Japanese culture in each Wagashi

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Wagashi is a word used to refer to the type of sweet, which is highly aesthetic and beautifully presented. Japanese people have a very aesthetic conception, so beauty becomes the first standard in every field of Japanese life.

Wagash is usually made from Azuki (beans), Kanten (seaweed), Wasambon (sugar cane). Japanese people often use Wagashi as a gift for wedding, birthday ... so it also express the hospitality of the Japanese.
With deep eastern philosophy in each little dish, Wagashi becomes a unique and proud Japanese culinary art.

Source image: https://www.facebook.com/banhngotnhatban/photos/a.640115789510927.1073741874.139604059562105/640115899510916/?type=3&theater


Wow. I love these. Hopefully, I get to have one of these or travel to Japan in the future. :D

This is why I wanna visit Japan! :-)

Have a nice trip
Below is some note to help you enjoy your trip

Wow Wagashi !! It looks so delicious would like to have it :) @dihoa . Do check out my article on food photography https://steemit.com/photography/@arvindsingh/delicious-food-photography

Lovely, almost too lovely to eat! I have to seek these out in NYC and taste for my self what they are like! Thanks for this delightful sweet treat!

Beautiful post! Wagashi is almost too beautiful to eat.

so cute 💕💕🍡

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