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Hi Steemians! This (was) my second Steemit post. I wrote about Stinky Tofu before introducing myself oops. And then I uploaded my first introduceyourself post under the wrong category! Double oops. Trying again: I moved to Taiwan 6 months ago and have been blogging on and off for a year now. I do social media management, and PPC marketing.
Besides the boring stuff, I like to take photos, eat a lot of food (Shameless instagram plug: @foodbaby), bike, skate, drink, and play Mahjong and Catan.

This is how you'll usually find me (holding large plates of food):

Here's two truths and one lie, try to guess which one it is:
I grew up in the middle east and a camel sneezed on me
I won first place in a magic competition
I love snakes, I had a pet python

P.S if you're from Taiwan and know any good food places or rooftops leave a comment! I'm always looking for new friends to explore with. ^_^


Welcome :)
Don't waste your money with setting Rewards to 100% power-up - Check for details in the vid: https://steemit.com/dtube/@theaustrianguy/db0silea
Greets, @theaustrianguy

oh interesting, I wasn't sure what the difference was between 100% and 50/50. Maybe I'll test it out with a couple of posts :)

Hello @cinlin! Looking forward for upcoming food posts;) Take care!

Yay I'm about to post one! Check it out :)

welcome and steem on!
Cheers from Paraguay <3

Cheers from Taiwan! Hope you enjoyed my posts :)

Yes i do and i follow you to get informed for new stuff from your blog :)

WELCOME to steemit and have fun! I upvoted & following U:) Greetz @trye

Thanks for upvoting and following! I'll upvote you too

I think the last one is lie, because two first seemed to me cool little truths to tell everyone? IDK.

Haha I should've made it more elaborate! Maybe: I had a pet python and it almost escaped in a college dorm.

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Hi, Nice Post ! Welcome to Steemit community ! I am really glad you are here Keep up great work and enjoy the journey !

Thank you! Glad to be here

Hi new Steemian and have a good day!

Thank you Matios, have a good day :)

Ahhhhhhhh.....can a camel sneeze (or a turtle burp) ?! That seems questionable...wink wink lol sweet @cinlin

Those are the questions we should be asking! (Camel's can in fact sneeze though ;) )

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