Kickoff Super Bowl Weekend 🏈 with a Spicy Michelada Cubana Beer Cocktail! 🌶️🔥🍺 (RECIPE + VIDEO TUTORIAL)

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Happy Super Bowl Weekend Friends! 🤗🏈

Today, I'll share with you my recipe for a 🔥 Spicy Michelada Cubana 🔥. If you have a penchant for 🌶️ picante potables, then this beer cocktail is for you! 🍺 😜


Oh, and DON'T SWEAT IT! This drink recipe is ssoooo easy-to-make, you couldn't FUMBLE it if you tried. Trust me, your good sportsmanship hospitality will earn you major BREW POINTS with your guests! 💯

⚠️ WARNING: Get ready to knock your socks off, 'cause this concoction is MUY CALIENTE!!!💥💥💥


1. First, rim the edge of a Pilsner glass with a lime wedge. Next, gently dip the edge of the glass into your homemade rimmer made of chili powder and sea salt flakes (or kosher salt).


2. Squeeze 1/2 fl. oz. of fresh lime juice (about half a lime) into the bottom of your glass.


3. Next, add 1/2 tsp. each of Worcestershire sauce and Habanero hot sauce followed by 1/4 tsp. of soy sauce.


4. Add a pinch of chili pepper and fresh pepper (I used rainbow).


5. Add ice.


5. Pour your glass 2/3rds full with a pale lager beer. Stir drink with a bar spoon and top off your beverage with a bit more brew.


5. You're all done! 👏 Now, serve, sip and ENJOY!!! 😋


Watch my Spicy Michelada Cubana Video Tutorial:

My Recipe Card for a Spicy Michelada Cubana Beer Cocktail:


Thanks for commenting, upvoting and resteeming this post! I hope my post will inspire you to treat yourself to something fun! Until next time...

Cheers! 🍻



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wow, is it already time for another Super Bowl?! Feels like we just survived the last one, by the skin of our teeth no less! 😀

Nonetheless, this looks like a terrific way to help the evening fly by, and render us oblivious to any nutty half-time shenanigans they may try and brainwash us with this time 'round! lol

Definitely! Perfect for kickoff and half-time! I feel like Super Bowl Sunday is a free pass to eat all of the naughty bar food I usually curb. Mega noms!

I bet this year's half-time performance and commercials will be more political than ever. Just dripping in dark occult symbolism! Who's playing anyway??

Drink your Michelada bottoms up @alexpmorris! It's gonna be one helluva game!

great tasty food

If the players don't stand up for the flag, at least they will stand up for you. Who's playing, by the way?

Haha! New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles!

I dont know If look at you or on tutorial :D For men is the best post cause you are so cute! Also Michelada Cubana is great recipe :)

Oh, that's too sweet of you @liltammy! Glad you liked it ; )

Very nice and creative! Interesting combo. I need to get some has been a while. Have a wonderful day.

Basically, throw anything spicy in this with some lime juice and you've got a Michelada Cubana. Hehe : D

I've never had a beer like this, but have seen them made. I'd love to try one!

It tastes like beer and hot chicken wings!

I have made many Michelada's before and used a local lager known as Zwickle from Urban Chestnut brewing. I think it is one of the best lagers for this mix. Do you have a favorite Habanero hot sauce?

No real preference, I just buy the Tropical Pepper Co.'s sauce.

Well look at you ♥ I m not able to concentrate should i focus on food or beer or should i focus on you :) Not able to moved my eyes from you :) Just wanna say this post is so beautiful like author ♥ Great share following you for more :D

Well, thank you! I'm so happy to have following along. And do try the drink if you can!

Hehe i will i love booze though..! I wish i could join you ♥ @michellectv

i have upvote ur please do upvote my post too

I hope that , i will be make it

I hope you do too!

Mmmmm looks real sweet.

Nope. It's very spicy!!!

Good tasty foods. These have good health benefits. Thanks for sharing. Nice post.bold

Well, spicy can be arguably "healthy". It's meant to be fun!

Excelente información y muy ilustrativa, muchas gracias, te deseo mucho éxito.

Wow... I love it.

Thankkkssss ; )

All I wanna do is sip, Haha


michell 😱😱😍😍

That's Michelada to you, sir.

Wow its seems amazing . Upvote and followed

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