Top 3 Coins for massive dividend

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Usualy , People think that only way to make money in crypto is through day trading or long term holding but in crypto space there are many ways to earn , also you know it's long bear market and many expert talk of holding coins if your in loss but what's use of holding coins if your not get paid anything for holding...
So Today I am going to list top 3 good coins for long term holding which also pays you dividend for holding too .
However , Before telling you about the cryptos that gives you dividend . I would like to tell you what are dividends exactly and how you can earn it .
What are Crypto Dividend ??
Defination of Dividend :
"A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company’s earnings, decided by the board of directors, paid to a class of its shareholders. Dividends can be issued as cash payments, as shares of stock, or other property"
and in similar concept of profit sharing is done by various crypto currency company , it is termed as crypto dividends . Remember , crypto dividend is differet from airdrop .

Differernt ways of earning dividends
There are different ways by which you can earn Dividend in crypto space by holding crypto currency . However , these differ from currency to currency because each has its own way of operating and has its own rules and regulations .
Some of most popular ways that actualy pay you dividend are
• Staking~ Holding a proof of stake coin in a special wallet .
• Holding~ Buying and holding a crypto in a wallet .
Based on these different types , I am listing top 3 crypto currency that we think are worth holding because of its bright future and also to earn passive income in form of dividend

#1 Neo
Offcourse our list is incomplete
without Neo on top. Neo is a popular crypto currency and Is also known as Chinese Etherium .
Neo is also cryptocurrency that exist on Neo's blockchain . Apart from Neo crypto currency , Neo has one more crypto token called Gas ( Foremerly known as antcoins )which can be staked in Neo wallet for and handsome return . Also , it doesn't require you to keep your staking wallet open at all times like in POS cryptos .
But remember only few wallets let you claim the Gas , so you need to pick the right wallet to get the gas also exchange like binance and kucoin support Gas for Neo . 1 Gas current price is 8$ .
• Ticker Symbol - Neo
•Staking Wallet - Neon Wallet
•Annual Return - 5.5% Approx
•Profit Calculator -
•Best buy Neo - 0.00300000 to 0.00350000 Sat
•Detail Info -
KuCoin is a world class blockchain asset exchange that was launched in mid of 2017 and has been getting good transaction in2018 because of its bussines model and marketing push . Just like binance , they also have their native own native TOKEN KuCoin shares but their mechanism of rewarding its holders is different from binance .
By holding Kucoin shares you receive daily donus / dividend called KuCoin bonus . The divided you receive is 50% of trading fees . Also every quarter they buy back KuCoin shares from their 50% profit and redistribute it to their coin holders . In this way you can earn good daily and quarterly dividend by holding KuCoin Share
•Ticker Symbol - KCS
•Annual return - varies on exchange volume
•Staking Wallet- MEW or Any ERC-20 wallet
•Profit Calculator -
•Detail Info-
•Best buy - 0.00030500 to 0.00029000
Ontology or Ont launched by Chinese company onchain in 2017 , Ontology is a public platform for project of all shapes and size , and is a giant step towards removing barriers and between the blockchain and business sector . Ontology has two tokens Ont and Ong (Ontology Gas) . Ont will be used as the governance token while Ong will be used as service fee for different bussines scenarious . If you store Ont in their wallet you will get Ong as dividend also recently binance announce they will support Ong dividend for Ont holder monthly
•Ticker - ONT
•Staking Wallet- Nep5 wallet
•Annual return - 5-7% Approx
•Profit Calculator -
•Detail Info-
•Best Buy - 0.00002550 to 0.00002700
This are top 3 Coin which we prefer best for long term holding according to our research please comment below what you think of this coin .
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