500 Followers in 30 days - And counting!

in #followers4 years ago


I was beyond excited to see that I've reach 500 followers already! And in just a month.


I deeply appreciate all the support I continue to receive from the community and I consider this a significant milestone in my story. I hope to continue earning your support and expanding my work even further, I'm deeply humbled to have this much support so quickly.

I wonder how quickly I can get to 1,000 now!?!


Congratulations @pleasestop on reaching 528 followers in only 30 days!

I wish you continued success!

@Introbot is hosted and managed with donations from @byColeman in an effort to help others achieve the success you have!

I have followed and upvoted you.

Guess you are already celebrating your cheap fame which you got spamming people page and comments.

But Please Don't spam my page and my comments ever again. This is your last warning

Would you please remove your downvotes on this comment?

Please Don't spam my page and my comments ever again.

Please read the ways to avoid me and ensure you avoid those phrases considered to be spam or I will definitely appear again.

This is your last warning

I do not appreciate your aggressive tone. I am willing to openly and calmly discuss any concerns you may have or otherwise address any specific grievances, there is no need for hostility.

Please I think you need to improve your bot. You cannot use few character and label comments as a spam. Go through my posts and comments check if i am spamming or not. You are the one spamming the community with your pleasestop thing. If you continue without making adjustment to your bot, I will rally the community to down vote you. Thank you.



Halo guys, i do appreciate your effort to fight bots in commenting. But the facts is i am replying message manually for a contest. Hope you can clarify and delete ur bots comment.

Thank you very much and i am already changing comment if u think my comment is spam.

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