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It's another extraordinary day in the Garden of Eden, and it's time for another extraordinary feast!

We are still following our anti-candida protocol and diet, and we are getting more and more creative about the delicious, nutritious dishes we can enjoy without sugar, meat, dairy, or most carbs! 

Check out this absolutely beautiful and super duper sustainable meal we got to enjoy today:

So many gorgeous colors and lovely flavors for a satisfying feast! Today we had mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies, cinnamon apples, and a veggie egg scramble. YUMMY!!!

Because we are temporarily eliminating dairy, our mashed potatoes were super simple. We boiled whole new potatoes and mashed them with a little of their cooking water, salt, pepper, and greens and herbs from the garden. It's interesting how tastes and cravings change when you eliminate a particular food for some time; no one really missed the butter, milk, and cream we normally use in our mashed potatoes, and instead were very pleased to have a hearty, wholesome, comforting dish like this. 

We had a bright veggie sautée featuring lots of onions and garlic; green, red, and orange bell peppers; yellow summer squash; and vibrant green zucchini. These veggies were the perfect complement to the simple but classic mashed potatoes! 

We even enjoyed a huge skillet of cinnamon apples with today's meal! They were very lightly cooked so they stayed mostly crispy and were just hot on the outside. Apples, onions, and potatoes are a really fantastic combination. No one has been missing meat in our meals because we get as much nutrient dense fruits & veggies as we want! 

Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL??? It's a treat to feast with our whole spectrum of senses, and engaging them all makes the meal much more satisfying and delightful. 

Of course, everything is prepared in our sustainable outdoor kitchen over handmade earthen rocket stoves. Knowing that our food is honorably sourced and prepared adds another delicious dimension to our epic daily feasts! 

Food is important and we hope to inspire people to really take  time  to eat, enjoy it, and share it with someone you love. We also hope to  inspire more and more sustainable practices in regards to  food. We want  to remind everyone to let food be your medicine too! 

If you would like to know more about our unique and super sustainable  connection to our food cycle, please check out our previous post here.


Really nice yet simple and healthy feasting!

So beautiful and so nutritious!

∞§∞Bless it be∞§∞

That was a feast for the eyes. I was going to bed now I want to eat more. Those plates were absolutely amazingly beautiful!

Thank you, @carolynstahl! It's another level for art and enjoyment of the food :)

wow so nice food..its testy and healthy''
very good shearing

Nutritious & delicious!

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :]

Wow, this looks so beautiful and so tasty and healthy. I'm going to have to try out the mashed potatoes without the cream and butter and do it your way. Sounds interesting and way healthier. I also loved the cinnamon apple idea, which I'll have to try. Thank you so much for these great pictures and healthy food ideas. Love it.

Thanks, @joalvarez! We like potatoes in practically every way they can be prepared! You can add all kinds of herbs as well to make them a little more flavorful. Grateful to inspire!

That sounds great, thanks for more tips. My family also likes the potatoes made all differently.

Great post. As always, i feel hungry when i read your posts :)

Thank you, @nainaz!! :)))

I do not say much I know but I think this is one of the best series going on the Steemit.

That's a great compliment! Thank you, @barrydutton!!

You are welcome!

I tried again, here it showed up for you properly once I got my latest blog up:



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make me hungry, can i try it? Hahaha 😂

Come on over! There's plenty for everyone!

hahaha you are lucky to feel the food, not like me.
if I'm close to you, I'll be there.


Refreshed a few times, no idea why your pic. is not showing on my tweet on this for you. It happens sometimes.

BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 01 Sep 2017 - 23:36 UTC

Today's #Sustainable Feast #Natural #Organic type food from The #GardenOfEden in #TEXAS #TX #Health #Detox #Crypto… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks so much for your support! That's greatly appreciated!!

I have my challenges but I do what I can muddling along friends.

Have a nice day!

Good food, can you give me a recipe.

We don't really follow recipes, but we can teach you how to cook! What would you like to know how to make?

The food always looks delicious and we share similar beliefs.....

And I have not given up on my own rocket stove out back but I have fascist neighbours, they do not like hippies like us


Tell Quinn I said hi.

Hey Buddy!

Great to see you here supporting and sharing the love!

Grateful to be creating a better world together!

I am muddling along man, you know me.

Sometimes my tweets help people, sometimes not...... I do what I can.

We appreciate the thoughts and care if nothing else!

Blessings Brother~*~

We would be really blessed if you and the #Edenites

(?) LOL

stop around my every-weekendly



here or there, with all your GOE outdoor living, offgrid people and skills!

It was a lot busier the first few weeks, but I start it every Friday nite on my page, the one post runs all wkend and I try to boost friendships and

#Engagement there.

Y'all are a good fit.

See, we #Canadastan types can adapt to USSA language!


I will check it out now!

Our neighbors called "the authorities" who sent in a SWAT team because our grass was too high!! That actually happened...

Will say hi to Quinn for you! ;)

Will you be at Steemfest 2??

I am just headed to bed, will pull that up for first thing on a tab for 2mrrow....

-- BTC update just posted, the $5k mark friends.... we are on the cusp tonite of $5k USD BTC!!

I've been targeted by police for speaking out, I know how it goes. And I have told them to get off my land too, and same with bylaw.

I am tired of the games.

This posting makes me feel hungry, especially the cinnamon apples thing, I wonder how it tastes, as I never saw it in Indonesia.

It's delicious! Sweet and cinnamon-spicy, and it's warm the apples are still crispy inside because we didn't cook it all the way. If you cook it longer, the apples get softer and sweeter!

#drooling sounds legit

excellent view kindly fellow me

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