1000 Followers milestone reached! 18 SBD giveaway!

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Celebrate with me!

To get the first 1000 Followers is HARD! Actually really HARD. After that milestone everything starts growing faster...

Soon there will be 2000, then 3000 Followers, pushing the post rewards to a whole new level.

At this point you will likely have at least 20-40 people setting their steemvoter on your account, which is important, because you will receive consistent upvotes.

I can't thank anyone enough who sets their steemvoter on my account. I think I already have 18 people doing this, which i find AMAZING! Thank you very much guys! I know the people I am thanking here will read this...

I have read on someones blog, that you only need 10 whales (>50,000SP) on your side, liking your posts, to really start growing twice as fast as before. I hope to be at this point somewhere in the next year. If my current growth rate stays exactly the same for one year, I will be at 3600 Followers in a year from now.

With all theese new accounts being created on a daily basis, I am confident that I will reach this number faster than in a year from now!

At this point I want to thank some special people who have either been consistently upvoting my content or giving me a huge push occasionally... Both is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks goes to:


and many more that I forgot to mention here.


To celebrate 1000 followers, I will give away 18 SBD (3*6 SBD).

Here are the rules if you want to participate. You need to:

  1. follow me
  2. upvote this post 100% within the first two days of posting
  3. resteem this post
  4. comment on this post indicating that you did

All the rules must be met! (I will check if you met those rules before sending the rewards) The winners will be chosen at random.

Stay awesome guys and STEEM on!

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image (5).png
image (5).png
image (5).png


There's almost always a magic number for every social media platform and many real world scenarios as well.
They say the first million dollars is the hardest, if we acquire X amount of friends on a specific platform people will begin following just because they see how many friends you have. It's effortless psychology after a certain point, but that most definitely doesn't take away from the time and effort you put into fostering not only relationships, but your profile and presence as well.
I definitely want to offer my congratulations, 1000 followers is no small feat by any means.
I am both following you and have you set up on my @steemvoter account for auto curation rewards mainly on your behalf, I just want to make sure Im not missing any of the brilliance you're spreading around so I can get me some.
My brother @crypto-pontiff turned me on to your posts and your contest. He doesn't have much in the way of STEEM or SBD so Im going to transfer him what he needs so that he can pay for the support bots to help increase his chances.

As for the conclusion of this novella I didn't realize I was writing I would first like to apologise for the length of my comment, but would also like to ask if you could point me in the right direction or provide any advice for learning how to forcast as well as working with Elliott Waves, Fib Retrac, and any other good information when it comes to trying to predict market outcomes for crypto?
Thanks again for everything.V

Thank you for your comment!
I am not a very good teacher. I just do my routine when analysing for patterns and EW, that I have trained over the years. I am not even certain if this is the most effective way to do it.
You can try to comprehend my counts and counts of other people. I recommend watching every video of @heajin, because he explains his counts in great detail.
Then you need some additional theory. You need to know what the three most common standard corrections look like and you need to know about extending waves and that wave 3 can never be the shortest.
Practise makes perfect.

Congratulations! I find your EW predictions very accurate / helpfull when i wish to buy more Steem!

I also want to participate in the giveaway!

Thanks @ew-and-patterns

Congratulations! I wish you a speedy growth from now on!

I watch your posts and I find those patterns really interesting, although I don't know the economy theory behind them. You could perhaps post the basic theories in layman's terms? As a simplified lesson perhaps? Also, you could do them for other coins as well?

Anyway! Followed your rules! Hope I'll win! I'm running a contest also, albeit quite different from yours, if you want to check it out.

Happy Steeming! Happy 1000!!

I will not post the theory behind it here, because it is difficult, time consuming and not easy to be broken down in layman's terms.

I can tell you that after 5 waves (1-2-3-4-5) there needs to be a 3 wave correction (basic correction is ABC),but there are exceptions from this rule.
Check out @heajin if you want more theory related videos. He explains some of it in his videos quite well.

Congratulations for the 1000 followers, is very inspiring for the newcorners
I allready follow you, upvoted and resteemed.
Keep up the good work

Thank you bro. I was busy in the last days. We will talk on steemitchat soon ;-)

Let me know when you have some time to talk.

You are part of my steemvoter list too @ew-and-patterns.

And Congrats on crossing 1000 followers I just crossed that milestone myself about 5 days ago.

I hope we both grow together.

Thank you for the support bro. I would not powerup100% my posts yet. It only makes sense to do that when STEEM is > approx 2,2$ the exact border of profit is difficult to calculate and depends also on price of SBD.

I feel the opposite though if STEEM price is less than I get more STEEM power.

For example if STEEM is 1 USD a post of 10 USD will give me 10 STEEM but if STEEM is less than 1 USD I will get more STEEM power for the same 10 USD post.

I negated the curation on both. Plus right now I only want to power up atleast untill I reach 1000 SP. That's my goal for now.

I've been following you for over a month. Nice to see all the growth. Keep up the good work :-)

Congrats on your milestone. Hard work and dedication pays off.

Congratulations for 1000!
Resteemed :)
I moslty enjoy your STEEM and BCH posts!

Congrats. Thats a massive milestone and a credit to your hard work and dedication.

Congratulations @ew-and-patterns for 1000 follower i wish you more and thank you for mentioning me :-)
100% Upvoted and Resteemed

Thanks for mention! I do really like Your technical analysis.

congratulations bro for 1000 follower i wish you more :)

wow, congratulations!!
upvoted & resteemed

What if my 100% upvoting doesnt add anything? btw i upvoted already

You met all requirements and are officially in the draw bowl

Awesome post, Keep it up!

Congratulation bro u did it

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