Salute Your Health! | Start 2019 with a Liquid Dose of Pomegranate Sunshine!

in food •  19 days ago

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Happy New Year my Friends!

Are you excited for the New Year? Have big plans? Make any resolutions?

We didn’t make any lofty resolutions in the Bird household this year. My plan is to just keep sharing with you all! Living intentionally! Healthy eating, daily physical and mental and spiritual exercise is a must!

My friends @puravidaville and @plantstoplanks are a great inspiration! Seeing their healthy cooking and eating along with their daily running program has re-ignited my need for speed! I've always been a runner but I took a much needed break. Time to get back to what I love!

But first! How about a healthy dose of Liquid Sunshine!

I haven’t shared any Liquid Sunshine for a while! I love it because it’s such an easy way to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet! I’m so excited to see my youngest daughter drinking juice each day. The baby bird is already drinking juice too! The daily pics with green mustaches...precious! Never too young!

Today we’re celebrating the Pomegranate!

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This fantastic fruit has been eaten for years due to it’s amazing health benefits! Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C the pomegranate is believed to protect he heart against health disease! For athletes drinking pomegranate juice can help performance, meanwhile reducing soreness and improve strength during recovery.

Just what you need when you start that new 2019 exercise program!

A recent study has shown the pomegranate can help improve memory too! Wow!

DSC_0008 a.jpg

Grab a big bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables!

DSC_0003 (2).jpg

Today I chose

  • Red Beet (include those greens)
  • Cucumber
  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Carrots
  • Fresh Spinach

Wash/peel and chop all as needed and Juice or blend! Either will work

Cheers! Time to lace up those shoes and hit the road!

DSC_0012 (2).jpg

I wish you all a healthy, prosperous 2019! Keep on Steemin!

Thanks for stopping by the Bird nest today!

And as always, blessings to you all!



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I never could wrap my taste buds around pomegranate ; but you make that drink look very tempting.


They're nice with juice and sauces....they definiteley have a different texture thats for sure. Knowing that they're a healthy addition, I try to add them when I can! Glad you stopped in @sultnpapper!

Your plan for this year sounds realistic and doable! Those are some of my same plans as well. I’ve gotta get back in a healthier diet and exercise regimen. I definitely plan to keep sharing here on Steemit. Thanks so much for the healthy drink recipe!


Yes, thanks so much....I take it one day at a time lol. Usually starting with breakfast! I would love to hear if you try juicing...although I know you are very busy these days!!


Yes, one day at a time is always a great approach! I will definitely let you know ;)

I have never really tried Pomegranate but I have heard it is real good for you so I may have to try it again soon

I to do not make New Years resolutions any more but I do a few times during the year take the time to reassess where I am at and set acheivable goals for the coming months that works better for me


Thanks @tatoodjay. Yes, I figure as I get older and I have a little more time on my hands I need to be more mindful about my my father in law once said "you won't wear out, you'll rust out!" With that in mind....I like you reassess all the time :)


Yes age does make us change our outlook on many things including our health which I am actively trying to focus on these days

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Okay, brilliant idea picturing that healthy juice in a champagne glass. You won! The color is just fabulous, and such a perfect nutrient rich beverage to fuel a nice run. I’m glad you’re back to lacing up those running shoes. Kind of like cooking, I spiritually benefit so much from running. See, we’d make the best neighbors :).


I gotta say, it felt great to run...just a teensy bit sore today, lol. After running for the last 30 years, I just missed it too much to give it up! Yes, running is an amazing time for prayer :) We would have way too much fun as neighbors hehe.


It is… it’s also something sacred to me that I do alone for that very reason. It’s the only time in the day when I don’t have to talk to anyone but myself and God. Glad you got out there. The soreness is always a welcome treat when I haven’t been at it for a minute.

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Happy new year!! I have a lot to catch up on with all these yummy posts of yours!! And hooray for lacing up the sneaks and hitting the road. I have been slacking a little lately on that end of my fitness myself, but I think the rain has finally left us for the weekend so I will most definitely get out and practice what I preach! I have a few races in mind to sign up for, as well, so that always helps give me that extra kick to keep up with my running routine. Happy trails my friend!