QUICK MEAL IDEA: Healthy Pasta And Creamy Sauce From Spinach 🌱🍝 [VEGAN]

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Hey guys! It's pasta time! Yasssss! 🍝🤤
Do you guys love pasta? Today I'm bringing to you a great recipe for lunch, which you can do in 15 minutes! Great, huh? Because lately, I don't want to stay in the kitchen through a long time, I started preparing quick meals(Don't worry not that ugly processed quick meals). And one of these meals is exactly this yummy-looking, creamy pasta!

This is the combination of spinach, mushrooms, coconut cream and moooooore! I'm using mushrooms and spinach on my menu almost every day, and because I had rest of coconut cream and some durum spaghetti left, I made this for my yesterday's dinner. Thanks to coconut cream in combination with nutritional yeast, spinach was soo creamy and it has a little taste of cheese. 😉
I remember, when I wasn't vegan yet, I loved penne with spinach, or crepes with spinach, or any casserole with spinach... Okay, I loved everthing with spinach, lol! Hmmm okay, I'm still loving everyting with spinach😆And honestly, through long time I haven't prepared it, as a cream to pasta or filling to crepes. So without blablablabla... time for pasta now!🤩

For preparing you will need:
for two servings

  • 150g of spaghetti from durum wheat
  • 150g of frozen, shredded spinach
  • one little onion
  • one big garlic clove
  • 6-7 mushrooms
  • five tbsp of coconut cream (I'm using cooled coconut milk always)
  • two tbsp of lime/lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp of refined coconut oil
  • one tbsp of nutritional yeast
  • salt&pepper
  • a bit of herbal pepper to taste
  • mix of Italian spices
    *if you like spicy taste, fell free to add chilli powder of cayenne pepper 😉


  • on hot pan with coconut oil and fry a bit chopped onion
  • then add defrosted spinach, mix and cook under cover about 1-2 minutes
  • add coconut cream, juice and mix it well
  • add chopped mushrooms (not in too small pieces), spices, nutritional yeast and mix
  • into pot add hot water, add a bit of oil, boil spaghetti according to package
  • *combine spaghetti with sauce and enjoy the taste! 😋
  • I also added on top Vegan Parmesan from cashews, yum yum!🤗

    It's simple way for delicious and nutritious lunch/dinner. Just imagine, how tasty it is, drop everthing and run into your kitchen! This recipe can't wait! Let me know in comment, how do you like it! Any feedback is welcome! And it gives me motivation to do more 😉
    Wish you all beautiful and sunnyday! Finally, sun visited Poland also, horeeey!💓 ☀️


wow, thats yummy. Good work

Thank you! :)

Yummy! This looks so tempting! I love spinach as well! It's always great with pasta. We also like it raw in a salad!
Great post! Tip!

Yeah, spinach is the best! It's also a great source of vitamin A.I love it hihi 😊 Thank you for the comment and tip ! :)

You are welcome!

Love it @babettxx! Yesterday i made a similar version with pesto! Yey to delicious healthy lunch meals !!😄❤

Cool! Did you make a post with recipe for it? I'm really curious how you do that! :)

Havent posted yet but I will next week for one of the weekly competitions here by @cookwithus...
Which by the way - Id recommend you check out! Im sure youll have much to contribute as well dear @babettxx🤗 !!

Heres the link if youre intrested:

Thank you so much! Already I heard about that competition and I'm trying to do some entry for it. Can't wait for your recipe for pasta! 🤩😋🍝

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Looks great!! I love spinach as well...and I'm getting curious about this use of yeast...Is that the same fresh yeast that's used for baking??

No no, these yeast are non-active, vegans using them as a cheesy flavor. They're totally safe to eat them raw :)

Yes I'm going to inform myself better about it.. I would like to try how it tastes.. thanks!!

YUMMMM!!!!! HAHAHAH I Have spinach with EVERYTHING too :D IT makes everything healthier... or healthy lol!


This one looks delicious! I am sooo cooking it this week! 😁 One question - can I replace the coconut oil with olive oil?

Of course! Feel free to use any oil and spices you want! Thank you hihi! 😊

I will snap a photo, once I make it :)

Oh, can't wait for it! :)

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