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It's another sweet day in the Garden of Eden, so it's time for another sweet feast! 

Food has the incredible ability to enhance or detract from health. Lately we have been especially focused on becoming as strong and healthy as possible, and we're using our diet to achieve our goal!

We have been sharing a series on candida hereon Steemit lately; this is a fungus that can wreak havoc on the body if it is allowed to grow out of control - and one's diet has a significant effect towards encouraging or discouraging a candida overgrowth.

We tested ourselves (you can easily test yourself too!) and found that everyone living here has a bit of an overgrowth, so we are focused on solutions! This week, we cut out sugar, meat, and dairy from our diets while we follow a protocol of consuming 100% gum spirits of turpentine to get our bodies back in balance and hopefully feel better than ever! 

It's awesome to share high vibe communal meals while we undertake a change in our basic eating habits, because we get the support of others, plus everyone has access to a super healthy menu but not everyone has to invest their time in preparing it! 

Today, we had a beautiful kale salad. So many delicious, nutritious colors! 

We also had very well cooked brown rice. There's quite a lot of debate as to what kind if any carbs are safe to include on an anti-candida diet, and rice is obviously high in carbs. Dr. Jennifer Daniels recommends quinoa, millet, and brown or black rice for those following her natural protocol (and we are!), so we chose to have brown rice with this meal.

We also had pinto beans! Beans have tons of highly nutritious compounds in them, but they too may be a little high in carbs to include regularly in an anti-candida diet. Nonetheless, everyone here is free to do whatever they want, so anyone who wants to eat beans can eat beans, and anyone who doesn't want them can have plenty of other foods!

We had some bright, vibrant bell peppers to get lots of vitamin C.

And rounded out the meal with a tomato dish that was similar to a cooked salsa with lots of onions, peppers, and garlic! 

And of course, because we love the Earth and because sustainability is so much fun, we made everything in our outdoor kitchen and cooked over rocket stoves we built out of dirt by hand, using fence panels rescued from the landfill cycle as fuel. 

Food is important and we hope to inspire people to really take time to eat, enjoy it, and share it with someone you love. We also hope to inspire more and more sustainable practices in regards to  food. We want to remind everyone to let food be your medicine too! 

If you would like to know more about our unique and super sustainable  connection to our food cycle, please check out our previous post here.

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healty and natural, yummy


beautiful gif!

The choices on this candida diet are really very vast. It's great that we have so many options of wholesome food. It's great to share our dinner with our fellow Steemians. I feel certain there is more to come!

wow the feast of very tasty sweet foods. Thank you for sharing this great post. success always for you :-)

Thank you, @rizasukma! Blessings~*~

You are welcome :-)

Healthy and yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Our pleasure, @karensuestudios!

Yum, that kale looks so freaking delicious. I am in Thailand right now, where I can't find kale for the life of me. So I miss it greatly. :)

Do you have space to have a garden, @boomshikha?

No! :( Not at the moment. I am in a tiny studio apartment. But working towards being able to have one one day. :)

it looks so delicious n apitizing.... my mouth become full of water...:-)
followed n upvoted..

Delicious, nutritious, simple, and healthy!! Thanks for your support, @muhammadsharukh!

my pleasure .... :-)
have a gud day.. :-)

Buen provecho Garden of Eden !

Salud, @samic!

looks tasty

Oh yes, this is quite a simple meal for what we can do but it is super yummy!

Amazing feast and post shared. I am hungry now :)

We're happy to share the epicness with you, @nainaztengra!

This is second time that I am seeing your food post while being very hungry. Time to eat something. I liked the post.

Oh yes, got your juices flowing did we?? :)

Yes, at full pace. Seemed Usain Bolt. :D

good for you! another day, another .. healthy.... feast!
My wife is on a Paleo diet.. and we both love cauliflower rice! If u didnt try that one, definitely give it a go.. it replaces rice very nicely!

have a peek here if you like! Theres a few other options too.. the second one is the rice dish!

feast on!!

Oh so many uses for cauliflower. It's such a perfect base for so many dishes. Thanks for the link and some new suggestions on how to make it interesting.

So glad to see you here with us drooling over food! I love it that we have that in common. Blessings to you @eco-alex!

its nice to be inspired! thank u! today the sun is out.. time to get my plant beds weeded! ;-)

It is truly a blessing to be inspired. I can't even imagine a life without inspiration!

and i cant imagine a life without food!
grow on!

The perfect way to nuture life!!!

Yes get ur garden on!!!

right! no attachment to the results! I just had my lettuce bed trounced by the cow.. they can get into anything!! Redo from start!

Yes that SUCKS but non attachment is powerful. Good on you!

Wow ,i can trade my day to get this delicious looking meal. Lovely

Excellent article

Awesome! it's been an intresting read. Have an upvote, i hope to read more from you in the future!

have nice day ! happy steeming ^^

you can check my last blog about health here -> A zen return to the office is possible after holiday

Looks delish!

Hi i like your post upvoted your post hope you will like my posts and will upvote my posts as your true follower

Wow Wonderful,,,,,,,,,,...................

Beautiful sustainable feasting!

Thank you for the information .. this is good news .. hopefully many who ngevoted you .. follow me maybe we can be friends well

Every single of these plates look so tasty! 😋