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Happy Weekend Friends! 😉

Today, I'd like to share with you a favorite Hair of the Dog cocktail recipe, a Spicy Bloody Mary. 🌶️🍸

Without a doubt, if you need to know how to make one classic cocktail for your hungover brunch guests, this one tops the list!


A Beverage with Benefits

The ingredients of a Spicy Bloody Mary blend several hangover remedies into one cure-all concoction.

Tomato juice is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K and B6. It's also loaded with hangover healing minerals such as iron, magnesium and hydration regulating potassium.

In addition to tomato juice, ingredients like black pepper, horseradish and hot sauce add heat to really help sweat out that hangover. To make your Spicy Bloody Mary a total hottie, opt for a habanero chili pepper hot sauce rather than tobasco, and jalapeño-infused vodka.

In my how-to video below I use bacon as a savory, meaty garnish. Not only is bacon delicious, it's also an excellent hangover remedy. 🥓

According to scientific researchers in the U.K., protein-filled bacon contains a high level of amino acids needed to relieve your sloshed self. So, if you're planning to sip this libation to treat your post-partying veisalgia, don't forget to toss in a crispy strip!

Classic Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe 🌶️🥓🍸



1.5 fl oz vodka
4 fl oz tomato juice
1/2 tsp horseradish
2 tsps lemon or lime juice
few drops of Worcestershire sauce
few drops of habanero hot sauce
pinch of pepper (black, white or rainbow)
pinch of cayenne pepper
garnish with your preferred choice of toppings

Yield: 1 serving | 💡 Out of horseradish? Substitute with a pea-sized amount of wasabi paste.



  1. First, rim the edge of a rocks glass or highball glass with a lemon or lime wedge. Next, gently dip the edge of the glass into your homemade rimmer made of chili powder (or sweet paprika, ground pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder) and sea salt flakes, celery salt and / or kosher salt.

  2. Add a pinch of pepper to the bottom of your glass. Next, add half a teaspoon of prepared horseradish followed by a few drops each of Worcestershire sauce and habanero hot sauce.

  3. Add ice until glass is half full.

  4. Pour 1.5 fl oz of vodka into glass.

  5. Pour 1/4 cup (out of 1/2 cup) of tomato juice followed by 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon or lime juice.

  6. Mix all ingredients well with a bar spoon. Top cocktail with remaining tomato juice and add garnishes.

You're all done! Now, sip, serve and enjoy!

Garnish Substitutions

What I love about a Bloody Mary, is that you can make one with whatever garnishes tickle your pickle (and yes, pickles do make for wonderfully briny garnish)!

For my last creation, I used homemade Cajun pickled green beans as a substitution for classic celery stalks. Skewers of olives, pearl onions, pepperoncini peppers, mini vine tomatoes, Ciliegine fresh mozzarella and fresh basil made yummy and appetizing garnish options.

Oh, and no lemon? No problem! Limes will do just fine. Just remember to have fun experimenting!

Watch My Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Tutorial:

💡 Tipsy Tip: You'll want to pre-plan if you're using this cocktail recipe as a hangover remedy. Save yourself some time and pain and make your homemade mix before the big night out!


Thanks for commenting, upvoting and resteeming this post! I hope my post will inspire you to treat yourself to something delicious! Until next time...




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I would love to make this Bloody Mary Cocktail! I enjoy this cocktail but I don't make it enough. Mine will have to be spicy. Definitely!

@michellectv, I just posted a MyTurn on your Vodka Buck Cocktail. I gave you a shout out =D. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Traveling right now with @theywillkillyou but can't wait to do a MyTurn on your Bloody Mary cocktail recipe sometime after I get back home.

A Bloody Mary makes for a mighty fine boozy breakfast! Haha! Thank you for your shout out - your twist on the Vodka Buck looks refreshingly and tastefully delicious. Gorgeous photos too, btw!

Wishing you both safe travels and congrats on your new Steemit project! ; )

Wauw! You have seriously outdone yourself! Quality and everything of the post is just fantastic! Its such a bummer I find bloody marys the most disgusting things ever, but damn woman: you are making me rethink this and giving it an other try. :D

Haha! Happy you found this tipple tempting @karinxxl! When I was very young I never understood how someone could drink a Bloody Mary, until I discovered it tastes like liquid spicy shrimp cocktail sauce with booze.

I think the key is finding a version of the recipe that works for your palette. Cheers!

hahahhaa shrimp cocktail sauce even, you make it sounds better by the second!
The last time I had one was at the Sint Martin Yacht Club, a place notorious for its bloody marys, so when a while back i decided to temper my epic hangover (this is actually a big while back now I realize), it didnt fall really good. Maybe the hangover was bigger than Mary :D

With this weeks Regatta just around the corner here I might need a new reason to give it a retry. Boats and Booze =....

Any excuse to give try it again sounds like a good one. Have fun! ; )

yeah, it really does look like it could be a whole delicious meal in one, with a nice kick in the pants to boot! throw in some shrimp, and you're set for brunch with a a spicy shrimp salad + cocktail all in one, ready to go! lol

That's the way to do it! ; )

I'll ask a question maybe silly because I know it would not be a cocktail then, but can this be done without any type of alcoholic drink? Or impersonate vodka for something natural?

Sure, you can make a Virgin Mary 😇. Just omit the vodka ; )

muchísimas gracias, en serio, eres la mejor

No problem ; )

that looks reallly good!! my sister loves spicy ! I actually wouldnt be able to handle all that spice, but I love the cocktail itself!! yummy!!

Yup, this one is a hottie for sure, hehe. The spicy rimming salt might be overkill if you don't like too much spice.

Cheers to you @allasyummyfood! Thanks for stopping by ; )

Wow, that's a whole meal right there!

Yup! Breakfast of champions ; )

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Now the IBA has a similar cocktail called Vampiro -meaning vampire in Spanish-
One of my favorite cocktails with the Americano and the Old Fashion

My original cocktail is called Oso Frontino -Andean Bear- and is strong but tasty and is meant to be served as an aperitif drink or with a dessert

Sadly I don't have the money to buy the ingredients right now to make a post. Maybe I can share the recipe with you and we could split the reward, what do you think?

If you are interested you can DM at twitter @ManuelMdnz

Nice post, that bloody mary looks like a tasty solution for a hangover! Upvoted and resteemed

I'll give you an upvote for your drink ;)

Me Tarzan. Me like your Bloody Mary. Me swing through tree tops without having to climb up. Me no longer need Jane.

so I guess the drink gives you flying super-powers too then?! awesome! lol

🤔... I'm puzzled and at a loss for words... 🤐

Wow, it looks amazing and quite simply! Even I didnt know that it can has health benefits!
So what can I say.. Cheers to next time and I go treat myself with delicious COCKTAIL :)
Have a great weekend, Michelle!

Cheers to you to @liltammy! Happy Sipping ; )

Thats a generous portion with a plenty of garnishing on top taking the cocktail, visual appearance and taste, to a whole new level. Cheers!

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