Drive Time: YOUTUBE UPDATE On My Lock OUT - The Homestead Videos WILL NOT STOP!

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Watch Drive Time: YOUTUBE UPDATE On My Lock OUT - The Homestead Videos WILL NOT STOP! video on DTube

It looks like Youtube has put the halt on my channel officially. At least they are giving me time to back up and recover my videos. But they have made it clear that they don't want people like me on their platform and that is THEIR RIGHT to set those rules. Obviously if my channel was more focused on "Gender Fluid Makeup Tutorials", we wouldn't be having this conversation. But no, my channel is more about sustainable living and which ACTUALLY makes your carbon footprint smaller rather than just being a left wing snowflake that talks tough and attends Al Gore movies in theaters.

Heaven forbid you actually kill your own food and feed it to your family instead of buying it all at the grocery store. That will get you kicked off Google sure as shootin.

But we roll on. ALL IS WELL! We will keep making videos and posting them on Steemit for our (now slimmed down) audience to enjoy!


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fuck youtube

Could you do a post about about Gender Fluid Makeup Tutorials please?

Maybe you should shave off your beard :)

Do you think people who use YouTube but don't make their videos public could get in the same sort of issues? I'm nervous about DTube because it's still so new and honestly, I can't get anyone's videos to play anyway (could be my internet).

Yeah, you could just mark your YT vids unlisted and post over here. That is what I was going to do before I got locked out. Still in the appeal process, but its not looking good. Just opened an account with Vimeo today. So that way I will post a Dtube and Vimeo version in each post to give our audience the most options.

Yeah, I do the unlisted route on YouTube. Let me know how you like Vimeo! :)

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Testing. Steemit rejected my new password when I tried to play a video so I tried to post a comment and it took my new password. I'm going to go see if it will allow me to play the video now.

Thank you Zac. It's because of you that I have opened my account on Steemit. Was planning on forming a channel on YT but thanks to you I'll be saved the grief of being demonetized. I'm still getting my "sea legs" trying to understand Steemit but the freedom it offers is all that really matters to me. Thanks for all you post!

Yeah I think you will appreciate this platform more in the long run. Nothing is ever guaranteed in life but I think Youtube is heading off a cliff.

YouTube is purging 100s of channels.
Preppers, Homesteaders, Self reliant, Conservatives , MIGTOW , Alt news among others. Also they are taking views away,removing $$, removing subs.
Good luck to you, really like your work.

THANKS! We will keep on doing what we do best.

Hope they get the bugs straightened out on DTube. Took me 6 minutes to watch your 4 minute video. Was worth the wait though. I hope you are able to download all your videos before they completely remove them. You've passed on a lot of good info in them.

Same here. Buggy and ridiculous slow, but better than nothing.

Google, Facebook, Twitter. They are immoral and untrustworthy corporations. My purpose is to align with God, so how can I engage in unethical computing? My eternal soul is at stake. In fact, any unethical behaviour whatsoever is risking permanent damage to our soul. JC already nailed it, we're arn't perfect but we still strive for perfection. God let's us mask imperfection by giving us privacy and freedom. Unlike you know who.

From now on, we will be putting up a Dtube and Vimeo option for each post. That way people surfing Dtube can watch that and those surfing Steemit can hit the Vimeo option. Trying to give our audience the most options.

I suspect it's a bandwidth shortage on DTube's end. Note that there's a download button under the lower right corner...on one video that kept getting interrupted, I hit that and was getting 1 Mbps or less on a cable-modem link that allows up to 50 Mbps. Let it finish downloading, then play it back later at your convenience.

I recall youtube was glitchy like this back in 2005 when I first got dial up that was no fun :/

YouTube is going down the drain!

Hopefully people will be willing to make the effort to switch over to here.

I found you on YouTube nearly 2 years ago, and have followed you here. Plus Ozark Mountains are not far from me. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on your Youtube saga. You've encouraged us to just skip Youtube and go straight to distributed tech like dtube.

My wife @ch4nel just published her first video on dtube on a topic that may interest you: Harvesting Aronia Berries with the Family! My First DTube Video!

Doing the same. Just got a video to up load a few hrs ago. Bump YT here I come Dtube

something I never thought about if your locked out of your yt channel does that mean your also locked out of your google plus too ? I look forward to this battery build sir :)


F**K Youtube ... Life IS family! Life IS Love! 💜

You found a way to cut them out, they don't like it! It is not about content for them anymore, its all about money. They hide behind the PC thing, but it is all about money in their pockets and not yours.....

Never mind youtube. You really don't want to be on a site that censors what you can and cannot put up. Sorry, but I am still having trouble viewing on Dtube. It says that it can't load the video - corrupt file. Makes me sad :(

Will be putting a Vimeo option in each post from now on. We are trying to give our audience the most options possible.

Thank you. I miss your informative posts and Jamie's and your smiling faces.

Grrrr! That YT!

hold strong brother!! just made my first dtube video! Godzilla tomato and moringa...stoked :)
Youtube probably has it's place, but not for our interests.

Welcome to DTube @mericanhomestead, no one can delete your videos here :D

Thanks Zac for the video, the projections for Steemit look very good so maybe you will soon forget your bondage from Youtube.

This is the first time I've managed to watch a Dtube video without issues! Hope they are working it out

Kinda looks like some of the roads I've been down.
I'm VERY interested in anything Solar Electric....I'll be waiting for that video you mentioned.
Steem On.

So sad to see what Youtube is doing. Happy to have found Steemit. Thanks for recommending it. Maybe when they see the mass exodus of creators they will understand. By then it will be too late.

Hey I know that you have new2torah on youtube but that channel of yours will be gone too to will you consider moving it over? Your videos are encouraging. I find most of my answers there. I know you don't do it for money. I,m a very busy mom and I'm also helping my husbands grandma that has Alzheimer's its easier for me to listen to your videos rather then read a web post on your website....

Such a shame. I so enjoy your videos. Unfortunately, DTube isn't available on my smart TV. I know sound pretty lame but i find it much more accessible on the big screen.

Well you tell youtube they suck, and they tell you to leave. Its kinda like when people complain about the USA and its problems and other people tell them love it or leave it. So I guess its leave it in this case.

Its just steem it and Dtube is ackward as all get out.

That is beat. I guess if YouTube keeps pushing people away we will begin to migrate to these alternate sites. I never would have known about Steamit if it was not for your channel. :)

Zack, don't you know you are going to kill someone with those fully functional gas spouts /s. HeHe

Hello Zac Well youtube and the Lucies are cracking done. Freedom of speech is under attach. Well I used Google Chrome and I was able to see your DTube video but it buffered every few seconds. But I did the Ranger thing and drove on. My prater are over you and your family.

Wow, just wow! I just started hearing about this going on. I put scripture at the end of almost every video, I wonder if I will get yanked for that.

I couldn't get video to play. Best of luck!

dtube in beta

what I do is open this video hit play then pause it pull the play button back so and watch the black line proceed ahead some then go watch a few other video's while dtube loads up. once you see the line is half way across you should be good to go :) hope this helps

It took awhile for it to play for me as well but it did play.

How dare you and your wonderful family try to teach us how to do things all on our own. We can't be dependent if we know what we are doing!! Did you ever stop to consider the ads for chillis may not be as appealing as the roasted lamb you shared? geez....

For real though, I love that you are fighting the system trying to censor you, and still providing a way to find your content and continue the good works. I hope you are able to at least back up you videos, if not, I would bet some of your followers have copies. You know you are doing something right when the whole seems to be against you!!