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To wrap up 2017, and also participate in today's color challenge, I wanted to share my favourite meals that were orange in 2017. There were of course many many many more but I can only post so much uni and egg. Every meal I have has had a special memory attached to it. The food itself can of course be it's own memory, but who I am in that moment and who I'm with also become part of the meal. This is one of the reasons I first started food blogging. All the sensory triggers, sight, feel, taste, smell, even sound are associated with eating, and just looking at the photo brings back all the memories and experiences with it. This is a fitting way, for me, to tie up 2017. What do you do to reflect on the end of a year?

One of my first meals of 2017, sweet potato friends and dollar oysters(not pictured). I got this one sunny weekday in New York City. I miss the dollar oysters there.

Another NYC staple for me was going to dim sum every Sunday. A great hangover cure, and also one of my favourite ways to catch up with friends about last night. Missing the city a lot right now.

The dumplings from a shop I frequented right next to work. It was one of my first few weeks there right after having moved to Taiwan and I wanted to explore. Found this little gem which I ended up bringing all my friends and coworkers to. Their special dumplings was a sweet pumpkin shaped sesame steamed bun. Sweet but not over-powering.

A little treat yo' self moment for surviving the first few months of living in Taiwan alone and starting a new job. The omakase at this place is one of the best I've had in Taiwan (and one of the most expensive :| )

Lunch with new friends. Meeting people more colorful in personality than these dumplings has been the highlight of 2017.

One more uni post. This was taken by a friend I met over the summer that has now become a staple memory of my first year in Taiwan. She took me here for my birthday and we had one of the best and most memorable meals of my life.

Are you guys as affected by food as I am? Just writing this is getting me all emotional haha.

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This is such a cool post haha! All of it looks yum!

Thanks! I'm hungry again just looking at old photos.

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