Very Informative, Thank You. I had no Idea that it was possible to enjoy a stay in Japan for far less than was thought.

Delicious food , thank you for sharing...have fun gal @dihoa

It seems delicious...

Thanks for the tips @dihoa Japan is one of the top countries on my list of places to visit. Are you from there?

Like you I also write travel related blog posts, I focus on cost saving ways to enjoy more travel, maybe have a visit see what you think.

That's a good idea.
I think many people love and want to go to Japan, so your useful tip will got the concern of everyone.

This is very useful article!

have a good trip!

A dream for me to travel or live on Japan :)

Are you going to realize that dream in the future?

To travel yes, to live is more complicated
I like japanese culture

You are right (^o^)/\(^-^)
Japan is not expensive i also take photo of japanese cheap and delicious food

yeah, so delicious

one day.. will b in japan !!!

Not super expensive but still way more than other Asian countries :-(
Would love to go some time!

Amazing post @dihoa
Follow n upvote me..

Really enjoyed myself to read about your Post @dihoa . upvoted !!!

Great post, nice photos @dihoa

the picture of 'sleeping' section is called 'capsule hotel'. i had been to Japan 3times and stayed there once. it was including a public bath (which most Asians don't care to use). but if you don't wanna show your naked body in public, it should be strongly considered : )

Japan is definitely affordable. You just have to plan. I've bren building a spreadsheet for theoretically staying in Tokyo for months. I can get housing down to 1000 USD per month. I think thats pretty cheap because its in an apartment. I may post details later.

Really good informations. :-) thanks for sharing it ..

Nice blog, well done! :)

Nice [email protected]
Thanks for sharing this meaningful info ...

Very useful article..

Sounds ideal I plan to go one day to Japan. ..

Good to know information! Thanks! I'm going to pack my bags right now and head for the airport!!

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