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Though we have been eating meat and even harvesting animals ourselves for a while now, this was the first time that we did this.

A lot of people know what a cut of meat looks like on a plate. Many could tell the difference between a T-bone and Ribeye, but some don't even know where they come from. Over the past year and a half or so, we have dove into the world of harvesting and processing animals. It has been interesting, and if nothing else, it gives you a better understanding and appreciation for where meat comes from.

The last deer I harvesting was still hanging to cool when the temperature dropped. I figured since it was frozen, I'd leave it, and so it hung for a while. Recently though, there was an increase in the temp, so I took the opportunity to take it down and begin processing it. One of the things on the top of the "wish list" from @mama-pepper was ground meat.


Since our neighbors have a pretty solid meat grinder, @mama-pepper and I decided to take it out for a test drive. Our time was limited, so I just cut up the front legs to see what we could do. We understood the basic process and idea, we had just never tried to ourselves, so we were eager to "get our feet wet."

Soon we had the grinder assembled and the meat cut. Initially we used an attachment with very small holes, so we switched it out for one with larger holes. We ran it through a few times, so here are some more photos of the process and the work that we did.


In the end, we wound up with a good amount of ground venison. Many people like to mix meats together or add fat from another animal, but I don't think that there is anything wrong with enjoying some nice, lean, ground venison as is.

All that was "left over" is still usable too. The bones will be used to make bone broth and soup stock, and afterwards gifted to some dogs as treats. The tendons and other parts that we cut off instead of trying to grind will be fed to chickens and other animals. If you watch the packaging at the store, you'll notice that some companies like to declare that their chickens were fed a "100% vegetarian diet." This is not what they do on their own, since they will eat bugs, worms, snakes, and other creatures. Instead, it is a nice way for the company to say that they did not feed their chickens all of the other chickens that didn't make it. For us, we are fine with the chickens and other animals eating the scraps from this deer, or from other animals too, just not themselves (cannibalism.)

The next morning I cooked some up and added it to some eggs for our breakfast burritos. We also used some Wisconsin cheese that @paradise-found has sent us. They were some really, really tasty burritos. In the end, our test drive of the meat grinder was a success, the ground venison is tasty, and we know where our food came from!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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When you say 'harvested' a deer, do you mean you hunted it?

Yes, I hunted it in the wild.

Very good sir. Followed.

Man, @papa-pepper.
You are soooo ahead of me... I loved reading this article.
We don't even have chcikens yet (but a ready to go and assembled coop soo soon there will be a gamechanger coming up here). From teenage times I remember that strange feeling that I always wanted to kill the animal I eat myself. It was a secret for me for a long time, because I thought I would scare people off, talking that "barbarien" talk. It feels good to grow up, stand in for your thoughts and feelings and finding a whole community that thinks alike.
Great that you have a neighbour with grinder to borrow from and how convenient the freezing temperature where. Kepts the meet well protected from flys and critters I guess.

Sound like you are heading the right direction!

Awesomeness @papa-pepper ! you know how much we love our Deer !! to bad my hubby couldnt get one this year , but we did get some given to us ! And when its ground it so versitile ! thanks for sharing the great photos ! upped and resteemed to share with my foodie followers in my @momskitchen blog !! Mmmmmm!👍😋🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

Here’s a tried and true ground venison recipe for @mama-pepper to try out :)
Your venison came out much finer textured than ours does though, so I’d advise backing way off on the milk, maybe start with half the amount to make sure your meat mixture doesn’t completely turn to soup ;)

I think it’s great that your able to harvest and grind your own meat! You can know exactly what is going into your food. Sounds to me like it would be a lot more rewarding to eat after all of that hard work put into it too! :)

True that!

Nice! We don't really have wild deer here, so it's always a treat when I manage to get some. Farmed venison just does not taste the same!

Any photos of the breakfast burrito?

very I know how many difficulties you have encountered while making your meal.

damn! you need some serious 'MUSCLES' (get it?) to flip that! :)

Oh my goodness... whatta hell is that... oww no no no .... easy my old man, be careful... don't put your body on there.... huisssyaaa... great man.

WOW !😋👍👍👍

Q: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
A: I have no I-Deer


Lol nice !

How many times did you put the meat through the mincer?
Here it is only once, the result more like picture 6 than the mushy end product you had.
Here there are hand mincers that you can mount on the kitchen table, crank by hand, and put from bread, vegetables and meat through,

That's awesome! I usually take mine to a processor, but i'm looking forward to doing my own when we have the space available.

We were blessed with the opportunity to do our own!

"Proof-of-Meat" the hottest thing on the blockchain ha!


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@papa-pepper YUMMY DEER BURGERS !!!

I just ate a big one of those! It was great!

They would be expensive (dear) burgers in a restaurant ;)

I bow hunt deer in the fall and nothing beats cutting out the back-straps right after you skin the deer, slicing them into thin pieces, putting it on a griddle with butter and onions, and then in-between some sourdough bread. Trust me. YUMMMM :)

My husband attacks the backstraps first thing, too! He’ll sometimes marinate them in soy sauce and garlic first.

Never thought of soy sauce and garlic. hmm, I'll have to try it next season. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Gotta love the backstraps!

very I know how many difficulties you have encountered while making your meal.

thank you a lot @papa-pepper i saw your hand work on my post, God bless you! i want to drop a post, about your kindness and love toward newbie steemians. with your permission what do you say?

I have went through the whole process of hunting, cleaning, gutting, freshly procurred meat through the grinder into the freezer or cooking now we go. It's satisfying. But cleaning all those little grinder pieces....SO annoying lol

Mama-Pepper didn't mention anything, but I didn't ask. This one seemed pretty simple to clean, but I'm not sure.

Well this is going back probz 15 years ago for me
Those archaic ones probably had more pieces 😊

wuau eso se ve delicioso ya me dio hambre @papa-pepper sois un crack

Very good article! Sure love me some venison!

nice food.i like your cooking.

How do you know? You never tasted it. 😁

Interesting post.It is like you are exploring new methods of cooking.Cool

Best food is that you have caught or grown yourself!


wow papa , this is have more protein , i love this meet , different with cow .
visit my blog papa , i need your support . thank you @madamuhammad

wow steady this kwanku @papa-pepper.
this is what the name of a friend,
it looks very nice.

Awesome. Grew up in MT with a good amount of deer, elk, and antelope...and since also some black bear and alligator. Good stuff!

I'd like to see the Proof of Steak next time. :P

I'll work on it!

When you added it to the omelette, did you not find it a bit dry? I usually need to add some oil/fat to ground venison.

No, it was really tasty and I did not notice any dryness.

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this looks so delicious SIr! I will probably recommend this to my dad and make one soon for our breakfast ;) Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper! :)

I dont think its coming haha it made me hungry :) now here at the fastfood with @reyarobo and @marlon82 have a nice day @papa-pepper :)

The meet looks good

In aceh, venison is very rare, many people want to try it

The venison is very tasty @papa-pepper. It was sweet and savory. In Aceh (Indonesia), we often mix the venison into the noodles and sometimes cook it into goulash.

that is awesome..and you are trying new things :)


as always that was a lovey post @papapepper! you kind of love hunting and you have a great taste for beer.

reminds me of the time i used to cook. @papa-pepper
nice one there

Did you remove all the fat first? It looks like your cuts have no fat, but I suppose deer are pretty low in that category.

First time I tried venison it was made into a sort of salad style, almost with the texture of tuna.

Add some pork fat ;)

Venison is super low fat. Many people add fat to the grind. For example, the processing places will give options to add fat-often pork fat.

Good to see that you are teaching your kids on how and where food comes from and how to use everything as some of our aussie chef's say from nose to tail. look forward to seeing more food post's. lots of Steem @lavender

Nice post beautiful presented and explained.

This is nice and looks delicious, am sure it is.
Where is @mama-pepper?
You made that meat all alone, now am very hungry. Can i have a bite?@papa-pepper
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmy

@papa-pepper its very famous here in my country but we add some salt and spices sometimes with parsley too

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I wonder how a deer taste like @papa-pepper nice work you did over there boss.
Maybe some day will come over and have a bite :)

Made from scratch is always the best :) Well done :)

It looks delicious the meat of that deer that you enjoy friend greetings

Yummy yummy.....coming for it @ papa pepper

looks very good friend.

Well, after seeing that delicious meat now I am a little bit hungry.

I was ready to sleep but I guess I need a quick snack now.

LOL! - I know the feeling!

was gonna say it looked pretty dry when fried up but man in burritos that would be pretty damn nice. respect for showing people the journey, most people just have no idea where the food comes from you are so right.

@papa-pepper, awesome of papa. yup... cooker very nice activities especially for family. there are very much appreciates from child and wife. you are really cooking .... hehehe great man.I trust it, you are good papa. see you.

I make venison in the crock pot, but hey this is pretty cool. Thank man

its really Amazing @papa-peppar thanks for sharing your experience :) ..

Really awesome, @papa-pepper. I am interested in the grinder. It looks heavy duty and I assume that it has an electric motor. I have a small one but as we process more and more of our own meats, I think I will need something a bit larger.

I'll try to take a look at it. It is heavy duty and it is electric.

Good foods good looking chtpty cucury khiyale that upvote follow me thanks

The only way that I have tried deer meat is salted then woodsmoke dried. It helps to preserve it and makes outstanding stews.

What it taste a like @papa-pepper? it is my first look of the deer meat.

it just tastes like delicious meat... not really sure how to describe it.

It tastes a bit like, actually, a lot like, venison I found. :D

Thats interesting my friend.

Wao that's interesting, feeding chickens with meat, learnt a lot. Thanks keep up the steeeeeem

I was thinking of getting a kitchen aid attachment for meat grinding and have a friend who is splitting a deer with me. Do you know of anyone who has used the kitchen aid attachment for this? We cure and smoke our own bacon, and I would likely add that to it as well. I am definitely one who likes to add fat to ground venison since we primarily use it for burgers. Btw, if you do your own bacon it ruins grocery store bacon forever!

Backstrap with garlic and a budweiser is heaven but learned at a young age that if you see someone eating this cosmic mixture you have 2 choises.

Run like hell

Grab a gasmask


Great idea for the left overs, we boil the bones for broth stain the mixture and feed the scraps to the chickens, it is a clean protein source that is really needed especially during these cold weather spells!

This looks very delicious! That is an impressive looking grinder your have there. I made deer stew this winter and it was delicious! 2 years ago my first introduction to venison was at a farm I volunteered for. They had harvested several roadkill deer and so we had seemingly endless supply of ground venison. It was delicious! I especially like it in eggs. I must try the ground venison breakfast burritos one day :)

I have never tried a deer burger, but I bet they were delicious.

I love how you guys prepare your own meat because you know exactly what you are eating or where it comes from.

We have wild deer come right to our houses almost daily and we live in town and they eat the flowers and leaves of the trees.
Here in Penticton, Canada they are not afraid of people and pretty much live in town, the sad thing is that they get hit by cars a lot.

Great post, like always @papa-pepper