My Saturday Favourites #3! My Favourite Foods: Malaysia Yummylicious Foods

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Hello there, this round is food time yummy!!

When talk about food, this would be my favourite topic. I like to eat especially all the nice authentic food. Too many good foods in my mind, how should I start and introduced each of them. Maybe I just list down some of my favourite authentic food with a brief introduction on what would be the ingredients.

  1. Nasi Lemak Kukus (Steam coconut rice).

Nasi Lemak Kukus is rice steam with coconut milk. This is an authentic food originate from our Muslim friend. It is delicious because the rice does not turn clumpy and each grain was separated and fluffy. It goes with sambal, curry chicken, rendang or fried chicken, few slices of cucumber, hard boil egg, fried ikan billis (anchovies) and fried peanuts. You sure fall in love with it when you have your first bite.

Nasi Lemak.jpg
Nasi Lemak

2.Nasi Kuning (Tumeric Rice)

This is another type of Nasi lemak which originate from Indonesia, it cook with coconut milk and turmeric. This would be my first and must have when I back to my hometown. It goes well with meat Rendang, Sambal fish teri, fried fish with sambal, potatoes. My favourite would be fried fish with sambal. Although it looks simple but taste yummylicious with all the spices and the fish.
Nasi Kuning.jpg

Nasi Kuning

3.Ikan Bakar (Grilled fish with charcoal)

Ikan Bakar is the authentic grilled fish which marinated with spices like turmeric, shallot, chili pepper, tamarind juice, salt etc. Then they grilled or burned it on top of charcoal (or BBQ). The spices on top was mixture of ground shallot, garlic, chilli, tamarind juice. The marinate ingredient and the source varies in each country. I could finish one whole fish just like that.

Ikan Bakar.jpg
Ikan Bakar


Another favourite of mine would be satay. Satay is a dish that is made of grilled, seasoned and skewered meat with a sauce. It may be of sliced chicken, mutton, beef or other meats. The meat was marinated with turmeric and some of their secret source and grilled on top of charcoal. The tender of the meat and the marinated source was the key of satay. Satay is served with peanut sauce along with onions, cucumber and rice cakes

Satay In progress Source.jpg
Satay in progress

Satay served with peanut source, Onions, cucumber and rice cakes

5.Fish Head Noddle

Fish head soup with rice noodle is one of our favourite local Malaysian Chinese delicacies. In general, huge fish head chunk are serve. The tedious portion would be preparation of the fish stock. Need to prepare it carefully so that able to bring out the flavourist fish stock and prevent the fishy smell. The noddle is rice noddles either mee hoon or vermicelli). The fish soup include ginger, pickled plums, tomatoes, fish stock, evaporated milk, black pepper, pickled mustard greens. Some add in yam to thicken the soup. Then add in the fried fish head and meat.

Fish Head Noddle.jpg
Fish Head Noddle

So what would be your favourite food😜 🙄❓

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Yummersss!!! Love Nasi Lemak and Satay especially the burnt parts of the meat (the most unhealthy thing to eat!) !! And I know you like your fish head noodle hehe :D Thank you for your entry!!

Yes, I love fish head yum yum..

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The first one looks so yummy. I think that was the one they served on board Malaysia Airlines when I had a business travel there few years ago but I was a fool to decline it. I was still full that time so I declined But when it was served, my seatmate was saying I should have taken it still. I missed the opportunity to try what could have been an original dish. Silly me... 😏

oh you should try it next time. But airplane nasi lemak not that tasty if compare with local stall. Next time ask your colleague bring you.

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Hehehe... Yes, I will keep that in mind. Or maybe I will have another chance to fly to Malaysia one of these days. :)

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Look delicious! Very colorful plates. ☺

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Yes, please come to Malaysia if you have chance. You won't regret with all the local food if you like to take spicy food.

Thanks for the invitation. Maybe one day.

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