FroYo and Mene so Happy Together

in food •  6 months ago


I take my Mene on dates all the time.

See Mene and me go to the park here:

Today I took my Mene to get some frozen yogurt!


The FRATERNITÉ platinum medallion, 21.5 grams of platinum and the Sun Medallion at 5.7 grams of pure gold:


Helping me decide which direction to go:


Like any good partner:


And the real reason we get froyo.....



But maybe these two beauties don’t need any extra frills?


Lets wildy mix everything together!


Whats this?


I knew I liked this place!

This shop priced their frozen yogurt by weight, just like...


When the cashier turned away I threw my Mene on the scale:


Looking pretty sweet!


Pricing by weight is genius. I love stacking froyo and I love stacking Mene.

Do you want to be this happy? Take your Mene on a date too!


Guarenteed to get:


Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

Menē crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ that is transparently sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology with timeless design, Menē restores the ancient tradition of jewelry as a store of enduring value.

To find out more about what Menē 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry is from your fellow Steemians :

To find out more about what Goldmoney is from your fellow Steemians :

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

For Menē 24k investment jewelry here:

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney and Menē through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

All images sourced from Menē and Goldmoney.

Read more about Goldmoney:

See Steemians unbox Mene:

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LOL I completely forgot they price by weight!! SO GENIUS. I hope you got a lot of jimmies!


I had a seperate container of only jimmies

Doesn't your wife get jealous?


I made sure she had extra toppings

Yummmm to both the group and gold 😂😂


Nice comment