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Happy Humpday! Last week I started my Basics of Cooking series with my Perfect Mashed Potatoes recipe, and this week I will be sharing my favourite chocolate buttercream recipe. While not an absolute basic, a good buttercream is an essential if you like to bake.

I'll share my chocolate cake hack with you - and you may certainly judge me! Sometimes when I am pressed for time or feeling lazy, I will use a large pre-made chocolate muffin mix, instead of a cake recipe. I find the muffin mixes to be super moist and quite dense, but not in a bad way. Coupled with with this chocolately coffee flavoured buttercream, it's a winner!


Taking Advantage of the Beautiful Creme Marble Table Tops at Work 😋


  • 1 cup of butter, softened
  • 1 cup cocoa powder
  • 4 cups icing sugar
  • 1 T black coffee
  • 1 T milk
  • 2 t vanilla essence



Sift the icing sugar and cocoa powder. Add the softened butter, vanilla essence and black coffee. Mix at a low speed, slowly adding the milk to obtain the consistency you like.

That's it! Super SIMPLE, and super effective. The coffee adds a dark dimension to the velvety chocolate flavour.


I crushed some almonds to decorate the cake, and the marzipan flavour from the almonds melding in with the chocolate and coffee was heavenly. MMMhhhmmmm!



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I have a friend with a bday coming up i think ill make this for them... maybe add a little canna-butter. ;)

thanks for the idea!!


lololol... careful, it's so delicious you will probably way over eat it.

Ok. I'm coming to South Africa. Tell Mork to start making pizza! :D


the dough is always rising. the oven is always on!

ah , so is this the delicious cake for friends b-day :) ?


yes! for my poor old colleague, Jimmy. He turned 65!!

Wow. It looks just terrific. Chocolate and Coffee? I'm in!

Thanks for a really basic recipe that sounds wonderful.


it is super simple. Now to make a healthy vegan version!

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Hello ma'am @princessmewmew. Wow! This is sooooo enticing. Honestly, I love chocolates, or anything with chocolates. Haha. Your chocolate cakelooks very delicious. Wow, now I am sooo hungry and craving for your cakes. LOL. :)

Thank you for sharing this my friend @princessmewmew, very helpful to me as I am just learning baking.
I want to ask you with your permission ma'am, if I can try your ingredients myself? I am excited to try it. haha. Followed you. Looking forward for your next posts. Thank you ma'am. :) Enjoy your day!


of course you may. I also really love chocolate xx


Oh thank you mam @princessmewmew. #more chocolate cakes hahaha. See you mam and enjoy your day.

It looks exactly like a cake that I eat every weekend, a lot of chocolate, I love chocolate.


wow! i love chocolate too, but I don't eat cake every weekend


hahaha omg You are missing out!



haha. it is indeed. glad you are so excited!

Hy @princessmewmew , color of chocolate buttercream is very beautiful.
After saying your chocolate buttercream water comes in my mouth, i hope its taste is very good.
Thanks @princessmewmew for recipe and complete procedure of chocolate buttercream


thank you love! It is way too tasty, I couldn't stop sampling hahah


Thanks @princessmewmew for this great feedback.

Congratulation princessmewmew! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 10min with 11 votes.

I'm not a baker, but this cheat is something I want to try! OMG coffee and chocolate is amazing <3 Thanks for sharing! This is inspiring :D

Looks Amazing !! I want a piece of that !! Thank you for sharing girl !

Mmmmm Chocolate cake. Ummmm I'm totally stealing that. I bet it didn't last very long. You know, sometimes people like cake so much that they cry just a little when they don't get offered a piece. I know you know what I am talking about @morkrock. ;P

HHHmmmmmmm it looks delicious, although very simple and practical to make where it does not take many ingredients, and how long does it take to bake?

That looks yummy, my birthday is still coming.

Greetings, it is something similar to pineapple cake, or also to brownie since many are the same and only change are the flavors in each cake, very cute your post girl.

That delicious friend, very good this list of things where it does not take many things, also very good photos, I was hungry but anxious hahaha, greetings.

Thant cake looks so moist and delicious. WoW... I could really get into some of that for real. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos and recipe @princessmewmew.

i just love eating... :)