Simple Meals for a Simple Man. Short Form Post with Some STEEMIT Philosophy. Kindness Counts. Please vote for @klye for witness.

in food •  9 months ago

I post a lot on offgrid life, homesteading and bushcraft but no matter whether I get out in the woods for a meal or sit down in a place to eat more on the grid, I basically am glad for a simple meal.

Any meal, actually.

And that is the truth.

It is a simple philosophy -- but if we were all happier with simple things, simple pleasures, simple life.....

Imagine where we could all be, as a species.

We would have more than enough for ourselves and things left over to help others with.

I would like to dedicate some of this post to your friend and mine --- good ol' @klye.

We discussed some food this week.

We check on each other outside of here to say hi, have a laugh, discuss life stuff. We are lucky to have him.

Most of you know him, but for those that do not -- consider following him on here, he is entertaining. He is also running part of our Steemit network as a witness - meaning his computer skills and power are used to keep us up and running.

He is a good witness so if you visit his page and check him out -- you will see how you can easily file a vote for him and get/keep him in the Top 20 witnesses.

-- He is a hard worker and feels similarly about burritos and public bureaucracy as me LOL, so that is good right?

He's a Beaut!


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Yeah, simple is good.

@klye deserves the witness vote, for sure.


He gets a vote for lots of other things too.

Being a good guy.

Regularly using his time and SP and warnings to spammers and the like.

We are trying to set up a time to meet up.

I guess he is not coming to the Toronto Steem Meetup next week where you live, just west of me LOL.

I was going to DM you about it but I had a lot to deal with today.

So there you go lol. Not sure if I can get there.


I can second this he is an amazing witness always cracking me up.

That guy is an amazing witness cracks me up all the time.

Dang it barrydutton now I want a burrito!

@klye was one of the first witnesses I ever voted for. Dude is a hoot!

Bah you're a good man, appreciate the honourable mention, free advertisings and good thoughts. <3

@klye has had my vote for a while...

Wow ! Everything looks yummylicious !!

amigo en la simpleza es donde esta lo mejor lo apreciamos mas me gusta tu articulo