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This is an interesting variety of daffodil.

Along with the many other spring flowers blooming to greet us this season are these wonderful daffodils. Many people are most familiar with the completely yellow variety, but, if you've ever browsed a flower bulb catalog, then you know that many other varieties exist. Since it is supposed to possibly get down to freezing temps in some areas around here tonight, I did not want to miss my opportunity to photograph these. Enjoy the shots.







As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:

proof-of-little-flowers-that-look-like breakfast

Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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And it get down to freezing temp over there in April?😐


It can... Wisconsin was worse! I wouldn't even plant my garden until June there!


I can attest to that! Just got another 4-5 inches of snow today! Spring where are you?!


Just got down shoveling this morning. 8-10 inches of snow the past couple of days. Time to get the sleds back out. Woo Hoo!


Wow! Might need to have some more winter fun when we come!

It really does look like eggs. 🍳 😁


I thought so too!

OK, from the last picture, they actually do look like eggs.
Egg white-Eggyolk😀


Yeah, I think I may try to make some eggs look like these flowers soon!

Hello! Do you know the legend of Narcis?
According to the legend in Greece, if I'm not mistaken, the young man lived ... very beautiful ... he was in love with his reflection in the water ... he could admire himself for hours ... for this the goddess Aphrodite turned him into a flower - Narcissus .
In my blog today I told the orchid legend if you are interested in this... )

It is a wonderful winter plant, the good thing is that it lasts a long time so one can enjoy it many days, beautiful photos friend @ papa-pepper.


These are some of the first to sprout in the spring! I always love getting welcomed to the new season by them!

this is a very beautiful flower, although small you take this picture is very good.
i like the flowers @papa-pepper.

beautiful @papa-pepper, beautiful post is certainly the fragrant with lots of flowers, thank you for sharing. happy and healthy always, so @jhoni can enjoy post from @papa-pepper.😊

Enjoying your post @papa-pepper


Cool! Thank you!

color is very contrast ,,,, really like eggs ,,, if at my place or my country it like egg 'eye cow' (telur mata sapi).
very simple flower, unique and very character. I really like this ,,,
like there is a sense of happiness when seeing ,,, thanks papa ,,,


Cool! I'm glad to hear that you have a similar-looking flower over there!

Beautiful flower


Yes they are!

Picked closed yesterday while it was snowing, open today inside and in water.


Good post @papa-pepper
The flowers are very beautiful, and the color is very good, I like to see it


Thanks for checking it out! Glad that you enjoyed them!


You are welcome
I always like your posts, can help me with pleasure

Yes... I enjoy this video

Wow.... Who can do this man

Beautiful petals.

They look more like sunny side up to me! Beautiful variety!


Yeah, that's what I meant! LOL!

Wow! Daffodils are lovely and cute. I love your photos @papa-pepper. Clear and vividly beautiful. Thanks for sharing, have a good one!

Love lots,

If only you could make a nice omelet out those and toss in some brown sugar glazed ham, cheese, parsley, basil, and thyme.

Almost in resemblance with sunflower but there is a whole lot of difference.
Beautiful flowers @papa-pepper but not as beautiful as mama-peppers and little peppers.

Daffodils are a fall-planted bulb. Their plant time is preferably in autumn and they will bloom in late winter or early spring.

It really is lovely. Spring flowers are so endearing I find.

These flowers are so pretty. Nature is just so beautiful

So beautiful

They do look like eggs! They are very pretty, but then I think I like all plants! I wonder if eggs can be cooked to look like daffodils? It would make a nice presentation on your breakfast plate...

Image 4 shows a farm fresh egg; Image 5 is a store-bought.

Flower is a beauty of nature. Yes of course this one look exactly like egg york

This is beautiful Papa. Really beautiful.

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers!

Delicate and beautiful flower. I loved your photos!

very nice

Some gorgeous shots @papapepper 👌 especially the last one. They do indeed look like eggs lol. And thanks for planting that seed.... it is 6.32am I am in bed and have been wide awake since 5am and am now officially starving. Lol 😉