My Sandwich

in #food2 years ago

Here its my Sandwich.

Last night i Made #Sandwichnight A couple of friend and my girlfriend came to my home becouse they know that saturdays i like to Cook.

Well we all going to watch a movie but them look at me and i know its time to Cook Hahaha i summit them to a chalenge by @jaybird that its #steemitsandwichcontest hope you all like it.


It contains:

1- Italian bread
2- Fry chicken, ( only the breast )
The bater of the chicken was, salt, Pepper, orégano, flour, corn flour, and maizen.
3- Mayonaise garlic that i Made whit blue cheese.
4- yellow cheese inside the chicken.
5- Mix of to tomate, garlic, onion, paprika, ají dulce, and bacon sauce.

This photos A take them whit my iPhone, i was tired in the end. If you like it let me know.


looks tasty 😋 enjoy 😊

Thanks ir was very good hope you like the pics

that bread was excellent, I very much hope that it will be repeated,and thanks for sharing the bread recipe with all of us

Umm looks mouth filled with water. I feel happy when I eat good food. I believe that food reflects one's personality. The different flavours in food are analogous to different aspects of life.

Thanks, was good friend

It looks like indian famous fast food "VADA PAV" . Is it vada pav ??

No its not but i look for that dish to know what it is!. :)

Check out this link here you will find recipe of it

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