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This lovely, simple lemon cheesecake recipe tastes sweet and citrusy. This is a simple recipe to serve after dinner to delight your guests, but it  works as a lovely lemony treat for summer teatimes as well. There’s no baking involved either! A gorgeous light, fresh cheesecake with no baking required - the perfect emergency summer dessert! Once you've perfected this recipe, you'll want to make it time and time again. Not only is this cheesecake made with fresh lemons, it's also made with lemon curd which makes it extra tangy and flavoursome.


1-2 lemonsHalf lemon juiced4-6 biscuits  ( any you like)100 grams of white chocolate140 ml or 1 can of double cream or whipping cream30 gr of icing sugar100 grams soft cheese (full-fat, such as Philadelphia)125 grams mascarpone cheese1 tsp of vanilla extract


Step 1 : Make your cheesecake. In a bowl, add your cream cheese and mascarpone cheese. Then add icing sugar, vanilla extract and mix everything until smooth. Whisk your heavy/double cream until soft peaks with sugar and mix together with the cream cheese. Add melted white chocolate and mix again. Add lemon juice and zest and mix well. Step 2 : Divide the mixture into two bowls. Step 3 : Then add yellow food colouring into one bowl to get the yellow colour if you wish, or leave it white. Step 4 : To assemble, take your moulds, you can also use a large pan instead of making smaller desserts. It would be an 18 cm pan. I am using mini moulds with different shapes. Start with crushed biscuits of your choice at the bottom. Then add white chocolate cheesecake, and home made lemon curd. You can watch how to make it in my previous video ( link above) Then add yellow cheesecake and white again. Place in a freezer for 4-6 hours. Step 5: Make your mirror glaze, let it cool to the right temperature and pour over each cheesecake bombe. Decorate the way you like and place them back into the fridge for at least 30 min to defrost completely before eating. Enjoy! 

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Greetings, lord alassyummyfood

What a beautiful recipe. Just yesterday I was thinking what I would eat for dessert. I took the day to eat fat things. So I ate a bonbon and a josefina. I do not know if they exist in your country, but they are sweet here made of chocolate. The josefina is half black chocolate, half white chocolate. In the evening, I ate 2 shakes and a sandwich on the Arabian bread !! It was delicious.

But now I'm on a diet. I'll stay for 2 weeks without eating fattening things. Then I'll take a day to eat something that gets fat, like a candy or a sandwich ....

Thanks for the post and good morning !!!!!

Wow, it looks so yaamy.I love cheescake very much.I am gonna try this surely.Thanks for sharing such a tasty recipe mam.

I love this cheese cake I feel like bitting it but distance all the same thanks for sharing with us.

Yummy! Yummy!! Yummy!!!
This looks really simple this time. Hmmmm
Gonna try something out.

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AWEsome .^^.

delicious, thanks for sharing

YES! That is all you need to know about how I feel about this dessert... hahah Yes please! I LOVE cheesecake and this looks incredible! That mirror glaze that you have on there is perfect and I love the green splash you have on the top!

Great post! :)

I could imagine this melting in my mouth already. This looks like it will take a bit of time but this is totally worth it. I love anything that has lemon in it and this is really nice.

I always love the little rose you attach to your hair and your top is really nice too Alla. Always looking amazing.

Your exquisite touch and amazing look always translate to how good your delicacies turn out hahaha.

Happy birthday to Ivar. Hope you guys had an amazing time? I knew you would be so busy that day to even reply comments. You both glow together. shining my teeth

Thank you for the foodporn!!
Can't believe you made that!!
Nice. Deliciously pretty. :)

Wow! it looks really good! Especially from someone like me who loves cooking but never like to make dessert :D

Great post ...,
Thanks for the recipe ..