[EASY DAILY FOOD #87] Grilled Chicken with Hemp Seeds Tomato Sauce / Food Story / Life Photography

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It started raining again at the end of the rainy season. 

It didn't stop for three weeks and suddenly, the rain stopped as a lie. I don't know if it's holding off. But the weather was nice for two days. The sunshine and the wind were all good. It was a good day to cook to make me feel better. 

I placed chicken seasoned with salt and pepper in the oven. While waiting, I baked eggplant and made the sauce. 

I like the smell when garlic turns brown.

It makes me hungry and happy. I poured marinara into the pot and added tomato slices with some water. When it started boiling, I added soaked hemp seeds in water. The smell began to spread in the house. Some people don't want to cook at home because of the food stinks. Personally, I like the smells of cooking. Would it be called something like a smell of stability? It mostly makes me feel all very warm inside.

I added salt and black pepper and stirred it on low heat for more few minutes. During the simmering, I cooked the chicken one more time in the frying pan.

Pomegranate juice was placed instead of wine. 


Ha- when you said "I like the smell when garlic turns brown", I chuckled since that's the same reaction I tend to have.

I use #Garlic so often in my #cooking!

I have made marinara sauce for spaghetti, but never for #Eggplant. Will have to watch for a 'rainy day' to try this. Right now, it's too hot .

Anyway, movin' on.. I noticed you made use of Pomegranate juice, instead of wine (is this cause it's healthier? )

Finally I liked the 1st & 3rd pictures (& the last ) best. The 3rd one - of the garlic .. not surprising I love that one

I put a wine back and placed pomegranate juice. I'm just trying not to have alcoholic drinks. I have some stomach troubles now because of my personal serious issue. But I also like pomegranate juice very much. :) It went well with the dish. @janashby

kachi mogo rang!
yogi do biwa!
menal menal .. bi wa!
booooo ~~~ kkkk..

It stoped raining here, finally. :) @englishtchrivy

You make me feel hungry! I love to eat grilled chicken and this recipe looks perfect for me, Thanks ^_^

Glad to hear that. :) Don't skip a meal. @silviabeneforti

I have got to try hemp seeds. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! Beautiful food post as always

Lol Thank you @gringalicious :)

That doesn't look Korean but i would love that chicken and eggplant!!

It's not a Korean cuisine. It is just my favorite recipe. :) How are you? You don't seem to write as much as before. @immarojas Hope you're doing well. See you!!

Hi! Looks easy enough for me to do.
I haven't been writing as much which i must, a bit busy with our new group #steemph. Am curating too for donkeypong's filipino curation team. I never realised i've got too much in my plate here in Steemit. But i never have so much fun till now with my #steemPHFamily
At least am still seeing you guys around.

You've been busy. Thought you're little away from steemit. :) Good luck to you and the group. :) @immarojas

Thanks girl..you still need to meet me in Seoul one day ok? Look after yourself well. Am around.

Wow...amazing :)

Long time no see! @jsantana Hope you are doing well. :D

I miss you too :) Hugs, kisses for you @bontonstory!

Too much!! Lol See you @jsantana

That food looks delicious, you are making me hungry!!
We can use a bit of your rain here in South Africa, it is very dry here.

'Dry' was far away from me for about a month. :p I missed you @rynow Thank you for coming again. :D

@bontonstory, your grilled chicken with hemp seeds & tomato sauce looked absolutely delicious. I love eggplant and know it goes really well with the chicken and tomato sauce. I make a similar dish and just enjoy it so much.

I can't believe that people don't like the smell of cooking. I love it. Sorry it has been so rainy for you. I hope the weather will get better. Maybe the two better days will turn into months!

I hope you are doing well. Have a very wonderful day and hopefully it is sunny! Take care! :D

It's sunny now. :) Hope that the rain stops. It was too much. :) @cabbagepatch I really love foods with tomatoes. Glad you enjoyed my food. :)
Have a great weekend!!

anyone who saw this post must arise hunger want to eat really images and postingan very good and delicious cuisine of course I like

Thank you so much. :)

Amazing photos my dear. Everything looks very tasty.
Resteemed :-)

Thank you!! @lichtblick :D

Where did the hemp seed come in, were they sprinkled on at the end? What do they taste like?

I wrote it. When the sauce started boiling, add hemp seeds into the pot and stir it. Hemp seeds taste like nuts.:)

So the hemp seeds should be cooked. I'll find some hemp seed so I can try them. Thanks

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