Malaysia Local Delicious Dessert and Snacks

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Happy Day Everyone.

Previous post I have introduced some of my favourite Malaysia Food. You can visit it here.

This post would be the continuation of Favourite Malaysia food. This round I would like to introduce Malaysia local famous delicious Dessert or Snacks. If you visit Malaysia, there would be a lot of local Desserts or Snacks which I hope you can explore. Below were some of them.

1.Ice Kacang or ABC

Ice Kacang is one of the famous local dessert which locally known as Air Batu Campur (ABC). Air Batu mean Ice and Campur mean Mix. Kacang mean Beans.The whole would be Ice mixed with beans. It made of finely shaved ice, on top of it with mixture of red beans (normally kidney beans), jelly, attap chee,creamy sweet corn, glass jelly and grilled peanuts. Then poured on top with syrup, evaporated milk, coconut milk and gula melaka (Plam sugar). The local invented it where you also could add on additional topping like Ice-cream, durian, fruits, raisin etc. But the taste still similar as the original ice Kacang.

It tasted good especially when it is a hot summer day and thirsty. Ais Kacang would be your best choice, it not only delicious, the icy cold that soothes your throat and cools down the body. It also there to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Ice Kacang.jpg

Ice-Kacang with Ice-cream

2.Cendol (Pandan Worms)

Another dessert which made your mouth watery would be Cendol. It also called Pandan worms because it made from pandan and the shape similar to worms. It similar to Ice Kacang above, the difference only the ingredient. As the name called Cendol, the main ingredient would be Cendol (green color from the picture).I have tasted Cendol which they have add on bit of Kidney beans and jack fruits, it really delicious and worth a try.

The thick creamy coconut milk and palm sugar, it adds on the aroma of the Cendol. This is a must try in Malaysia.




In Malaysia, we have 2 types of Rojak ie Fruit and Mamak rojak. Rojak mean mix. Mixtures of Fruits or mixtures of other ingredients. The important ingredient for rojak is the sauce. The sauce made the whole dishes tasty.

  • Fruit Rojak (Mixtures of fruits).

Fruit Rojak normally consists of crunchy cucumber, pineapple, guava, green mango, crispy tofu, water spinach and crackers. Then they mix it together with the sweet and spicy sauce. The fruit rojak sauce is a combination of sweet tamarind, salty prawn sauce and spicy chillies (or we call it shrimp paste). On top of the fruit rojak, it normally sprinkles with peanuts bits. You can choose either spicy or non-spicy sauce. The great taste of a fruit rojak always depend with the sauce. If you able to make a tasty sauce, then you had it.

Fruit Rojak.jpg
Fruit Rojak

Fruit Rojak sauce.jpg
Rojak sauce

  • Mamak Rojak

Mamak rojak started by Malaysia Tamil Muslim (Mamak) where they sold the rojak with motorcycle or small truck. Mamak Rojak contains fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn freitters, hard boil eggs, bean sprouts, and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick spicy peanut sauce. You need to ask the local where can get a best Mamak rojak because not all Mamak rojak tasty. It depends with each stall owner how they make the peanut sauce.

Mamak Rojak.jpg
Mamak Rojak

4.Pisang goreng cheese (Fried banana with chesse)
Fried bananas are a popular dessert and snack Food in Malaysia. It is crunchy and delicious. The flour was the important ingredient in Fried banana. The crunchiness was from the mixtures of flour. But the best would be with cheese on top of it. I have tasted the best Pisang Goreng Cheese would be from my hometown Tawau.

The below was the photo I took when I back to hometown last year.

Pisang Cheese.jpg

If you are a dessert person, you won’t regret if you tasted all the above desserts. There were many local delicious desserts in Malaysia beside the above. When visit Malaysia, please do tasted all of it. You won’t regret at all.

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Yummmm!! I love the first 3 very much @oliviackl :)

@marblely, you must try the cendol with jack fruit. It really delicious. And the Pisang Goreng Cheese also.

Ah yummm. Where do you find them?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Ah yummm. Where do you find them?

Posted using Partiko iOS

You can find them in Subang Jaya hehehehehe..

Looks tasty! I have red kidney beans in the cupboards, Maybe I should try to make Ice Kacang!

Yes, it very tasty. Why not, remember boil the kidney beans with some sugar until it soft. If not your kidney beans would be tasteless.. then add on some can creamy sweetcon, jelly , coconut milk and palm sugar.. basically you are there already. But you need to have fine shaved ice hmm.. if you can bare with it, just use ice cube :P

I like them all!

I can get the first one in Taiwan and in Chinese buffet place in Houston although we mix the ingredients ourselves. I get most except ice or ice cream.

it fun if you able to mix it yourself @freedomshift. In Malaysia, in some of the buffet also mix it ourselves. But i still find the ready ABC taste better than the one I mixed hehehe.. Oh, if no ice, what you replace with? It taste good goes with ice. Look for the second one in Houston if can, that also taste nice.

The buffet restaurant does provide ice and ice cream. I just didn't have room after a great buffet lunch.

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Thank you very much @myach. What a surprise.

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