EPIC FOOD: Eating Fish The Filipino Style

in #food2 years ago

Hello Steemit Friends,

Tonight I tried to make fresh "Kinilaw" (it's basically raw fish with vinegar) which is really my first time. But anyway, seems like that my visitor tonight like it. I also grilled some fish which I don't really know what kind of fish it was. It's a very cold evening right here, and these kinds of foods should be served spicy. And that's what I did. Although I think I put too much chili sauce powder on it. LOL. You can imagine the faces of my visitors who ate the foods. But still, they like it. SURPRISINGLY...LMAO



How about you guys out there? Do you have this kind of "Kinilaw" delicacy in your country too? Do you grill your fish like us? I'm really curious about that since I'm a food lover. Anyway, see you in the next episode. Make sure to follow me @leninquiblat


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