Verde Vegan Debuts Their New Menu!

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Last Friday night, the folks at Verde Vegan in Acapulco invited friends, family and customers alike to celebrate their new menu. Like any great restaurant they like to switch it up and keep things interesting for their customers.  Between the food, service and the atmosphere, they did a great job of showing they've got many more tricks up their sleeves.

Not only the menu was revamped, but the overall appearance of the restaurant with new hanging plants and lighting fixtures.

They were serving wine and mango water all night long, I'm not sure they even came close to running out, they were so well prepared in that regard.

They hired their own photographers to capture the evening as well, with much nicer equipment than mine.

This was my absolute favorite thing brought out that night, the vegan nachos.  I know many of you have heard me mention the fact that nachos aren't generally a thing here, and I'm right.  This is part of why I'm so happy they're serving them now, but the fact that they're really good really matters.  This is one of those "I didn't even realize it was vegan" meals.

The new menus are crisp, simple and elegant.  They get right to the point while also providing you with plenty of information.

I sadly did a bad job of photographing these menus (and part of the night realistically), so bear in mind that my pictures do not do that night any justice.

The presentation on everything they brought out was stellar, and everyone (including me) was satisfied with the new changes. They served everything on new plates sourced from plant material, just adding to the green environment they're working on sculpting there.  

Amparo, the mind behind much of the menu, really outdid herself this time.  She was not only focused on making things tasty, but making them pretty as well and I'll be the first to say she did a great job of it.

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese has been added to the menu this time around and it was surprisingly awesome.  As someone who's tried many vegan cheese products in the past I was really surprised at the taste and texture of the mac. 

Here you can see the remnants of a few sample plates.  They prepared the full sized dishes in the kitchen and released them to the party, with small sized plates and forks to taste test with.  The staff moved like a well oiled machine that night and it went off without a hitch.

Fried Zuchinni fritters with vegan sauce were a great tasting appetizer that didn't seem too heavy despite being fried.  

The new menu is both extensive and clever, in my opinion.

They feature more exotic options while still giving the local something they're used to, like a vegan torta for example.

This shot was taken just as the evening started, people flooded and just about every chair had a person in it by the time night fell.  Starting from 8pm all the way until nearly midnight the staff of Verde Vegan rolled out their new menu, one by one to a crowd in awe.  I felt for Amparo that night as I watched her deliver food, then run back to the kitchen to continue her work. While it was a party for us it was not for them, but they did a great job and they really looked like they were having fun, despite working a rush after what would normally be their closing hours. 

If you're in town, stop by and check out the new menu and show some support for the only vegan restaurant in town that accepts Bitcoin! They've been a great asset to our community here in many regards and I think it's worth noting that much of the value in the community here isn't just the expats, it's the locals who help us navigate and understand this local world. So kudos to you, folks at Verde Vegan and Verde Pistache, you're awesome!

Thanks for following and supporting us, until next time!

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Vegan is the future or else there will be no future.

I cannot support this argument. I'm not a vegan and while I support certain aspects of the diet, I'm not one to say it's morally better or that it's even environmentally better. A vegan diet is incredibly energy intensive in itself in many ways. There are a lot of holes in the vegan moral argument in my opinion.
I appreciate that the owners of Verde Vegan aren't actually vegan, they call themselves flexitarian and that's a great term for what we should shoot for! We are diverse people and we shouldn't eat the same thing all the time, meat or not. I like the idea of going from maybe a juice fast, to vegetarian, to pescatarian, with some meat here and there throughout the month.

I've explored these diets a lot for their health merits in the past and for someone who lives a very physically active lifestyle, I just couldn't afford to make a vegan or vegetarian diet work for me for the amount of food energy I needed. My body craved more and I actually lost weight and got healthy when I reintroduced meat.

My good friend @modprobe said it pretty well a few days ago "why are we focusing so much on what we don't want to eat(meat, cheese ect) and not focus on what we do want to eat more of?" Balance is important! I admit I'm not very balanced, but Im working on it. Thanks for the commment, I see where you're coming from but I just cannot agree with you.

Thank you for this awesome comment.

I think we agree on a lot fundamentally and it might even be possible that we mostly agree but have different way of communicating our truth. I eventually plan on sharing on these topic in the future so we'll have other chance to discuss this further. Sorry for not really expressing my views further right here right now but I'll do so eventually. And thank you again for sharing. Keep Steeming @lily-da-vine!

Now that I think of it I've shared some of my thoughts on the subject in the comment link below. I know it's a tricky subject. I'm okay with what I wrote back then and as with anything, it isn't perfect. It could be better but I think it can also open up to something positive for anyone reading it.

I don't post this as some sort of absolute truth or proof of anything but more something like you shared above, some positive vibes.


Is this in Acapulco? You didn't mention where, I don't think. Never-the-less, great writeup.

Yes, sorry. Unless otherwise specified my posts are in Acapulco. Thanks for the compliment! I think I'll edit the article to share it's in acapulco to get rid of any confusion.

I’m torn about the phrase “you eat with your eyes”.
I take a long time trawling through menus without pictures, mentally noting all the items I’d ever want to sample then finally picking that evening’s meal, the whole time trying to visualize what they’ll be like.
When I see pictures of dishes like these above I immediately know “I WANT THAT”. I already know they’re all vegan so I won’t be getting any meaty surprises, I can just order whatever catches my eye.
I know I’m not alone in this – we’ve all watched food being delivered to someone else’s table and enviously wondered “what is THAT?”
On the other hand, menus with a lot of pictures can look like they’re for kids. Or worse, they’re using stock photos and what actually arrives at your table is underwhelming! I just don't understand why more restaurants don't include pictures. Is it a prestige thing? "Classy restaurants don't do that"? I can name very few places that do. Casa de los Abuelos, I'm looking at you - thank you.
I guess this is where sites like Yelp are helpful because it gives customers the chance to post their own pictures. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve shown Yelp pictures to restaurants and ordered “whatever this is”. I won't be reading the menu at VV the next time I go - I already know I want the nachos & zucchini fritters.

I get where you're coming from. As far as pictures on menus are concerned, that shit's expensive so I can see where a clean and crisp menu has value here. It's one of those two sided coins that doesn't have an easy answer, but I think for VV the simple menu suffices. It's simple in an elegant way, not just a simple way

I tried everything that was brought out that night, and I liked it all.

That's good to hear, I didn't get to try everything that came out. I didn't like one of the things, but I'm a picky eater.

It's great that this kind of restaurant is gaining prevalence. I ate at KINDRED in San Diego last week. Fantastic vegan experience! 😋

This is the only expressly vegan restaurant I've encountered here, so it's slowly catching on. Mexico is interesting because it's economy is like 15 years behind in everything from glass pipes to food health crazes!

Glass pipes for what??

Smoking cannabis! The art world for that sort of thing took off 15 years ago in the states, to the point where there are glasssblowers everywhere and headshops are a common sight in the states. Smoking out of anything other than paper is new to mexicans, for the most part. So by moving to mexico and learning to blow glass here, I'm setting myself up in front of a big industry that's just getting started. Let the pesos roll in :)

Oh nice! You're a glass blower. That's awesome. Way to go, finding a gap in the market :D

It's one of the many things I do, but will be focusing much more on. If you're a follower, you'll be seeing a lot more posts coming soon featuring glass and the coming changes to my studio!

Consider me a follower :D

:D Thanks, stay tuned!