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Feeling The Flower Power In Taipei's Hua Cafe

Girl's Date: Drinking Coffee and Taking Photos

Visiting the Hua Cafe in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Instagram Café's are the newest trend in Taipei. They're a bit of a controversial topic (people either love them or hate them) but I can't get enough! Of course as a bloger, I'm biased, but as long as the café doesn't substitute food quality for photo distractions then you'll find me there. When I go out with friends, I'm going for a good time, and good food. See my post on why I go out to eat So to find a place that serves both makes me pretty happy!

What are Instagram Cafe's?
Instagram cafe's or Instagrammable cafe's are cafes or places designed specifically for photos. Aesthetically pleasing decor (think neon signs, or in this case, a flower wall), rainbow food, photo stations, lots of people on their phones taking pics, swing sets, just about any prop or decor that can pull in likes on Instagram.
Pros: Beautiful pictures, a fun time
Cons: Border-line obnoxious and v. v. cheesy (think Insider videos)
But of course, if Instagram cafe's aren't your thing, then don't go to one. 🤷


Another reason I love these Instagram cafe's is that there is no stigma in taking photos of your food or posing for pics. I think if someone put in the care to make something look good, taking photos of it is a way of showing you appreciate it. (Of course that's subjective, and people express appreciation in different ways.)

Last week after a night of drinking, me and 3 girl friends hit up one of these Instagram Cafe's in Taipei. 花惹花咖啡 HUA CAFE was already pulling in a small crowd of young girls waiting to pose with the flower walls, swooning over the cakes, and being happy with each other.

Me and my girlfriends:
Rachel, Tuni, me, and Jess.
We were ready to drink some coffee, eat some breakfast, and take some photos!
The cafe had two flower walls. One in pink and one in blue. Besides them were baskets of props: bouquets, flower crowns, flowers, and more flowers.


The latte and drinks that came in the flower cafe. I love the little flower that they place on top of their drinks. (I'm a sucker for edible flowers)

Me trying to hide my hangover. Coffee and catching up with friends is the best cure.
This was also in front of their blue flower wall which I liked a lot more than the pink.

*花惹花咖啡 HUA CAFE *
02 2537 6885
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Do you like Instagram cafe's? What do you think would be the next trend? Or if you have any Taipei recommendations share in the comments below!


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