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RE: Homemade non-diary yogurt

in #food7 years ago

Really nicely illustrated article @knittybynature. It's possible to make excellent yoghurt and kefir with coconut milk or cream. I use a yoghurt maker and a culture called Progurt, which is made in Japan and developed by the International Probiotics Institute, for an Australian company.

The main difference in the making of this yoghurt, is that you need to add lecithin as an emulsifier. I don't use soy products any more, for a number of reasons, but it's possible to get a lecithin that's made from sunflower seeds. 🌻


Oh this is very interesting!! Thank you for sharing!!
I will have to find a lecithin somewhere now and try it out. Maybe I will be able to make some coconut yogurt ice cream :)

Pleasure. Yes, coconut cream is SO useful ~ Makes great drinks, deserts, yoghurt and ice cream. Apart from tasting great it's nutritionally beneficial as well. 🌻

Yes, the nutritional benefits of coconut make it one of the superfoods. I am looking forward to making the ice cream now, especially that it is starting to be really hot here in Poland :)

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