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Hello Steemians,
I have been so busy recently, therefore I did not update my blog much. Today I will introduce one of my favorite cafe and dessert house in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. I have heard that the full name of Bangkok is the longest in the world. Have you ever heard about that?
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Its full name is “Krungthep mahanakhon amon rattanakosin mahintara ayuthaya mahadilok popnopparat ratchathani burirom udomratchaniwet mahasathan amonpiman avatansathit sakkathattiya visnukamprasit", meaning 'Place of Olive Plums'. It’s a cool name, isn’t it? :p
Okay, now let’s move to our main part: After you cafe at Siam Paragon^^

After You - “There's always room for desserts”
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This dessert café is extremely popular among the citizens ( and tourists as well). I really like the décor here, especially the brick wall with natural look. It reminds me of a Korean drama: the coffee prince house, it is one of my favorite, too (God, why I have so many favorite things like this lol).
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Nutella Toast
After you is known for its signature dish - Shibuya Honey Toast but I prefer Nutella Toast. The toast is topped with Nutella sauce, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. You will immediately taste the hot & cold, fluffy & crispy with only one bite. I swear this is a MUST!
enter image description here
If you want other flavors, try Cheddar Cheese Toast and Matcha Toast (for Matcha fans). For something different, Chocolate Mud Brownie or Chocolate Lava Cake is a good choice.
enter image description here

Don’t forget to get Matcha Latte as it is good for your health and remove fats ^^
enter image description here

Do you know what dish I love the most in After You? It is Queen B Fudge Cake that brings me a chocolate heaven with chocolate cake, marshmallows, warm fudge sauce going with strawberry crumbles and vanilla ice-cream.
enter image description here
Yes, it’s lava cake but it’s not a normal lava cake but a Giant Lava Cake served with 3 flavors of ice-cream customized by yourself. How can we resist such a gorgeous dish!

I swear they taste as good as they look. You will regret not to stop by this adorable dessert spot at least once in your life.
Here are some of my photos @ After You
enter image description here
The panorama of After You

enter image description here
I love the cute package of drinks here :)

enter image description here
Hot Brownie

enter image description here
Caramel Flan

If you have been to Bangkok, have you tried this lovely dessert house? Please leave a comment about it. Next time I will write more about Thailand cuisine, which is one of the greatest worldwide in my opinion. Thank you for reading and see you soon <3<3<3


excellent place which to choose, beautiful photographs, has aroused a real appetite, congratulations and thanks for sharing

@mibenkito past midnight on this side of the earth and saw this
am like ...

just a scoop please

PS wow - that Thai name for Bangkok is an FYI . Thanks

WOW. It looks so good. I love desserts.

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