Indonesian people's favorite food meatball noodles

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Good evening all friends of friends, how come all of you are of course all healthy, as usual on this occasion I will make one more post with the theme of meatball noodles, talking about Indonesian food is no less interesting, because Indonesia has various types of food served enjoyed by anyone.

Chicken meatball noodle is one of the most popular favorite foods by Indonesian people, besides it tastes good it also has a very affordable price to be able to enjoy, to find meatball noodles can be found anywhere in the cities and even surrounded.

As seen in the bowl, you definitely want to enjoy because the menus available in the bowl are various such as bone meat, meatballs and so on, to enjoy the food you just need to spend a range of between IDR 15,000 and IDR 20. 000 per portion.



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