Banting Bacon, Chicken and Avo Dinner - What's Cooking Good Looking #5

in food •  2 years ago

I was REALLY thrilled with the way this meal turned out... It was DELICIOUS!! - Absolutely NO Pre-mixed ANYTHING and practically zero carbs so a great choice for those that like to eat Banting style, or just low carb.

So... just Mushrooms, green pepper and onion, fried in some butter and olive oil.

Bacon grilled in the oven until crispy and almost "biltong like"

Filleted chicken breast seasoned with fresh lemon juice, garlic, sweet basil and a little salt and pepper

and griddled in some olive oil and butter...

Served on a plate with a few sliced baby tomatoes, avo and wafer thin slices of camembert cheese :)


Grubs up!


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looks amaaaaaazing ... will try it


why thank you :) Hope you enjoy it!!! - I know we did!!

Can't beat bacon and avocado 😉😉 very nice mate upvoted and follow !
Follow my food @ch00fy


followed long ago :) and thank you for the lovely compliment :)


My apologies thank you 😍


only a pleasure :D

That combo though, what a great recipe! I'll have to make it for lunch one day!


oh please do! its a perfect lunch!!! :D just enough lightness and just enough awesomeness... (aka bacon...) haha :D

Mmmm...bacon.... avocado bacon.


mmmm and bacon....!!!! hehehe ;)