Outside, is a view of the beach and the restaurants below.

Nice comfy chair for me to lie down on.

After a long day of walking, and then a night browsing the market, I really appreciated that massage.

It's strange how just 30 minutes of massage therapy can restore my sense of vitality.

Suffice to say, I was more than satisfied and I leave with restored energy, and sweet fragrant smelling legs!

Hope you enjoyed today's post on authentic Thai food at The Lodge and then a relaxing Thai massage at Sakura. Surely a new ensemble to consider when you visit Koh Samui and Bophut beach.

As always, I appreciate your vote, follows and comments.


Food looks very delicious :) Your photos are amazing! Are you make "fish SPA" for your legs? Massage with little fish? :)

haha, i've tried those before, so tingly!

damn hungry in the middle of the night!

The night time snack urge is real! I always get so hungry..

@sweetsssj that coconut chicken curry looked amazing. Do you normally go for a green or red curry?

Thanks for sharing. I cant wait to share @myday in Thailand! Grace and I visited a few temples and got some excellent views and photos. I'll post it tomorrow.

thx @sweetsssj for showing me some real nice locations in Thailand to enjoy my meal
i have to say there are not that many places and mostly i walked out disappointed
thy for saving me some time by checking out cool locations.

You're welcome. Where abouts did you try?

i live in Pattaya :-) Yaaaaa i know.... but NO, i'm not the common Pattaya Farang (good god ^^)
Whenever u feel to check out nice locations over here, let me know :-)
actually within the last years some cool new locations popping up like
but there are still nice established places like
unfortunately they messed up their website a little
but he's star, so who cares about his website ^^

The food looks Delicious and I wish those type of restaurants were around here. I have been working in restaurants my whole working life. The types of restaurants we have here don't serve a lot of things like that but there are a few that you can find in bigger cities.

Where about's in the world are you?

California at the moment. I just moved to Southern California about 4 months ago. Ha, all the Spanish Cuisine you could imagine is here. It is like you walked into Mexico when you walk into someone's house and have some good food.

I am 2 hours from the coast as well.

Beautiful work lady @sweetsssj as always an extraordinary place, the images are dazzling, a real pleasure to visit your work, thank you very much for these beautiful gifts
have a beautiful day

Thanks jlufer, always a pleasure seeing you :)

@sweetsssj Miss Delicious had me at "Cocktail Buy 1 Get 1" (I'm assuming for free...?). Plus ending the evening with a massage! That's enough to keep me happy :)

It should be a ritual enforced by law! Food -> Massage!

Yes the cocktails were buy 1 get 1 free! Absolutely amazing..

Just curious, what was your tipple of choice while visiting beautiful Thailand? Any local specialty?

It's gotta be the coconut milk cocktails with pina colada. I'm not a big drinker so I generally go for safer options.

Yummy choice! Piña coladas are delicious frozen drinks although originally from Puerto Rico.

No crazy spiked Thai iced teas on Koh Samui? Thanks for sharing :)

Excellent departure, meals that look extremely divine, I would like some day to have the opportunity to be in a place like this. regards

Aim firmly and you shall hit your target

This makes me feel good about my choice moving to thailand.

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Thai food is great

Food looked so ono!

what does ono mean!?

Yummy/delicious in Hawaiian

delicious.....upvote and resteem...I love Thai food....

thank you lautenglye

u r welcome...

This must be very tasty and fresh ,,, it also explodes in the mouth ,,,, wanting my tongue sway feel the pleasure ,,,,,,, you must have a way to make that make him delicious to eat .... I'm amazed ,, ,,

This looks fantastic, I hope to be there one day :)

Yes, note it down on your list!

thanks mxzn, appreciated :)

The food look so good!! Great photography as wel, keep it up!

thanks olifire, will do!

thank you nadjard!

Very nice stuff. It like here in Jamaica

Haven't had the opportunity go there yet!

Jamaica could be one of the best places to tour in the world. We have a rich history here

The food looks really amazingly delicious @sweetsssj how do you feel about a dessert like this one https://steemit.com/photograph/@michelnilles/indulge-chocolate-decadence-for-foodies after - let me know please

Wow! Next time please shot some picture on you eat tomyam!
It was one of the best food in Thailand!

Sure thing, I do love me some Tom Yum soup

My mom has been to Thailand before and I regret not being able to join her. This is definitely going to be on my bucket list! <3

Oooh no, how come you didn't join her?

Work. Don't worry, I will try to go with her next time!

That's it. I am leaving tomorrow to visit! LOL

Haha, loving the spontaneity

It makes me want to go back to Thailand :-(! Supergreat pics! I'm feeling hungry right now.. upvoted, resteemed and followed! Great post!

Terrific! When did you last go? And where did you go?

In december 2015! I went to Chiangmai and Bangkok! I definitely want to go back and see the islands of Thai :-)!! We only stayed there for 2 weeks, it was too short but we had a lot of fun and ate delicious food. Especially the Som Tam @ Som Tam Restaurant and seafood @ Somboon Seafood in Bangkok. If you've never been there before, I recommend you to go to these two restaurants. The seafood is great and the sauce, oh my.. and the papaya salad (som tam) at that restaurant was the best I've tasted!

Lovely place, thanks!

you're welcome elteamgordo!

The best thing I did in Thailand was go and take a cooking class, hand making a curry paste takes 40 + minutes but OMG it is worth it, I haven't bought packet made paste again

That sounds incredible. I need to go on that cooking class!

The company is called time for lime and they are based in Koh Lanta, they are also a non profit and all profits go to the lucky animal shelter <3

Appetizing ...))

and relaxing!

Amazing pics as always... I miss the food in Thailand :(

tell me about it.. I miss it too, I haven't even been back for long.

Absolutely beautiful photos and presentation you are to be commended on your abilities.

You are very welcome

Great post, delicious food, thanks for sharing

thanks steemcollator. Thai food never fails to disappoint.

Hello, your post is excellent, I congratulate you

deisip67, thank you!

Thanks for promoting Thailand :)
I feel happy happy whenever I see any post on South East Asian region.
SEA region is definitely one of the MUST travel destination to be in YOUR BUCKET LIST.
Hope you get to travel other countries in SEA region.

I most definitely will, it's one of my favourite parts of Asia!

I will be be starting a series about Asian delicacies
Follow me if you are interested in it :)

Those places looked great @sweetsssj! The lovely seafood and at those prices is simply heaven, wouldn't you agree? ;) Hope you enjoyed the massage too.

I agree wholeheartedly ! I might have to make post meal massage a ritual. It's really great!

It most certainly is pretty great :)

Your post is incredible, as always! I have been watching you for a long time and never praised your posts. I decided to fix this bug until it's too late!

thank you yetaras! Finally get to meet you :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!

You're welcome! I realized that on the Steemit - the most important thing is communication. We have the opportunity to learn about how people live in different parts of the world! For example, I am from Ukraine. I think you know little about my country or my beautiful city #lviv :)

That's interesting, actually, one of my good friends is from Ukraine. Looks like I made another one :)

Oh, curious, he's here? In Steemit?

Chicken Coconut Curry is always tasty and the spicier the better provided you get extra rice to even out the heat.

That's right, always need that rice to balance things out!

your photo's are liking looking at a 4k TV...and you take us on an adventure

Just the ones I took with my DSLR!

Nikon ??? full frame?

i use a 5D MKii with 50mm f/1.4 lens. Yes it's full frame.

thank you for all your photos....on all your trips :-)

You're welcome!

Chicken Coconut Curry id eat that!

I'm starting to get a sense of your food preferences ! Nice choice :D

Food looks so delicious. Wish someday I can travel to Thailand and enjoy.

I'm sure you'll make it! It's one of the cheapest places in the world to enjoy a more than fair quality of life!

Love the tai food!

A Thai food lover like me :D

very nice place and food.
Happy to see you enjoying so much.
Keep it up, I will alway support you:)

Thank you fatkid, I really appreciate your support :)

Wow, that is such a beautiful place. Your pics are amazing, I feel like I am there. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a good day.

thanks tesscooks4u! I wanna see you cook up some Thai style food!

i love thai food and culture and really love Japanese food too -- i decided to follow you and upvote too -- love your post

thanks daydreams4rock, i really appreciate the vote and follow. Thank you so much!

Love it, thanks for sharing.

thanks sunshinetraveller!

Amazing photos and a beautiful place!

thanks nezaigor.

Oh my god ! You make me hungry and miss Bangkok. I just come back from BBk last Monday. I already miss its. SPA and foods!!!

gosh, leavers remorse.. we both share that!

Wow - this looks exactly like the place for my beautiful wife and I :) Thailand has been on our list for a while now, heading there at the end of the year! Woohoo - thank you for reminding us of this gem and the tips!!

She will absolutely love it, make her happy and book a trip!

Very nice thanks for sharing

Thank you!

Mussels prepared Thai style are the absolute best in my humble opinion.
For my main course I'll take a number 603 off that menu please.

Good choice! Gosh the mussels, I just love how meaty they are!

that looks devine. Yummo

if i go to Thailand, i must go to night market to eat sea food

Good! It is a must.

Went to phuket and bangkok few months ago. Now i've got to check out koh samui !

Definitely... gotta save something for later right?

Looks that delicious

Miss. Delicious stamp of approval!

Hi sweetsssj,

OMG such a great article i am so in love with your writing. Could you please do me a favor i am trying to make an article of mine more visible it has to do with a great place for people who love traveling.

Please check it your self and if you find it worthy to be resteemed then please do so.


Thank you,

Gave you an upvote, thank you :)

Thanks a lot you are amazing :)

Thanks for sharing, it looks great

You're welcome!

Gah that looks amazing! So where do you live now?

Thanks! I really don't have a base, I'm always travelling around from place to place..

That's cool, I hope to do that one day

You know I try and stay away from your posts, they are so beautiful and the food heavenly. Envy is rearing its ugly head. I can't though, I love them so much. Each time I look at one I wish I was there. Hey ho, such is life. At least I can dream through your wonderful images. Great Post again.X

Thank you! I would hate for you to not drop by.. that would make me rather sad!

One day, sigh....in the meantime, I can live the experience through your amazing posts. Only joking earlier about not wanting to view your posts, I love them!!!! X

Omg :o

Thanks for sharing, and making me feel shit about my life - after seeing how wonderful yours is lol.

I'm totally following you, I'm a masochist I guess...

Thank you! I'm sure you have some pretty awesome stuff going on in your life.. for one, you're on steemit!

Haha, true that ;)

Kind of in love with your food photos! I love seeing different places in the world, but I love eating the food even more. I came to steemit to share my photography, but I never really thought to look at cuisine as a cultural art. (Also, I love me some thai so that's probably a big part of it, lol) Following for more inspiration! I'm hoping next year I'll be touring Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

That sounds like a great tour you've got planned. I'm looking forward to seeing your journeys :)

i love the photo .its great to see nice food and place ...

The colours of the photos are just amazing!

This post 👌👌

Hey Guys, im new here and I have absolutly no experience in writing travel blogs: I traveled to Iran and if you have any comments or suggestions you are welcome to do that:

The dishes in Thailand look delish ! I love cooking I will surely try remaking some ! Glad you had fun!

You're living a great life I see

Great post and information. Just love the Thai food and the foot massage after a long day shopping and sightseeing is perfect.

Exactly! Perfect combo.

Ich kann Sie verstehen das Sie begeistert sind schon allein wenn man die Bilder sieht bekommt das Gefühl dort zu sein und sich gleich an den Tisch zu setzten.

It's great @sweetsssj! I know you like cats and delicious desserts! May be this post for your fun!

That looks divine! I would love a massage right now :-)

Thanks a lot for the lovable delicacies @sweetsssj
Recently, I wrote a Crazy Review of Supercars for steemians.
Please. check it out and vote.

Wow very informative . Thanks for sharing this with us

No problem :)

I am so glad you enjoy your adventures here !! hehe i just ate but official got hungry again lol... have a great weekend :)

awww suerisue, we really have to get on a travel trip sometime together. I don't know Thailand as well as you do! Have a nice weekend too :D

I so miss Thai massage. The place look awesome. But the price is not that delicious. I mean compare to Thailand's street food. But I'm pretty sure you had a great time, those spa in Thailand treat you like a king. Right?

This food just looks awesome, @sweetsssj! Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you lazariko12! I just love home-made Thai food, it's terrific.

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