Homemade non-diary yogurt

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I have been making natural yogurt from diary milk for a while now (see my post here) and it got me thinking: would it be possible to use the same method to make a non-diary one this time. I made some research on the internet of the process and bacteria culture could be used. Every website I opened said to add sugar and, promoted a specially prepared mixed of yogurt cultures for non-diary milk that, of course, is not available in my country. I didn't necessarily want to pay international shipping, so I decided to just try and see if the culture I have and often use works. Just in case it wasn't working the way I wanted, I have also bought some soy yogurt with live bacteria culture. In the end, I achieved one liter of nice soy yogurt made with both methods. Now, I wonder if I can make the same thing with coconut milk.



Soy yogurt making process:

  •  1 tbsp of honey or sugar – for the bacteria to feed on
  • 1 L of soy milk 
  • Pick one: two tbsp of yogurt with live culture pinch of thermophilic yogurt starter culture  

 1. Heat soy milk to 38-40 oC (100F). Then add honey and mix it well until fully dissolved. 

  2. Add the culture or yogurt and mix well for 1-2 minutes then transfer the soy milk to jars and into a yogurt maker (It is also possible to use thermos, as long as the milk is incubated at about 40oC). Wait for 9-12 hours and enjoy homemade soy yogurt!!

And it is ready!!


Yes, you can do it with coconut milk to make yogurt. Good luck!

Thanks @organiccacao!! I will try and make it soon then :)

Really nicely illustrated article @knittybynature. It's possible to make excellent yoghurt and kefir with coconut milk or cream. I use a yoghurt maker and a culture called Progurt, which is made in Japan and developed by the International Probiotics Institute, for an Australian company.

The main difference in the making of this yoghurt, is that you need to add lecithin as an emulsifier. I don't use soy products any more, for a number of reasons, but it's possible to get a lecithin that's made from sunflower seeds. 🌻

Oh this is very interesting!! Thank you for sharing!!
I will have to find a lecithin somewhere now and try it out. Maybe I will be able to make some coconut yogurt ice cream :)

Pleasure. Yes, coconut cream is SO useful ~ Makes great drinks, deserts, yoghurt and ice cream. Apart from tasting great it's nutritionally beneficial as well. 🌻

Yes, the nutritional benefits of coconut make it one of the superfoods. I am looking forward to making the ice cream now, especially that it is starting to be really hot here in Poland :)

This is good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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I hope I made it sound easy :)

Looks delicious! It sounds like a good takeaway meal for my office hours. PS: I buy the same milk brand :)

Thank you!! And yes definitely good take away meal :)

Excellent! Well done. I also often do homemade yogurt.

Thank you so much!! Homemade yogurt is the best :)

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