What's Cooking Good Looking #2 - Bacon Wrapped Chicken

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I love cooking and it is very seldom that I won’t prepare a home cooked meal for my family, but some days, the thought of multiple pots on my stove and the effort required to compile a varied meal is enough to make me want to hit myself over the head with one! Lol

And yesterday was one of those days…

So, instead of cooking anything at all – I decided to let my family starve, poured myself a gigantic glass of red wine and planted my rear end on the couch.

Just KIDDING!! Haha…

Well, about the starving my family part anyway ;)

No seriously, I have a few “go to” meals which I generally prepare on days where I am feeling a little lazier than usual… One of which is the one I am sharing with you today… which is drumroll


Bacon Wrapped, Rosemary Chicken, served with Roasted Veg. And YES – it IS as delicious as it sounds! It is also the ULTIMATE lazy day dinner, because it requires ZERO effort, other than wrapping the bacon strips around the chicken…

Ok, lets rock ‘n roll…

This is a “one pot” dish (or one tray dish rather) – so all you will need is a standard oven tray.

As far as the chicken goes, I am not a fan of the breast, unless it is in a casserole, as I find it way too dry. So I normally buy a pack drumsticks and thighs. For the bacon, I find the rashers the best as they are nice and fatty… and whilst I might not eat much in the line of carbs… I NEVER skimp on the deliciousness of fat! Hehe – but if you aren’t as much of a fan as I, then go for some shoulder pieces – its bacon, so either way, it’s a win win!

Now because this is a lazy day dinner, there will be NO chopping – so I buy the pre-chopped roasting veg.


Right, so… lightly season the chicken with whatever chicken spice takes your preference and then wrap one piece of bacon around each piece of chicken. I have found that one pack of rashers and one pack of chicken pieces is normally precisely equal, so that’s great… but it you are a piece of bacon short, just switch into MacGyver mode and make a plan lol. Split one of the pieces or something like that (not rocket science) haha!

Place the wrapped chicken into your roasting pan, shift it to one side and place your roasting veg in the other half. I like to stuff a few sprigs of rosemary between the chicken pieces - because rosemary rocks and I love it with almost any food! hehe!


I like to keep the veg really simple, so I season them only with a little bit of Ina Paarman's Vegetable Spice and Potato Spice and a light dressing of olive oil. Ina Paarman's spice selections are AMAZING but are locally produced, so I am not sure if you can get them internationally. Nonetheless – a little salt, pepper and a few herbs will do the trick too. Once dressed, give them a toss.


Guess what?! - You are done!

Stick your oven on to 180 degrees celcius, (or.... do this at the beginning like a sensible person lol) wait for it to warm up and once ready, pop the tray in for one hour.



Now seriously, if that isn’t the simplest meal ever, then I don’t know what is – and it is also a great hit with the kids!
If you have a particularly large family, you could just add another side – like some cous cous, rice or a salad.

Let me know if you give it a whirl - and what you think once tried and tested :) I am guessing it will become a regualr favourite ;)

Until next time…


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apologies. will go have a look soonest and rectify

Gotta love the Bacon SmackDown on the Chicken! BTW "Thighs" are the Best Part! now Umm... @jaynie you did have the Gigantic Glass of Red Wine?


hahaha ALWAYS!! (except Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm) lol ;)

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thank you :)

For even lazier work afterwards, use Baker's Joy when cooking things in the oven.


hahaha brilliant!! ;)

Good work! Looks delicious


thank you - and yes, it certainly is!!! :)

Looks so yummy. you made me hungry lol... followed ya n upvoted


thank you and thank you :)


:) You're welcome

@jaynie Yummi Food Upvoted Visit me thanks alot

So, instead of cooking anything at all – I decided to let my family starve, poured myself a gigantic glass of red wine and planted my rear end on the couch.

I mean, I wouldn't blame you. :p