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B. E. Company is a Food & Beverage Company known for its home made barbecue sauce; B. E. Sauce (Barbecue Everything). With their newly added Grilling Services, B. E. is determined to take the savory flavory market by storm.

Established in early 2016 to promote tips of grilling foods, it was only a matter of time the operation would become full-fledged. Due to the demands of friends and family, B.E. Sauce began making special appearances.

The Owner, Dennis Rawls, Jr., is actually my Nephew-In-Law and he goes by DC, The Grill Master. D.C. asked me to help him make his vision come to life and Im doing just that!

So far we've completed the website along with promotional and marketing items, finalized the label and logo for the company, created social media accounts and we're well on our way to our second year in business!

Visit and get your hands on The Sauce, today!

Barbecue Everything aims to become the condiment of choice worldwide and to do this they need our help! So be sure to show your support and remember to have fun while continuing the tradition of grilling or dipping at your own leisure.

B.E. Company

7414 Laurel Bowie Rd., Bowie, MD 20715
(240) 245-6429
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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