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Youtube's thought and word police app is just out of control. I put up this video about Spicy Lacto Fermented Pickles and before I could even post it, it was demonitized. At first I had assumed it was because of the word "spicy" so I tried changing the title but of course that made no difference. I have since learned from others it was because of the use of the word "fermented". I have also heard and read many others say that anything that teaches self sufficiency is getting flagged by youtube.

I put in for a review but it will only be reviewed IF I get 1000 views within 7 days and my channel is just not that big yet. Though I have had videos get that many views in a week, it is not something that happens on a regular basis. So in the meantime, I get to be punished for doing nothing wrong and lose revenues as a result.

At any rate, I am posting the video here and hope that the information I have to share is still useful and helpful to many others despite it improperly being labeled as "UN-advertiser friendly" and am thankful I have steemit to help make up the difference.

Hope you are are having a great Monday and thank you for your time! ~Heidi


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Guhh, ridiculous. One of our rabbit tractor videos got the same treatment, and we're still shaking our heads over it. I can't remember what we tagged it, but OBVIOUSLY it was something that got their agenda twisted.

In the meantime, videos of guys grabbing girls' butts for fun, men abusing their kids for entertainment (like Daddyofive) and girls whining about makeup get free reign to continue garbaging up peoples' minds. It makes me so glad that I am homesteading: REAL life is still happening, all around me, and YouTube is just a side fringe. I have no loyalty to them or expectations of loyalty from them, but I do think it's a curious sign of the times to observe these passive-aggressive jabs at self-sufficiency and sustainability.

I'll give your video a watch from my two different accounts, and at least try to get it a little bit closer to freedom! Fermenting is such a gift, and I think those that know that the Father is a good designer can see his bountiful provision in giving us these processes to make healthy food.

Thank you and absolutely!
Yes, it is SO crazy! There are videos out there with all kinds of non family friendly garbage yet they are flagging good, honest, hard working people's videos. Tessie (Homestead Tessie) said she just had three more of hers flagged today. What in the world?!

Hahha, that's so sad it's funny. Tessie is like...the least threatening person on YouTube, I'm pretty sure. I'M SO OFFENDED BY HER WELL-STOCKED PANTRY. TRIGGER WARNING: SHE HAS SOME NIFTY THRIFT STORE FINDS FOR ONLY $5.

Hahaha! Right!

SPOT ON! Fellow homesteader!

I am watching it from both accounts as well and resteeming. I hate that they think it's okay to censor people like this!

I love the way you measure your ingredients...Just like me! LOL Whats wrong with the video? The word "fermented"? That's just crazy. Keep posting here. We like your videos :)

Thank you!!!

This is getting ridiculous! YouTube needs to straighten up!

We had a similar problem when we uploaded our video about when we took off the osb on our roof. We had "stripped" in the title, which is probably why. Then we changed it to "ripped off" and it was still demonetized. We clicked the button to have it reviewed by Youtube. They cleared it within a day or two and it still isn't even up to 1000 views and it's over a week old. Not sure why they say that thing about 7 days 1000 views since they cleared ours so quickly. Did your video get sorted out? I sure do hope so. :)

They did finally monetize it but it took 3 days, after it received most of its views of course. Funny how they send that email "Congratulations...blah blah blah...your video is advertiser friendly" Duh! haha

It's crazy what YT is doing these days. You should start uploading them to DTube also. That way when they eventually ban you for helping people, rather than filling their minds with mush, you already have an alternative.

Yes this is true - once you monetize they go after you. I'm in alt health but you would not know it by my yt titles. I bury everything inside the video. I've had lots of my alt health friends lose their monetization and their whole channel in the six years I've been in this.

This is why I never monetized with yt or adwords. I use little guys for that.

Going over to sub and like :)

Wow, now that is something to think about because I have a short series on how we went pharma free and do videos on medicinal herbs (what I know so far anyway)

Good idea - take on big pharma lol. I think you are ok with the herbs, but just watch your titles and the first minutes of the video. I've been told you can bury your more controversial thoughts near the end and get away with it better. since then, I always leave my zingers to the end.

It's really sad - I self-censor and often do not post because I said something too inflammatory without thinking. I'm looking forward to using DTube for future, but so far I am up to my eyeballs in steemit learning and I am not going to learn a new video platform in the next month or so. After that - I'm on it :)

thats completely ridiculous that this was demonetized!!

Good Grief Heidi! I plan to watch this later. Take care and hang in there!

Several of the homesteading channels I subscribe to on YouTube have been demonetized and two of them have been shut down permanently. They have one week to backup or save their content before it is wiped clean. They can not even sign into YouTube, there is a program they must use.

Yep, it is getting crazy

WOW! Had no idea it had gotten to this extent...
man! Glad I am prepped and ready to go! SCARY! the Jewish new year is coming!

gee whiz! had no idea!

One of them was An American Homestead. They had a 50K + following and YouTube totally shut them down. It's sad to see.

So I saw this the other day and upvoted stuff right after it...I remember seeing the picture of him in the truck ...super really bad...well just like in the bible "what is bad is good and what is good will be bad"
Thank you for showing me the full court press on this i...

Hi @raincountry! Great post and also so disappointing to read how youtube treated your video....what a shame for youtube!

Here in Russia, one of the channels published a comic video on youtube which collected close to 1mln views....there were couple of minutes extracts from tv show interview....this tv show claimed this video and it was also demonitized....


I do not understand these people. I really don't. Why gut a perfectly good platform this way?

Maybe it was the use of mason jars. lmao. Youtube is totally out of control these days.

Thank the Good Lord for STEEMIT and other "alternative" platforms. YT has gone over to the "other side". Keep on keeping on Heidi. We love your videos and support you. Upvoted.

I've upvoted, and resteemed. I can't do much, but hopefully that will help a tiny bit.

I dont believe it is youtube - there is a way that people watching videos can report a video - its under the video - there is an "add to" "share" and "more"... the person just has to click on "more" and click on "report" - this is a way that trolls now attack channels... It isnt youtube - this is a precaution youtube put in place for explicit videos that slip by and they dont catch. trolls have figured out that all they have to do is report a video and its suspended until a live person from youtube can view the video for "offensive" content - which can take months...

No, this was youtube because I got the message before I even published it. So no one could have flagged it. It is some app that youtube created and this same thing is happening to a lot of people all of a sudden

I think I heard Clif High mention that the filter actually scans vocabulary used in video (as a means of flagging.)

It's like the movie Gandhi- he is stopped by British authorities and asked what he is doing. "I am here to talk to mothers to promote the benefits of feeding their babies breast milk. But you can be sure that I will also talk about the need for Indian independence."

Just make a note if anything you are saying might get flagged as well.