Love yourself, love the world, start your day right breakfast!

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This time last week, Monday...

I was sitting in an office for a first day of a job, i'm a enthusiastic hard-worker, and I needed some kind of regular income, excited to have a job by the end of that day I felt like I had been punched in the face. I signed a contract which said if I leave the job before the 4 month period is over, I have to pay 750 euro to the company, bearing in mind my monthly wage would be 1200 before tax, also if I wanted a holiday I would have to give 2 months notice, i've never heard of such craziness in my life. This was all sprung onto me at the end of the day, after spending the day in an office with cold dirty air-con circulating round the room. One toilet for boys and girls and someone who kept spraying disgusting chemical aerosol in the space that is the size of my living room. The kitchen was filled with cheap sugary snacks and there wasn't even a working kettle so I could make myself a hot cacao to stay awake throughout the unbearable training which was 'reading of a sheet of paper and browsing the website, reading the terms and conditions' which I couldn't even make half way through without keeping my eyes open. I was in hell! Guess what.... I didn't go back the next day!


Money isn't everything, loving yourself is

There was no way I could of coped in that environment, I've been in many working environments and i'm normally the 'odd' one but I always do the job well, so it's not an issue. But when you in a place where you don't even feel well, seriously I came home sick with a sore throat and just didn't see how that could be any good for me, money or not! My mind is open and I can see easily when people are being manipulated and an environment is dysfunctional, there was nothing I could of done to change it for the better, I would of been another victim. That ain't for me!


When I first started blogging on Steemit 3 month ago, I didn't quite have my food photography looking as smart as it does today, I've certainly grown on this platform and it's been positive for me to be in contact with such inspiring people everyday. I normally don't give much thought to my breakfast, just something to fill me up normally porridge, until I wait for my favorite meal of the day...lunch! But because of beautiful people like @vegan-niinja who created the most enchanting breakfast dishes, I thought this Monday I would start my day with something positive and completely opposite to my experience last week.


Strawberries are just growing abundantly here at the moment...

So I'm having them for breakfast everyday but today was special because I made a lovely quick raw jam with fresh strawberries and dried cranberries blitzed together. I also drizzled melted chocolate on top which is an extra special treat and not something I have normally. I soaked my oats over night along with the hazelnuts, otherwise they were quite bitter. I also added bananas on top which is always an everyday staple for me! The melons are a bit out of season and so they are quite pricey at the moment but I was really craving watermelon because it's light and refreshing and particularly for it high iron content which I need more at certain times of the month!


As it's Monday i'm entering this into the #fruitsandveggiesmonday contest held by the lovely @lenasveganliving! I hope you enjoyed sharing breakfast with me, and if you liked it don't forget to upvote and comment! Steemit is my only source of income at the moment, so every little bit counts to me!
Much Love to you ALL!.


Hcwg0lg - Imgur.gif


🥑 🍎🥝 🍉 🍇 🍐🍓🍈🍋🍑 🍍🍊🍌🍏

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looks delicious thank you for sharing


Couldn’t agree more, definitely losing 750 euro sucks, but losing 4 months of your life is even worse, you are much better doing something that you enjoy like steemit, you are one of the few people that I follow here and thanks to you and @deliciousplants I started to get more into cooking and trying new recipes, that is part of the reason I decided to start sharing some of my own, let this be a lesson for you and for all of us and never put money over your happiness, money should be just a part of your tool to make you happier.

wow thank you! yes i agree @deliciousplants have an incredible page that I followed when I joined thanks to them aswell they help me really lift the bar with putting better quality pictures on to the platform. its a crazy thing that contract i've never seen in my life, they said it was to cover the training costs but as far as the training went, it wasnt worth a penny, not to mention I have to travel one hour each way to go into the city and back...! I think I will just keep blogging on here, comments like yours inspire me to keep going, so thank you for that. much love to u x

Oh thanks for mention me and sending those loving vibes my direction! I know that feeling in a boring job so well! I was always very happy when I stopped working at places like this one, I was feeling like a bird in a cage. And I also went ill all the time as long as I kept working.
I am so glad I am brave enough to follow my passion and create my life how I imagine it.
You are such an inspiration my dear! You know that!

like wise sweety! im so proud of u!

And I am proud of you sweetheart;)

This looks wonderful! All of my favorite fruits...and you dared to drizzle chocolate? Yum! So sorry about your horrible job are right, $$ is not worth destroying your physical and mental health! All the best

haha i dared! the chocolate part was the best part :)

I feel terrible for people who have to work in unhealthy conditions, so I'm glad you were able to get out from the start! Your health definitely isn't worth sacrificing.

Your food photos are looking fantastic! I'm always so impressed with your challenge entries. :)

i can't believe what people are able to put themselves through?! its like am i the only one in here dying LOL i guess when u are really polluted already you have built up some defensive but doesn't mean the body isnt crying inside! thank u for your lovely compliment

I'm so happy to read this post :D there is more people out there who wont take that insane corporate bull sh*t 😂 I quit my most recent job after 2 weeks. A lot of insane reasons.
This post was Beautiful darling <3 happy to see that you are progressing in your photo skills :)

lol you wouldnt believe it but the boss emailed me the next day to say they never had someone quit after the first day 😂

Haha I hope they changed things. Business owners can be so narrow sighted ;)

I'd like all the fruits. They look delicious!

fruits are the best! thank u for commenting :)

Thanks for sharing your experience about job with us! It really has a meaning and a strong message. Love the breakfast you made, so healthy and delicious. Oh and absolutely beautiful pics :)

u are so sweet thank u! ive had some crappy jobs before but sometime u gotta say enough is enough!

I understand you perfectly. 3 years ago I was working for a bank, I needed a fixed income to pay my expenses and the crisis in my country began to increase. I felt that I had to be there forced. They treated us very badly, they humiliated and never listened to the suggestions of the work team. (My coworkers were great, there were people with incredible potential but they were not listened to, many are my friends today). The room was too cold, and I have very little tolerance to the cold, my hands turned purple, when I got home and regained the temperature it gave me a migraine. It was horrible! Migraines began to increase just thinking about having to go to work. I did not last a year, and that's when I made the decision to do my own food business on my own. Money is never everything!

thank you for sharing your story with me, i know im not alone here! i dont know how you made it to one year there. your such an inspiration starting your business. I was trying to start a business with vegan chocolates before but it didnt work because the materials were so expensive! but im going to find a way to self start something because working in these environments is no good!

I know that you can do it. The beginning is not simple, but you should look for the forms, maybe not chocolates but the vegan food at home. You could offer healthy meals on Instagram with bike delivery. I paid for a bicycle delivery service and the people loved it. I think it lasted so long because it is not so easy to leave the comfort zone.

That looks AMAZING!!! I am currently trying to change the way I eat and this looks simply delicious! I think I may have to try this :)

thats fantastic, soaking oats over night is the bomb! they go so creamy! i hope u try it :)

I certainly will! Can I ask what you soak them in overnight? Do you use a milk/milk substitute or water?

Your breakfast looks delicious .. hehehe forget to tell you!

Such a great post. I know what you mean about jobs. I am doing everything I can to avoid it. I want to be free. Is it wrong? Money isn't everything. Thanks for sharing!

i know ur in a similar situation to me atm, because im also in a country with very limiting job options if you dont have the language skills which is tough going but i dont want to leave here right now, i love being in spain so i will do whatever it takes to stay here but not that shitty job lol! my spanish is getting better but i dont want to go back to retail or waitressing either!

  ·  last year (edited)

It sounds like you made the right decision not to work for this company.
And your breakfast looks amazing and your photography is gorgeous!

What a gorgeous looking fruit platter!
And I bet it tastes just as good as it looks!

thank u, the taste was incredible!

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thank you ocd!!!!

Very good photography, great talent! to admire so much talent! happy week =)

u didnt go back! good for you! Its just disgusting how people are forced to be treated like dispensable worthless drones.. This HAS to change.. and its ONLY when people like you just say NO that it can happen..

hey and now you get to make incredible vegan treats instead! <3 :_)

Oh, dear @celestialcow, it is so pity to hear that you have been feeling so unwell after this job! I agree with @earthling-saul losing 750 euro is a big thing but losing your health and being stressed is even worse! Can you consider working online? I have been doing it for over a year and I see that nomadic way of life is really growing with web-pages offering temporary or even permanent jobs are growing in number. Maybe it can be an option for you - a kind of compromise? so you can not stressed out to much of not having money for living and at the same time have a comfort of having you time and space the way you like.

thanks for your response, do you know any online jobs specifically, i tried to apply for some crypto writing ones but never got a response, i also applied for an online magazine, they wanted me to write for them but then they just stole my content instead! otherwise i haven't come across any online job specifically.

Oh, my dear - there is an ocean of possibilities in the on-line world! Try to check these web-pages first of all -,,, The system is quite symple - you create a profile and see the jobs which can suit you and apply for them. There are other types of web-pages as well there more stable jobs are offered 0 usually part time or remote - just a few examples - or or I have a bigger list if you need it%)) If you have any questions just contact me on Discord%) You can also ask @sharoonyasir as she works as a writer as well%) You know, sometimes all it takes is to ask people around)) Big hugs from me, dear and I am sure you will find your way - the one which is comfortable for you and gets you money to live the life in full!

Oh wow thanks so much, I heard of upwork and used it but had very little success with it. Glad to know there's alot more options I can look into.... Thanks so much :)

@celestialcow i was hoping to see you walk out by the end of that paragraph it sounded like hell. Great looking images as always and another tasty idea added to my list. Best of luck ✌


LOL you wouldnt believe it but the boss emailed me the next day to say they never had someone quit after the first day 😂

It's amazing how many people would just fall in line and follow like sheep and the Boss's response affirms that! my last job I quit after 2 months it would have been the first day but I needed to sort out a replacement first. Still working on my financial situation to beable to make more choices inline with my lifestyle and beliefs (no one should put up with S💩T in the workplace/life) Im sure you next Job will be 100% better 👍

Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful and delicious. Well done my Dear 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
1 Collage.jpg

thank u lena so glad i could make the competition this week!

I am glad as wel and I hope to see you next week again 😊