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Happy Super Bowl Sunday Friends!

Today's the BIG GAME! If you’re game, take a TIMEOUT and learn how to make a Shandy (a.k.a. Panaché) Beer Cocktail!


It’s so easy-to-make, it's certain to SCORE you a TOUCHDOWN! Essentially, a Shandy is equal parts beer (pale lager or pale ale) and mixer. THAT'S IT!

And your good sportsmanship hospitality will earn you major BREW POINTS with your party guests! 💯

1. Pour 1 part pale lager beer into a chilled Pilsner glass.


2. Next, pour 1 part ginger beer or ginger ale.


3. Follow up with 1 part lemon soda.


4. Finish by adding a lemon wheel garnish.


5. You're all done! 👏 Now, serve, sip and ENJOY!!! 😋


💡 Tipsy Tip: To make a TurboShandy, substitute lemon soda with hard lemonade!

Watch my Shandy Beer Cocktail Video Tutorial:

My Shandy Recipe Card:


Thanks for commenting, upvoting and resteeming this post! I hope my post will inspire you to treat yourself to something fun! Until next time...

Cheers! 🍻



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Cheers! Looks refreshing

pass me a Shandy Beer Cocktail please, I think I'm probably gonna need a little something to help get me through the half-time show, and by the looks of it, a Shandy might just be what I need to "get the job done"! lol :D

The half-time show should be fun! Hopefully, J.T. will be bringing sexy back!!! Haha! It's the ad nauseum of the adblitz that might require a TurboShandy! 🍺🍺🍺😛

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We demand a strong cocktail for the Cryptocurrency crash, just noticed you upvoted two of my posts recently and I would like to return the favor the say thank you. Lovely blog!

You're very welcome @digdaga! And thank you for stopping ; )

Love the referee outfit.

Amor, mira esto. Sé que te encantara hacerlo y a mi beberlo jajajaja

Beautiful such a girl, that's what she would pour beer to me all the football

They have girls that pour beer on people at football games?! Whaaatttt? Lol!

#1 beer # pour more beer # pour even more beer!!!!

Thanks for the drink tip :D Enjoy the super bowl and party

No probs! I think that's just called beer... not a shandy. Cheers!

Happy Sunday to you too

And to you as well!

I know Shandy Cocktail from Greece. They drink it a lot! I like it too, its not so strong...
Cheers to new week ;) Smile and Steem on, Michelle :)

I didn't know this was popular in Greece! Good to know! Thank you @liltammy ; )

Shandy' so soothing and refreshing to jazz up weekends.

I've never made my own cos I buy off-the-shelf shandies.

Oh, well, that would be just TOO EASY, lol! Where's the fun in buying pre-made?

Let me add the last line
Don't forget to share cocktail with someone you love.😉😊

That's a good one! I might have to borrow your line. Thanks @iamanwaar ; )

After watching this video, I wanna get naughty before I do my referring 😘

Have fun, Mr. Referee.

Thanks cutie 😘 you the best. And do find time to check my blog posts too 😎

sexy like a superstar :) :D

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