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Crepe 'fest' today in my post, but who doesn't like crepes?  They are so versatile; once you have a 'stash' of them in the freezer you are ready to throw a dinner combination together within minutes.  This is Part Two of my crepe posts, if you click on the blue you will be taken to Part One which fully covers How to Make Crepes!


I like to make double of most things and freeze what I don't use.  I had in my freezer: crepes, roasted chicken, and a lovely veloute sauce made using some rich chicken stock (I had also in my freezer);  I was ready to go!


Lets first talk about sauces.  You know that Béchamel, the roux based white sauce, is made with butter and flour cooked together, stirred over a medium heat.  When the butter and flour (the roux), is combined and glossy, you add cold milk until the sauce thickens and bubbles, stirring all the time or it will go lumpy.  Add seasonings, or cheese, or herbs; whatever is required for your recipe needs.


Veloute works on the same principle: butter and flour combined (your roux).  Instead of milk though, you add a good stock.  Fish stock if a fish veloute is required, chicken stock if a chicken veloute is required, ...... etc.  The sauce when thickened is enriched by the addition of cream.  More flavoursome than Béchamel.


The ingredients for both sauces are the same:

25g (1/4 cup/1 oz) plain (all purpose) flour

25g (1/8 cup/1 oz) butter

500 ml (2 cups/16 fl ozs) liquid

You just alter the type of stock used in the sauce.  

In my case for the chicken crepes I required chicken flavoured veloute - lucky for me I had some already made in the freezer!

Creamy Baked Chicken Crepes

Ingredients required:

2 crepes per person

Sufficient cooked chicken to fill each crepe 

500 ml (2 cups/ 16 fl ozs) Chicken Veloute


  1. Spread onto each crepe about a tablespoon of veloute.
  2. Down the centre of each crepe place the cooked chicken (I like to pull the cooked chicken apart rather than cut it into chunks, it lies better and is easier to roll the crepe up when filled).
  3. Place in an oven proof dish, side by side, cut side down if possible.  (I over fill mine so sometimes I have to put the cut side up to stop the filling falling through the gap)!
  4. Spread the rest of the veloute on top of the crepes. 
  5. Bake in  moderately hot oven until golden brown and crisp around the edges. (400F (200C/ Gas Mark 6)

(Although the veloute in this picture looks lumpy, I know it isn't; just thawed from frozen and will smooth out during cooking).

So, let's look at dessert.......

Zingy Lemon Crepes

These are 'easy peasy' as once you have the crepes there is no cooking involved!  Firstly, lets do the .....

Lemon Sauce

Ingredients Required:

2 large unwaxed lemons

6 heaped teaspoons sugar


Top and tail the lemons

Using a serrated knife

Begin to slice the skin off the lemons just leaving the flesh and removing all of the white in the process.

Use a circular downward sawing action.

Hold the lemon and start to slide out the segments without the membrane.  Do this over a small bowl to catch any luscious juices which drip down during this process.

Cut down to the centre with the first one and the segment will slide out.  Repeat until all of the segments are removed from both lemons.

With membrane and bits of lemon left behind......Squeeze to remove every last drop of juice.  Remove any pips which are in the bowl.

Add the sugar and stir well in.  Check the sweetness, I prefer it slightly tart so adjust for your preference.

Keep stirring every 5 minutes or so......

Until the sugar crystals dissolve.

The syrup will thicken slightly and take on a sheen.  You will be left with lots of lovely 'zingy' juice, and plenty of lemon segments.

Completing the Dish:

Put a few segments over each crepe and loosely roll them up.  

Top each rolled crepe with a few more segments and spoon over the juice.

Serve as is, cold; or ........

Why not use Limoncello liqueur and make this dish into a hot special dessert: Lemon Crepes Suzette? 


I though ate mine cold and delicious it was too!

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They look delicious, I especially like the look of tgem lemon crepe suzette ... That is definitely on my weekend list!

Thank you also for the mention :-) x

Yes, really tasty. I love lemon, so sharp yet yummy. You have got another mention on the Ciabatta post. Well I have to finish off your thoughts don't I? :)X

Omg..crepes are one of my all-time-favourites!! I've loved them since I tasted them 3 years ago when my French exchange roomie made nutella crepes ...tried to make them once, but failed horribly..they are so delicate, my clumsy fingers failed them and me lol..but maybe I just had the wrong dough recipe :)) I may try again with yours :) Thanks for linking!

My pleasure. Yes try my recipe. Secret is to have a pan that won't stick and hot enough so that the base doesn't boil so making the crepes sticky. Hope you understand that? Must also grease the pan between each crepe too. I love the interaction between Steemians. :)X

hehe yay some tips from a crepe guru! Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! May need to buy a pan for that one..my pan that gets nice and hot is no longer non-stick :( hehe I love the interactions here on Steemit too <3

Right, how to season a pan. If it has a metal handle with no rubber/plastic bits on. Wack it in the oven filled with the cheapest salt you can find. Let it get really hot - About an hour Perhaps in with the roast? Then let go cold with the salt in. Clean the pan out with kitchen paper only. Do not wash again, just rub it out with a little salt and kitchen paper. a completely non stick pan. Best done with an ironpan but works with all others. Hey....tip of the day? My posts will be huge! X

If the pan has scratches, is it still good to get seasoned? Or should I just buy a new one? lol

Personally, I would buy a new one, they don't cost much. Keep the scratched one for liquid type foods, or fry ups! :)X

hehe yup, good idea! I may just get a new one then :)

Forgot to say if it cant go in oven do the same thing on top of a ring. Get pan nd salt really hot 30mns to an hour with heat on then let go cold s before. :)X

This one I will try..cos my pan has a rubbery handle grip..Thanks so much, @allaboutpastries!!

Don't put that in the oven it will melt! LOL :)X

hehe I won't! :)

Great job nice! thanks for shairing

You are very welcome. Thank you for viewing. :)X

Thanks very much. Really appreciate your interest. :)X