Tart of Santiago de Compostela (Tarta di Santiago) Medieval Recipe GLUTEN FREE

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Today I explore a medieval recipe for Tarta de Santiago. It is made only of Almond Flour and is surprisingly light and moist.


5 eggs
1 1/2 cups of Almond Flour
3/4 cups of light brown sugar or Jaggery
Juice and of one organic lemon
Juice and rind of one small organic orange
1tsp cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together and beat vigorously. Pour into a greased tin or dish and bake at 400 F for 25 minutes.
The addition of apricots in something I will explore next time as well as a few flaked almonds.
This was absolutely delicious.

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That's looking delicious. jaggery tastes better than sugar anytime.

I have a suggestion.
We can use deseeded dates or date syrup as a sweetener as well. They work really well with the almonds.


Thank you! I have been thinking alot about the white sugar substitute and would really like to use date. I saw some date sugar in our local wholefood coop but I want to try ground up dried apricots too. Thank you very much for your interest in the recipe.


You're most welcome.

Hmmmmm declious and really need some to eat.it usually in vitamin,iron and protein


Hi Peter, This is a good cake - no flour just the protein and vitamins of almonds and eggs. I am trying to work out how to not use so much sugar.

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